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  1. farmerjohn

    Blade guide options for homebuilt mill....

    he sells the plans which are very details and has lists of suppliers which i purchased and i had big ideas about building one with my fabricator friends but the project never got off the ground. Mainly because of time and it seem either i dont know where to look or there is a lot more individual parts for building anything available in America than there is in the UK. I had a friend look at this and he was concerned about the rise and fall and lack of play in the head. I struggled to find the band wheels and other simple components like acme screws, sprockets , key way shafts, idling shafts bearing blocks etc etc It is still a long term plan to build this, any body with ideas about where to source any of the components above would be much appreciated.
  2. farmerjohn

    Blade guide options for homebuilt mill....

    Good work lads, I am no fabricator but work with a few good lads. has anyone seen Matthew Cremona's videos on building a 60" cut band saw?
  3. farmerjohn

    first big day out with new mill setup

    the first day 3 of us went to the site (who i was paying) but we really only needed 2 of us, it was more a bit of a crack for the lads as we got on really well on some other jobs recently and they both wanted to come. would i do it again, for the timber??? yes, I would probably do it 2 or 3 times a year if it was similar size and quality, not i have done all the outlay with mill, saws etc etc. I would do it again if nothing else out of principle to stop a lovely bit of timber like that getting split for firewood as that was the other option. i am starting a separate company focusing on bespoke joinery and interior design and supply of unique one off timber slabs so most of the stuff i mill i am hoping to sue myself.
  4. farmerjohn

    first big day out with new mill setup

    thats another question isnt it!!!! does anybody have a contact for prime grade european timber, in relatively small quantities for skirting boards etc, like 25mm x 150's and 25x200mm ish
  5. farmerjohn

    first big day out with new mill setup

    assume you went for the middle of the tree you can say its 5.5m long, 1.3m wide, 0.075m thick, this is 0.536m3 i regularly see timber that size advertised for 2500 - 3000 a m3 which is £1,340 - £1,608
  6. farmerjohn

    first big day out with new mill setup

    the tree was 18ft 8 ish long so as we made a cut we slid the board off and cut it to make 1x 10'4" and 1x 8'4" mainly due to being able to dry them and (my kiln im building is 13ft 6" long) and handling them. think we ended up with 5 full bits cut at 8 and 10ft and 1 board left in full length
  7. farmerjohn

    first big day out with new mill setup

    re' cost, no money changed hands, i milled it and paid my lads for half of the timber. we had 38 hours in it, plus my tractor and fuel oil etc, owner of the timber put a few of his lads on to help us now and again and he was with us most of 2nd day with his crane trailer lifting slabs out. I would be interested to know what people charge for a double ended mill and 2x men on it for a 8 hour day,
  8. farmerjohn

    first big day out with new mill setup

    Thanks Khriss. unfortunately i made a school boy error, first cut 'clipped' a screw i put into the log to hold wedges. It was so little it only knocked the set off all the teeth on the top of the chain only. this made the cut want to dive deeper into the log. we ended up having to wedge the ladder on the top of the flat first cut and re-screw it into the timber to get the cut flat
  9. farmerjohn

    first big day out with new mill setup

    we are using 1x ms880 and 1x ms650. plenty of power, biggest differance is using the hyper skip chain. I have only ever used double headed mills. as far as the mill goes i actually like my swerber mill a lot more, i know its heavy but its 2 man system so does not have much effect on use. i was going to sell the older setup but am not 100% sure now!!!!
  10. farmerjohn

    first big day out with new mill setup

    milled most of them at 3" thick
  11. finally (although sooner than i thought i would) i received my new double headed mill from chainsaw bars and chains and bought a MS880. we gave it a small run out on a oak log in my yard then straight to this fella!!!! its 18ft long and about 4ft 8inch wide
  12. farmerjohn

    what will cut a lot will cut a little!!!

    cheers Bill, we did notice that and ended up putting 2 wedges facing each other in the middle to support it then tightened the claps onto it.
  13. farmerjohn

    what will cut a lot will cut a little!!!

    Man do I see what you mean about bar sag, I never experienced it with my 50 inch Cannon bar. There seemed almost 1/4 inch deflection without the power heads on and set at maximum cut. To reduce the sag we pushed the 2 sides in 5.5" each side and it reduced it drastically. Is there any issues with running the mill like this. Apart from if we get a bigger log we need to move the brackets back out.
  14. farmerjohn

    Chainsaw milling chain, which one ??

    I have just received my new Granburg Mill and it has arrived with a Hypre skip chain. I am going to make up 2 other chains up from my older chains Oregon 27R's, leave one standard and the other i was thinking of cutting some of the teeth and leader off (maybe cut 3 or 4 off between) has anyone else done this? i have been advised if i am carful and use a thin blade and dont let the metal of the chain get hot it should be ok. spoke to Rob D at APF when i was running 2x 075's on a 4ft mill and he didnt think i need to mess about with the amount of power i had. new set up is a ms880 and a ms650 on a 5ft cut. any comment welcome. ]


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