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  1. Shane

    Turning down work

    Either price yourself out of jobs with high quotes or save everybody's time by telling them you don't work on the estate because every time you do you' had stuff stolen. There's not much they can say to that, they would probably agree anyway.
  2. Shane

    Most lame claim by staff

    No claims as such in last 19 years but had a trainee who was 'too exhausted' by 10:00 and that's why we found him out the front with his feet up in the cab while we were all grafting.
  3. Shane

    Spud - I have a project for you?

    To beat the scythe I think you need a helicopter on a stick.
  4. Shane

    Unexplainable things

    When I'm locking up my yard every vehicle passing sounds like a slow transit with chrome wheels and A frame????
  5. Shane

    Unexplainable things

    This could be just me, but it is my experience so here we go - open to ridicule from you heartless bastards.. Why is it, when you travel somewhere, (holidays, weekends away etc.) you cannot crap for a day or two? Never such issues at home .
  6. Shane

    Stihl hedge cutter cutting out.

    Is it a 4t engine - one with inlet/exhaust valves in it?
  7. Shane

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    Being bombarded with emails from a supplier of arb gear based in the North. I've told them enough times - maybe time to use the new legislation.
  8. Shane

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    Customers who say 'Oh I don't really mind what you do to it, you are the expert'. Arriving at a job and there are still 4 cars in the drive. Staff who turn up late for work. People who advertise as 'The best tree surgeons in ........' The phrase 'Don't get me wrong, I live trees but...' People who hack down a tree/shrubs then phone up and expect you to go round and chip the arisings asap - 'it shouldn't cost much because we've done the hard bit for you'. Stihl 4t engines.
  9. Shane

    Hit and run .

    Heard on the news this afternoon they've arrested someone for this. NO other info except he was from Norfolk. While some cyclists are twats the most the car driver usually suffers is a bit of bodywork repair and needing to hide somewhere for a few hours.
  10. Shane

    Any arborist serial killers on here?

    NEVER go to a barbecue hosted by a tree surgeon.
  11. Shane

    Sorting out someone else's mess.

    That has all the hallmarks of Mr Dibnah.
  12. Shane

    Sorting out someone else's mess.

    Shooting fish in a barrel springs to mind. That is just wrong in so many ways. Did the previous 'people' say anything to the owners as they departed? This should be a caption competition.
  13. Shane

    NPTC Staff required

    I just feel that people who refer to strangers as 'mate' come across as trying to be familiar when they are strangers. It's my own biased opinion, in the same way that I take an instant dislike to any tattooed BMW driver who drives aggressively - I would not want to have any dealings with such people. As I said earlier, it's just my own perception.
  14. Shane

    NPTC Staff required

    I wouldn't recruit myself with those typos!
  15. Shane

    NPTC Staff required

    The issue for all of us - on both sides of the fence - it's all about perception based on the available 'facts'. If someone only wants to talk to applicants who apply perfect logic throughout the recruitment process then that is what they look for. If a prospective employer is willing to trawl through loads of people by meting up and even trying them out ten that's fine. We all have certain things (based on our own views/bias etc) we look for to weed out those we would not consider. I always ask people to send me something via email. If they can't be bothered to do that then that tells me something. Then with the email I will look at claimed experience, driving license details, qualifications, spelling, grammar and so on. I can see where Al is coming from, maybe harsh, but if that's what he looks for so be it. There are some on here who expect groundsmen to run back from the chipper, some who accept that a colleague crapping in your sandwiches is funny and good for team morale. We are all different. I would never employ someone who phones me up and calls me 'mate'. I just assume people like that are 'geyser' types a la Paul Whitehouse. Don't take it personally and good luck.


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