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  1. farmerjohn

    Beech saw log wanted

    sorry bud, i ment you finished products
  2. farmerjohn

    Beech saw log wanted

    do you have a website? id be interested in seeing your work.
  3. farmerjohn

    Today's milling

    Oak (presuming Turky) at Lowick, 14 ft long 4 ft wide
  4. farmerjohn

    Today's milling

    Cedar in Winster
  5. farmerjohn

    Today's milling

    Spalted beech for customer at Ambleside
  6. farmerjohn

    Today's milling

    very nice mate, what size is it? where in the lakes are you? Im Lowick way, just going to post some myself now
  7. farmerjohn

    Lime timber for milling

    cheers mate, Larch ok? plenty of that around!!!!
  8. farmerjohn

    Lime timber for milling

    is at any good for stickers? i have been offered a good size milling log for the bandsaw and originally said i probably dont want it. bu i will need quite a few stickers this year
  9. farmerjohn

    getting beach down to 12% MC.... and other timbers

    I have not been to see it myself yet. Do you mean the fungus/ rot gets worse gutter up the stick? Or at the bottom where the pink/ purple bit is will already be soft? Only milled 1 stick of beech. It was a rotten bit to test out my lack of milling skils when we first had a go!!!!!
  10. farmerjohn

    getting beach down to 12% MC.... and other timbers

    I am not particularly a fan of beech but I think this could yeld some nice figure in the middle few boards.
  11. farmerjohn

    getting beach down to 12% MC.... and other timbers

    Yep, because that is what the customer wants!!!!! I agree, if a single slab table 1.2m wide and 4.2m long is 2inch thick it will look thin enough. And cupping might take it down from 3 to 2 by the time it is flattened
  12. farmerjohn

    getting beach down to 12% MC.... and other timbers

    legend, thanks Big J
  13. Hi. I have been getting a few logs slabed up since getting the new double headed mill. I have been asked by a few clients to process some of there felled trees. the biggest problem i have is getting my timber dry fast enough, for myself and clients. I have a large (1.2m diameter, 5m long) spalted beach a customer would like milling and turning into a table. can beach at 3" thick be put straight into a kiln? on this matter i know oak and i beleive cherry are difficult to dry fast, i have the following timbers also cut and would like everyone opinion of how long to leave before putting in the kiln so as not to get massive case hardening problems (or any other really bad shakes and warps) at 2 and 3 inch thicknesses. I will be using a humidification kiln not heat vent. sweet chestnut monkey puzzle cedar ash yew
  14. farmerjohn

    Anyone available in the NW?

    thats awesome Hewn, what size were the planks you took off the large oak in Ayr


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