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  1. Treeation

    Summer limb/branch drop

    Interesting, I will take note of the aspect nextime I see it happen
  2. Treeation

    New Business Minimum Requirements

    NPTC's in the relevant fields (depending on if you are a climber or just groundy) & public liabilty insurance
  3. Treeation

    Staged tree reductions - Your opinion

    Good work! any photos?
  4. Treeation

    Beech goo

    Looks like bacterial wetwood
  5. Hi Aaron, I think you meant to write "Open on negotiation " Good luck with finding work....sounds like you have a weighty CV!
  6. Treeation

    What's this fungi

    Interestingly enough, according to the Arb assoc "Fungi on Trees" dyradeus can very occassionally be found on beech - So I have learnt something new today!
  7. Treeation

    What's this fungi

    Or possibly a decomposing Dryad's saddle Polyporus squamosus
  8. Treeation

    What's this fungi

    I don't think it is as you tend to get that more on oak and it would probably be dark brown as it decomposes during winter (if the photo is uptodate) Are you sure its not expanding foam? Some one maybe has filled up cavities in the tree?
  9. Treeation

    Stactic cobra bracing tips?

    Thank you thats really helpful!
  10. Hi got a project installing a static cobra bracing system for the first time in a twin stemmed macrocarpa which already has a crack but tree officer wants to retain with non-invasive bracing. . Measured the stems with defect and going for the 8tonne system, also aware that the installation should be 2 thirds of the toal height above the defect. Any tips? Especially on pre-tensioning - what is the best tool to do this? Thanks in advance.
  11. Treeation

    Draw on tree Picture / illustrate Work

    Good idea, but i prefer to use paint to anonate my photos when in office, the finished product looks more professional without the scribbles but appreciate the phone app has the advantage of saving time out of office
  12. Treeation

    Tree identification

    Not much to go on, need more pics----buds, twigs, form, leaves at base etc
  13. Treeation

    Worthy of a TPO?

    Hi, Interested why you say bracing wouldn't be an opton?
  14. Treeation

    Fungi ID on Atlas cedar trunk

    Thanks a David! Will keep u posted!
  15. Treeation

    Fungi ID on Atlas cedar trunk

    Thanks David, Sorry to be a pain and keep on asking questions but I know you have extensive experience with root investigtions. Its not something I have really done before. If I were to hand dig what exactly would you recommend? Digging around all main butresses to a depth of? and would you just be checking for decay using mallet and probe or would there be anything else I should be looking out for? Thanks in advance!


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