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collection of my vids on youtube.
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Arborists get a lot of practice studying the crown, the upper tree. Studying the lower tree is less familiar, but the upper tree cannot stand without the lower tree, so it’s worth the time to inspect it carefully. I was privileged to chair the US subgroup that wrote Part 8 of the ANSI A300 Tree Care Standard, which covers trunk, flare and root inspection. I’d like to describe it to arborists in other countries, in the hope that their standards will someday adopt and perhaps improve upon it. I’ll also refer to the German ZTV standard, which inspired our work on inspection. The first requirement is for arborists to consider the owner’s goals in the light of what tree care can and cannot do, and establish the objective. The ZTV’s objective, “Provide maximum vitality health and safety of trees” is a good start but there may be other objectives to add, such as increasing wildlife habitat and shade. Once the owner and arborist agree, it’s time to write specifications – “a detailed, measurable plan or proposal for meeting the objective.”


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Ok lets see if we can all come up with one good usefull tip, should be a good usefull thread!
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After a 600 mile round trip it's goodbye Jensen (in Sept anyway) and hello Jo Beau. I've gone and joined the ranks of SWB and Andy Collins and the other mini chipper lovers on here!
It seems that Fletcher Stewart has recently told Jo Beau to get lost re importing them further due to a silly price increase so I snapped this one up before it was too late. 40 hours on the machine and a fraction of the new price.
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A new Coast Redwood thread for 2015 ... Redwood National and State Parks are a world heritage site, and probably easier to visit more days each year than the Giant Sequoias which get some snow and heavier crowds. This is where I will post new redwood photos in 2015, but will start the topic with a few favorites from 2014. Arbtalk user Taupotreeman started a redwood thread some time ago, with has lots of photos from 2014 going back (Visiting the Coast Redwoods Thread by Taupotreeman on Arbtalk
The following is the photo for which I just ordered a 20 inch x 30 inch canvas print. The largest single trunk we found last year in Redwood National and State Parks.
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What have you seen out there recently?
What are you seeing more of this year?
Is there anything new and unidentified out there?
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Come on lets see you hinges. Weve had the Lunge Thread and the Stuntfell thread, now heres a thread for the best (or worst) hinges.
Post a picture and we can all give it marks out of ten. If it needs an explenation, then give it one as it may affect your score.
Even the bad ones can get rated, so dont feel shy about posting:lol: Mr Blair.
Ill go first.
70ft ash, in dense woodland, very straight pole, normal felling cut using only wind advantage, no wedges or felling bar.
easy one to begin with.
Please rate my hinge.
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Just lately there seems to be a few threads started by beginners and climbers who are taking there climbing a step further, so thought it would be a great idea to put together a thread dedicated to helping these lads out, not really got much planned as in picture/video format but was just going to leave it open to lads who want to ask questions regarding getting started or wanting move into different climbing styles, different gear and so on, my first thing is to try and get a few climbers on here to help out we're they can!
Good idea or not?
Thanks in advance
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Thought I would start a new thread as per the title and start it off with the below: -
A 254XP, lean seized - I have cleaned the cylinder of aluminium transfer, lightly abraded the cylinder with wet and dry, fitted a new piston and pressure checked it...all OK. Unusual as it had seized on inlet and outlet piston sides.
Compression measures 145psi but expect this to go up once fueled and run - the cylinder has some light scores but will run and have decent power once done.
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post your day work photos here
thought it would be an interesting thread
today again we had jerry harper in (arbwork on here) with his valtra t190 and his 32inch heizohack clearing up from this years cricket bat willow havest.
the chip had to be run 5 miles up the road by tractor to one of our wood to put down on the horse trails.. we had 3 tractoors hauling chip and jerry with his unit...
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