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Wnky neighbours.... Cut tree dispute

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Well here we kin go...🤬

Had a letter from the people over the hedge.

There was quite a big alder on top of a hedge growing up through the power lines that run above so I cut the tree clear of the lines after discussing it and getting the go ahead from the distribution company on Elf and safety grounds.

I did get them to sign it off and have the paperwork.

Once I'd cleared it from the 3phase there was just a monolith left so I decked it and firewooded it.


I've now had a solicitor letter from the neighbours saying I trespassed and did criminal damage to their tree FFS.

There is a fir hedge that screens them from the lines and the area so they can't even see it.

So I went and posted copy's of the utility authority for tree cutting through their letter box and waved at the door camera..

Luckily on the form no parameters were listed other than cut clear 😁.....


Idiots can suck on it and hopefully go away. Tree was an eye sore anyway and had to go.

I'm not even going to respond to the solicitors so time will tell soon enough.

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1 hour ago, MattyF said:

So you felled there tree instead of clearing the lines ? I think they have grounds to sue you …..

That would be quite funny, but he's probably just making it up for another bit of attention. 

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2 minutes ago, Mark Bolam said:

I also think anyone planting a tree that is obviously going to grow into existing power lines should have it felled and just left for them to clean up.

Might make them think on a bit.

Into the expensive conservatory or just the leased BMW ?. If your going to make a statement we might as well make it an example 🤔

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Posted (edited)
53 minutes ago, doobin said:

Yup, who ‘firewood’s’ an alder?

Easiest way to remove it .

3 hours ago, MattyF said:

So you felled there tree instead of clearing the lines ? I think they have grounds to sue you …..

Tree is on my hedgerow.it belongs to me. Sorry I didn't make that clear. There is a blanket TPO on the whole area which is why I got the distribution company to sign it off..😁 

The neighbours other side that also border numbnuts smashed down a fence they put upon there section of hedgerow and lobbed it into his garden and told him to f.ukoff 

He also got a letter last week which he has binned.🤣

Numbnuts is trying to claim land basically.

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5 hours ago, GarethM said:

Had a DNO guy the other week saying they now aim for 4m from power lines.

Depends on the capacity of the lines.

Minimum clearance is 1m for bundled conductor which can be requested by the land owner to be maintained.

If the network can gain a set clearance for each lines different capacity and maintain that distance for 5 years between cutting then sometimes huge clearances are cut...

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