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  1. Trees in trees

    The original Quercus Ilex?????????????
  2. Ripped off by tree surgeons

    This reminds me of a Blackadder episode where Tom Baker was playing Captain Rum. When asked about the crew the conversation went something like.... Blackadder 'What about the crew'? Rum 'Crew'? Blackadder 'Yes, the crew, I thought it was conventional for a ship to have a crew' Rum 'Aaaargh, there be two schools of thought on that' Blackadder 'Oh God' Rum 'Those who think there shouldn't be a crew - ME, and those who think there should - everybody else'
  3. Ripped off by tree surgeons

    Not true - He's actually quite an established guy with a house/business etc. He's NOT a ........
  4. Ripped off by tree surgeons

    You've been framed pay £250, that's far too much.
  5. Ripped off by tree surgeons

    Yes there would, they would be the good ones. If you were to take up any profession with the same enthusiasm with which you offer your opinions then you would be very successful.
  6. Woodchip cubic mtrs?

    I did that for a couple of years when I first started out (who needs a tipper etc????) But within a day of getting a tipper - vowed I could never go back to the shovel. The problem is, after a hard days graft shovelling 4-6 cube doesn't seem like fun. Pressing a button is better.
  7. Ripped off by tree surgeons

    There is a guy in Worthing who quotes over £1,000 per day without equipment. He then subs it out at £300 per day to a guy with van/chipper and groundie. Over £700 per day for quoting! He is well known as an absolute bandit BUT he doesn't force anyone to accept his quotes and he makes anyone quoting less seem like a bargain. The thing is, he DOES get takers and he don't need too many. I would rather there were more like him than these tax dodging, cost cutting vermin who go round quoting stupidly cheap just to keep busy. Enough.... this has been done on many threads before -I'm off.
  8. Ripped off by tree surgeons

    It's unbelievable that someone would insist on looking at the site prior to quoting! And then to provide a quote that the 'customer' isn't happy with. We should all just use the same pricing policy. 1. Customer phones up with vague description and tell us their expected price. 2. We say YES and ask them when they would like it done, re-arranging all other plans so it all fits in for them.
  9. Are People Stupid or Something???

    I've just messaged him that it is a cheapo copy and suggesting that he may get lots of hassle all the while he claims it is a genuine 395 - and that the previous winning bid was fair for a genuine one so why does he think it was stupidly high????. Awaiting a stroppy reply.
  10. Excessive chain juddering

    You bastard! I just spat my sandwich all over the computer screen!
  11. Sihl's new hedgetrimmer head

    I've got several old ones which won't take much effort to rebuild. Think I will do that. If my local supplier will not take back the new head I think I'll just put it on scumbay and get what I can - probably more than I paid for as it's still in the box. I haven't trodden on it in bare feet yet but nearly tripped over the 'kin box a couple of times. It's gotta go. Thanks Stihl .... keep up the new approach to quality (love from Echo) .
  12. Woodchip cubic mtrs?

    I should say I didn't intend my message to suggest that your idea was in any way crazy (though it certainly reads that way). You just gotta go with whatever works for you. Good luck.
  13. Woodchip cubic mtrs?

    I will try to be of help, having thought of numerous crazy ideas over the years myself. A ton of 'average' chippings is about 3 cubic metres. Or 10ft x 3ftt x 3ft 6inch in old money or therefore 5ft x 6ft x 3.5ft. Very roughly - any 3 units which multiply together to get around 100 (in cubic ft) Or 2 mtrs x 1.5 x 1 mtr. Fill ya boots.
  14. Sihl's new hedgetrimmer head

    I have just bought a new Stihl145 degree hedgetrimmer head (bully for me) and I must confess I didn't look at it till I got the box home. Now I know Stihl are having a load of their stuff made in China now and their quality has been called into question...but it looks like it's made of lego. I've no doubt a few people on here have used one and was wondering (before I fit it and chuck the box out) - how good are they? Should I take it back while it's still unused or are they as good as the older ones?
  15. Check a Trade

    My concern is the number of different 'approval' type sites now coming into being. It's a bit like having to have sky sports, BT sport etc. to see all the live sports. Eventually there will need to be a central website that shows which of the 'approval' sites are reliable. I've never used any of them but am lucky enough to have been going for years so I get more than enough work through recommendation (or threats to the old and infirm).


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