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Axes again.

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1 minute ago, Rich Rule said:

Not having a go personally William, but I had to highlight the above bit about heavy.


People pay 100’s or 1000’s a year to train in a gym.   PT training costs more.


One of the best overall workouts is Tabata training.  Tabata being the schedule, different exercises can use the same principle.  One of the more popular ones is Hammer training.  Big Sledge hammer on a tractor tire.  Gives some of the best S&C results as well as  increasing VO2 max and Anaerobic thresholds.  It will benefit powerlifters, sprinters, team sports, fighting sports and even long distance runners.


I guess the point I am trying to make is, if everyone changed their outlook on hand splitting wood and think of it as an exercise and not a chore.  

If professional athletes can get such remarkable results from this type of training, imagine what the average Joe can gain.


Whenever we had to split would, I would go like a loon and get the other guys to keep racking the rounds up.


Disclaimer:  as with any exercise make sure you are fit for purpose first.  The Tabata workout and in particular the hammer/tyre splitting by hand is pretty hard.


But you will definitely get fitter.

That's a fair point and yes if I was splitting as a form of exercise then yes I would pick the the x27.I have in fact done just that in the past, popping into the shed and giving 200 fast, decent swings to get a sweat up before going home in the evening. With the added bonus of some usable wood. 

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I have  a very old axe...the head is  over 11 inches .....cutting edge 6 inches.

Three feet in length and very heavy.......have lighter ones so over all these years have not used it much, it being more of a family heirloom. 

From the pictures.....it was made in Sheffield by Turton and sons ......the head electro boracic steel.

Takes some swinging for any length of time.......I've now gone down the log splitter route but still at times use an axe.

Not sure of age.......Turton set up the business in Sheffield 1824






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On 03/02/2022 at 18:11, paul1966 said:

I have just ordered a X25 from amazon to replace the roughneck maul i got from screwfix, hopefully it will be a big improvement.

Without a doubt it will be better, that Maul is poor so improving on it is not that hard!


N.B. the head on the x25 and x27 are the same so it it horses for courses on which one you prefer.

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22 hours ago, Rob_the_Sparky said:

N.B. the head on the x25 and x27 are the same so it it horses for courses on which one you prefer.

That's worth repeating, whichever of the two you buy you will undoubtedly be happy with the job it does.


I bought the 27 a long time ago, not even sure if the 25 was available, but with advancing years if the 27 broke I'd probably replace it with a 25.


That having been said, there's no way I'd buy a 25 to have as well as the 27, as they are much too similar.

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The X25 arrived today, had a quick go before it got dark, first impressions are - its a lot lot sharper than the maul , the handle being hollow doesn't look very strong but I am sure its stronger than it looks, it cut's very very well, i was a bit concerned about the length of it when i unboxed it with me being 6ft tall but it feels very comfortable to use and if anything being a bit shorter I seem be be more accurate in placement than before. Very pleased with it so far, just need to get another load of wood delivered now.

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