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  1. Arb show feedback

    You need a more accessable site. On the loop walk at lunchtime Friday there were a handful of people from the show enjoying the trees, far outnumbered by older people and dog walkers! I liked the trees but maybe they were lost on people
  2. Who's going to The Arb Show 2017 next week?!

    en route in 4 hours, look out for the 6 foot paddy drinking coffee and or beer looking wrecked and possibly broke
  3. unless the machine breaks i wont be going this year.. there doesnt seem to be any buzz or hype this year
  4. Elmia 5 - 8 June

    im from Ireland... so Id have to go via England or Denmark with the flight times Id have to do a three day trip to have one full day at the show! I appreciate the offer though thank you! Ive been to the last three apf shows for one day each and Ill Probably give this a miss. most logical option is Copenhagen and hope the car hire company doesnt mind the car going into Sweeden
  5. Elmia 5 - 8 June

    Talk about a venue with accessability problems... flights to sweeden are a pain!
  6. That's all folks!

    Getting married in June and my photographer is 2k, I cant say I havent considered a career change!! I went driving a biomass chipper in october and fecked my back up with vibration and no exercise. I find pilates is a big help and well worth a try.
  7. Old Vermeer Project

    what kinda money??? if this isnt allowed here smalljeepman dermot carroll on facebook
  8. Another Which chipper tread....

    few electric problems with the rear contact and the one on the throttle but really like it. best money i ever spent! field and forest have a worked one for sale..
  9. Recovered stuff in Ireland

    look up donedeal there is a lot of good quality gear through a particular nomadic individual
  10. Vermeer pto chipper 2050????

    Hi, has anyone got any experience with this rare machine?? Im possibly buying one to handle larger leylandi. I gather there a 12 inch and the hopper is at an angle rather than straight out the back. any tips or wisdom to share??
  11. Apf 2016 who's going

    Me Friday, If the boss is taking this year off where am I going to get a tree shirt???
  12. Apf - who's going

    I'll be there Friday. New t shirt and usual beer tasting
  13. Another Which chipper tread....

    Thank you
  14. Legal battle over tree in New York

    Ignorance and arrogance. Remove it, move on maybe plant half a dozen some place but keep away from legal money vampires
  15. Another Which chipper tread....

    got vermeer bc150 very happy


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