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  1. What are most secure garage doors?

    Secrecy is the answer. If scumbags are not aware of something valuable being behind a door they will not bother to try. As many have said, and once the scum DO know, the type of door just defines the type of damage they will do to break in. On the assumption you feel that some wrong uns ARE aware then all you can do is decide on a budget then make any attempted break in as slow and difficult as possible. Bruce Willis and Charles Bronson are not always around to dish out sweet revenge, more's the pity.
  2. Stupid mistakes you've made doing tree work

    I took a really tight corner a bit too close to the apex. The tipper went round OK but the 6 inch kerb, at about 4-6 mph was enough to roll the chipper! Bit of a mess in the road but nobody hurt. I remember 4 of us frantically trying to right it before oil seeped through the rings and 'locked' the engine. Cost me a new wheel arch and 2 hours with hydraulic spreader and welder to neat en everything up. Twat of the week award.
  3. That doesn't seem like a big enough increase to me. Surely six years of compounded inflation should be more than 14.83% My day rate has gone up a lot more than that in this period and plenty of customers are fine with it.
  4. Name that axe

    It looksa bit like an executioner's axe.
  5. Disagree - In ten years time people will be wondering how to make electricity, what 'life' used to be like and why Kim Flung Dung and Donald 'do it my way' Trump pressed each other's buttons and fried 99% of the planet.
  6. No ones posting.

    I've not posted much lately as I don't really enjoy the ever growing 'opinion' threads which look like they are being taken over by a few individuals who seem to be over aggressive with the offering of their views. People on forums are, of course, invited to do just that so I respectfully leave them to it. I enjoy reading the information based posts and the general chat ones. I ignore, and therefore won't post on the more political ones. Insults are easy from behind a keyboard, constructive advice and friendly banter is what I prefer. Oh, and I keep an eye on arbtrader for the odd bargain.
  7. Isn't there a tracked 252 on ebay at the moment. The ad says it goes quite narrow.
  8. Stockbord suppliers

    Indeed I am:thumbup:
  9. Best legal vehicle combination

    Totally agree, the other thing I have said when customers question the 'speed' of the work is 'Would you pay me more if the job takes longer than you think it should have'?
  10. Best legal vehicle combination

    I don't think a mog is the answer to the OPs question, unless they are a lot lighter than they look.
  11. Best legal vehicle combination

    Technically, if you are keeping out of ops license territory.... Use a flatbed 3.5 GVW (with 3.5 ton towing capacity) with turntable chipper installed on the bed. Then tow a 3.5 ton tipping trailer and set up at all jobs to allow for side feeding chipper. Oh, and practice being really good at reversing the full rig. That should give close to 2.5 tons payload, just pack all tools and ladders around the chipper on the back of the truck. No idea why we dont all do this??? And make sure all drivers have the appropriate towing rights on their license.
  12. Stockbord suppliers

    The floor of my transit is getting a bit leaky so it looks like some repairs are needed. You guys advised stokbord not long ago so.... I've googled stokbord stockist Sussex but the only ones I have found don't stock the smooth finish boards (which I would prefer for a tipper base). They can only order a pallet load (40) so definitely a no no. Does anyone know of a supplier anywhere near sussex where I would be able to pick up a couple of smooth boards? Probably looking for 9mm or 12mm thickness. If this doesn't work out I may have to start looking for another chip box.
  13. Just going to leave this here

    If the bloody trees didnt keep dropping their leaves on our worshipful cars we wouldn't need to cut the sodding things down. It's their own fault. Don't get me wrong, I love trees but... well .... you know.
  14. Palm Tree Chippers

    They dont slow the engine, so the stress system doesnt cut in, but the weight/size/shape means that the outfeed chute will clog up with the flywheel still forcing more in at full speed, then by the time you notice no emission and crud blowback through the rollers - its time to clear the chute out. At least thats what happens on a woosy little 35hp 'mincer' like mine. No doubt the bigger machines have more 'puff' to blow it all through. For reference, my old TW was even worse. And the previous post provides a decent (if heavy) solution. That's the way to do it.
  15. I was really disappointed when I bought my 6" greenmech. In fact I want my money back. Its much bigger than 6 inches.


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