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  1. Rich Rule

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    No because the pulley is almost friction free, meaning all the point of friction is in the Bollard, Hobbs, Portowrap etc. Rings create a bit of friction. Multiple rings more friction and this dissipating heat elsewhere other than the bollard.
  2. Rich Rule


    LR’s are the biggest joke ever.
  3. Rich Rule

    Tax status of Discovery/Landcruiser Commercials?

    Haha. If Big J thinks a 4x4 is too small and Canter will be impossible for him to fit.
  4. Rich Rule

    Tax status of Discovery/Landcruiser Commercials?

    You seem to have found your own opinions on everything suggested mate. Don’t over look the HP in the Hilux. i used to have the 3.0 invincible and now have the 2.5 litre new model. The latter is a much better vehicle than the former. i am 6’4” and the cab isn’t tight at all. Then again I am also sure an extra 4 “ might make it so. Good luck with your search for the Unicorn of vehicles.
  5. Rich Rule

    Massive school boy screw up

    Ms Moneypenny used to be another. http://virtualmsmoneypenny.com/
  6. Rich Rule

    Accompaniment to white and black pudding

    A bit lavish for every day but I clocked this picture from Christmas day a few years ago. Venison haunch, shot by my old man and deboned by a butcher friend. All veg grown organically at a farm we shoot on... farmer provides the veg, gratis every year. Bit of BP from the same butcher who deboned the haunch. Delicious.
  7. Rich Rule

    Accompaniment to white and black pudding

    I used to have Bacon, Sausage and BP in a roll from the cafe for breakfast. Many people mocked, until they tried it... It's lovely.
  8. Rich Rule

    The BIG C .

    Thanks. He was an elderly man late 70’s. The person I felt most for was my Auntie. She was old school NHS Matron back in the day. Doctors could do no wrong etc. She felt let down by her beloved institution. All the best to you and Mrs Stubby
  9. Rich Rule


    I thought this was meant to be the Jokes thread. As much as I feel most politicians are a f’in joke, can we not go there in this thread please?
  10. Rich Rule

    The BIG C .

    Sorry to hear that Stubby. My uncle was mis diagnosed by the Drs and then almost neglected for 18 months. When they finally twigged it wasn’t emphasemia but Lung C... it was too late. 8 days later it was no longer an issue. He had guessed all along and even made his own funeral arrangement so as not to stress the family in their time of loss.
  11. Rich Rule

    It’s not the deer you need to protect the trees from...

    No Stubby you are wrong. The grey squirrels have chainsaws around his way.
  12. Rich Rule

    Felling Timber with Osborne Axe.

    I watched one of the videos Looks like a good work out. Although I did think you were about to bury that axe in your leg a few times. Do you never change your grip over when you change sides. When your hands were back to front it didn’t look that stable tbh mate. Thanks for posting though. The axe looks great.
  13. Rich Rule

    Favourite film of all time

    True Romance. Apocalypse Now where eagles dare
  14. Rich Rule


  15. Rich Rule

    Testing on chainsaw trousers

    Just look at the numbers. Chainsaws kecks are supposed to be good to 22m/s chain speed IIRC Most of the saws a pro user has in their arsenal have chain speeds quicker than the protective rating of trousers. What do people expect?


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