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  1. Fungi at Base of beech

    Look a bit like stump puffballs to me
  2. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    that looks pretty similar to the beast in question....was it possible todo top with mewp? how long did that job take in mandays?
  3. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    Im not sure, to be honest ive never cut a hedge using a mewp. The hedge is 7m wide though so might be an issue! Going to meet a local access hire engineer on site to discuss best line of attack!
  4. Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Been the best mushroom picking season for years! and being able to get my little girl involved has been awesome. Heres a few pics from the last few weeks
  5. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    Hi Rich, just in quoting process and trying to get a battle plan together!
  6. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    Hi Steve, is there any particular tracked mewp you would recommend for tight access?
  7. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    Would like to see some pics of hedge surfing!
  8. Clients that make you go hmmmmm.

    I remember going to quote a job for an old guy. He had a nice sized garden with some nice trees. We spent 30mins walking around each tree and the conversation was composed of him telling me how he was going to prune each tree. Then we arrived at the end of his tour, I was now a little perplexed, to a short but very wide beech hedge ( 5m or so wide) we talked about that for about another 20mins about reducing the width to make future management easier..we agreed a price and he would contact me when ready .I never heard back from the bugger again!
  9. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    My hailo ladders have a free standing height of 4.18m
  10. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    Thats a good idea Ty but they use the hedge for screening a property behind and the client is very particular, (the garden is like nothing I have seen before) they have open exhibitions each year so you get the idea!
  11. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    Havent looked into the tracked mewp otion but will do...I havent cut the hedge before....Some one topped it a few years ago but didnt do sides (conveninetly). The access to the hedge is good one side but the other side is a bit of nightmare with sculptures, higly prized plants, fruit cages etc (its a prestigous property!)
  12. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    this is best link for hedge shears http://www.fiskars.co.uk/products/gardening/tree-pruners/universal-garden-hedge-shear-1001559
  13. So I am looking for an easier way to cut those out of reach bits of hedges we all know and hate! high sides which are just ouf reach from ladders and hedge trimmer and those tops that cant quite be reached in one sweep across. I currently use a hailo ladder and have a long reach stihl hedge cutter. I am in the process of quoting a 8m high leyland hedge. The gardener has cut to aorund 3-4m of the sides leaving an awkard remainder of 4m of high sides to trim. There is no access for cherry picker and limited scaffold access. I have used a stihl combi system with the extension in but found it didnt cut that well and was effing heavy. The hedge is 41m long so I need the most efficient weay of dealing with the sides. Has anyone ever tried these fiscar hedge shears? I loathe to think of using my jameson pole pruners to complete the task and am looking for something more light weight and efficient to save time and exertion. http://www.fiskars.co.uk/products/gardening/tree-pruners
  14. Lime Crown Thin/Sycamore removal

  15. Fungi close to Beech

    Doesnt look like Meripilus as it grows in tiers and has pores not gills.


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