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  1. Hi Steve...wondering if you planted up that wall back in 2018? Id be interested as I have just planted up some espaliers along my fence line....be great to hear how you got on with it all
  2. Edwardian 4 panel doors would go well with the floor....that is what I used. Ripped out all the shittie cardboard doors and hunted down a job lot of reclaimed 4 panel doors on gumtree (I bought 10 for £70 + £20 fuel for collection) a few had been stripped already but I chose 5 decent ones which met my requirements to get professionally dipped/stripped at £25/ door. I sold 3 on at about £35/£40 a piece on gum tree and 2 directly back to the company who stripped the doors at £25/each. Also, the doors came with hardware and hinges - probably £80-£100 worth (some of the door knobs were antique). I fitted them all myself and finished them with a matt osmo wax oil and they look really great with the aged natural pine look. The whole process was a lot of fun and in the end the doors didn't cost me anything other than time doing a bit of wheeling and dealing.
  3. Hello there, it will be tricky if you are working full time already in an unrelated job, it will be a very long learning curve if you are only doing dribs and drabs (couple of Saturdays a month etc ) you really need 2-3years fulltime work experience to be considered “useful” to employers and 5-10 years to reach black belt. Id recommend not quitting your day job until you have got some experience under your belt just to check treework is definitely for you. Why don’t you post on here when you are available in the week and a bit yourself (strengths), hobbies etc bit more about yourself- take every opportunity to sell yourself... good luck.
  4. Survey first, but I would recommend removal as blue cedar is going to grow enormous and will cause significant light blocking, needle drop and cedar has a brittle wood quality so expect twig an larger branch drop (esp loaded with wet snow) in the future, not I deal to have cars parked under. Or if wanting to retain be prepared to spend money on prevention of the above.
  5. Sure that's not a type of birch tree? Looks like catkins too on the foliage.....Id say its Piptoporus on a birch tree.
  6. Or you can carefully climb up and have a feel or look inside the nest for eggs/chicks rather than shaking them out!
  7. Norway maple, it ruddy has to be!
  8. Definitely kretz
  9. Ditto grey squirrel damage very common in sycamore. Not a huge amount you can do - controlling squirrel populations will help to reduce future damage. If falling branches are at risk if hurting people of property - get a tree surgeon to aerially inspect and to reduce the end of weight of severely damaged branches which will help to reduce the risk of further failures.
  10. Hi, I am based in Gloucestershire and I undertake tree condition surveys, If you do need a tree condition survey to add some clarity I would be happy to help, Just PM me. Regards Patrick
  11. You could take a slice off the top a few inches down where down to where stump and stem meet but not sure that will achieve much. Id personally leave it, there's central decay in the leaning stem resting on the stump and the stump looks like its adding some potential support....messing about anymore could add further issues down the road.
  12. Ah well, probably more of a case for shoveholer and scully!


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