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  1. Hi All, Dont suppose anybody knows of a lucas or peterson mill for sale with a slabbing attachment? Or a wide capacity band mill. if so please message me, Regards John
  2. I am going to sell my older mill setup, its a double headed mill think it is 50" cuttain capacity, i have 2x 075's, one runs really well, the other did but now does not start, there is plenty of compression there just feels like lack of vaccume for fuel, so i bought a 051 that is really tidy and ran the mill with that. done a lot of work with the 075's, new sprockets, exhausts, av mounts, all genuine stihl parts. Originally was going to get the 075 going and sell the mill with 2x 075's and sell the 051 seperatly, but willing to let it all go as i have not had time to look at it in a year if anybody is interested.
  3. Hi Mark, I have a fair bit of monkey puzzle that has been cut and air drying covered up for a about 5 years Im in South Cumbria, We are going to get it out in the next week or so as we need to make some window boards from it if you are interested. I would also be interested in the company details of the guys who do bulk resin orders. Regards, john
  4. Hi again, a few months ago i put a post on requesting oak boards for a table, typically a the spec of the table has changed and nothing has been mentioned by the clients until yesterday. Early New Year I will be looking for 3 or 4 number kiln dried rough sawn oak planks to make a table with, small to medium shakes in the ends is fine as they can be filled with reisin. Planks need to be able to be finished at 40mm thick and 400 to 500mm wide, Ideally between 2.8 and 3.4m long. please let me know if anyone has anything, location and an idea of cost for supply only. PM me if you feel more comfortable. Regards, John
  5. Hi again all. I have been asked to bid on a large oak stem and would like a idea of a fair amout to bid. It was wind blown a number of years ago, access to it is good. Can be milled where it is whit chainsaw. Its practically 4ft in diameter all the way up aprt from the burred area at brest height which is about 4ft 8 inchf It is 18ft long. Any advice greatfully received. John
  6. is this number still correct for your norwood expert? i am in need of some guide parts for a MX34. Thanks, John
  7. PS im in south Cumbria so needs to be Currier'd or within 100 miles ish of Junction 36 M6
  8. Hi all, does anybody have any well seasoned / preferably kiln dried oak boards available or got any contacts for people who do. I require enough to make a table 1.2m / 4ft wide after jointing and need to be a descent 3.4 / 3.6m long (10 feet) preferably English oak but if i have to buy European any descent stockist would be appreciated (though would rather support British) Regards, John
  9. Ok bud. I'll make time next evening or so.
  10. Can I pay my dude's now and fill in profile when I get chance?
  11. I am in a similar predicament to Squaredy i have wide logs to mill. I do also have a wide chainsaw mill. i would be interested in a cost to be bale to cut a slab 1000mm and 1200mm if he can do that wide. Regards, John
  12. Hi BigJ, I would be interested in getting a price for scaled up wide cut sawmill from TCF please.
  13. Have you had a look at Hud-son sawmills? iv had a few de-barker's from them and they were really helpful and posted to uk no problem. a few years ago i asked them about shipping to uk and they said it would not be a problem to give a cost for it, but never took it any further. i like the look of them, the band wheels are a bit bigger diameter which i think will be less stress on the bands.#https://www.hud-son.com/product/oscar-52-portable-sawmill/ the next size up mill is a big jump in cost though.
  14. Same old question, I have the chance of buying a large oak log in photos below. It is 32 feet long and starts at 42 inches wide and by the first 8ft tapers to 34" wide then the remaining 24 feet remain at 34" wide. There is a bit of rot in the end, and a few sections where large limbs have been. It's been dead standing for years. As usual i want to offer a fair price for both myself and the land owner. Ps, out of interest if it was cut into 8 10 or 12 feet sections at 34" wide what will each size weigh roughly? Thanks for anyone's time who replys.


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