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Lanyard idea.

Mick Dempsey

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I hadn’t realised, I thought it was your daily gear, impressive.


I would shorten the cable, I know some peeps like a long lanyard, but I can’t see the point.


Plus maybe a little push button in the tool carrier, a round thing that presses in on a spring that releases and allows the Krab to slot in and out under specific up/down pressure, but holds it in under normal everyday walking around the tree stuff.


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5 hours ago, Mick Dempsey said:

That’s very close, I like the way it comes out of the tool carrier without any tricky finger work. Probably the best I’ve seen in terms of efficiency.
Does the cable stop at arms length? I mean if you dropped the saw, how far would it unravel?


Apart from building in a breakaway one could modify the reel by adding a pair of copper plates (an aluminium reel would work also but less effective) and adding a number of small magnets to the static case. The eddy currents generated would control the rate of descent if the saw were dropped.

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I’ve got a similar reel I keep on my leg strap for a mini-wedge.


Nice bit of kit, but I can’t find one rated for more than 3kg, so the saw would creep out on it’s own unless you high clip as well like JBH, which I thought we were trying to avoid?


I’m used to my normal set up years and years.

I only totally lose my shit with my lanyard every so often now.


Maybe Mick, just maybe.


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I don't climb very often, and I tend to just assume all my kit is still in the box when I go to use it.

I did have a vague recollection yesterday morning as I was tooling up of using my saw lanyard as an emergency dog lead at some point in recent history, and not remembering where it went after that. Never mind, I'll just use this dog lead instead, an offcut of an abused and trimmed mountaineering rope. 




Barrel knot on the handle, overhand on a bight for clipping. Does just fine.

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On 02/09/2023 at 21:03, Mick Dempsey said:

Ok, another idea.

Something as light as a 2511, with a recoiling lanyard, but also a magnet on one end that when you (without having to look) touched it against your recoil set up, just held it in place till you grabbed it for the next cut.

I know a lot of guys can stow (and unstow) their saws instinctively, like gunfighters or whatever.

But this would be better.

Get on with it you bunch of twits!!!

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