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  1. New Hilux Review

    I have to laugh at that. The auto breaking system disabled itself in the savage weather... sleet or rain. I would bet good money you are more than likely to require that type of service in those weather conditions. mine is literally 2 months old. I'll keep an eye on the underside.
  2. A question for a Swede or Swedish speaker

    Where are you from mate to require a visa?
  3. In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Thought you had a bird Paul? does she know you send other women Yew hearts?
  4. Wood chip tip site Darlington

    The whole pace is a dump... tip it anywhere. i am from Darlo, so I am allowed to say stuff like that.
  5. Or just use the eye in the woopie pass the block and a bit of the rope , both legs. Adjust to size and pass the block back through. personally I use dead eye and cow or timber... or in reality is use whatever was on the block from the last job.
  6. Ripped off by tree surgeons

    Well the job has been done... I think the guy who did it deserved a bit more than 150 knicker. What say you Vespa? Easy isn't it?
  7. Do you even lift bro?

    Skipping. A well rounded exercise with many benefits. Calves being one of them.
  8. Simarghu Harness

    Yes Paddy. might I add though, it is a well built harness, pretty comfy with a few customisable options like the 3 bridges. as for my comments on the twisting of the bridge, it still works and does what it says on the tin. I would just need some time to get used to it and adapt.
  9. Simarghu Harness

    Not sure, but the bridge system twists independent of the back pad. i didn't give it long enough to be fair. I will try again at some point. I also have a couple of tree motions so I tend to use them.
  10. Simarghu Harness

    I found the twisting of the bridge a bit tricky to get used to. I tend to use the limits of the bridge when in awkward positions. I get into the same positions in a Simarghu and then got to lean into the harness and the bridge twists leaving me off balance. It is a bit hard to put into words.
  11. Swazi Karona Anorak

    It is Hi Vis. I use it for tree work. I live and work in Norway. It can rain pretty hard here, hence the choice. I fancied being visible and dry whilst at work.
  12. Do you even lift bro?

    I don't really lift or use the gym. However, I do try and train 3-5 times a week when family and work life permits. I have joined a new gym here in Oslo. Membership covers all classes. It is a Martial Arts training facility. There is also a weights room, crossfit studio and plenty of other stuff. Ideally I do an advanced Muay Thai class on Mondays and Wednesdays with sparring on Fridays. Classes are 1 and a half hours long. I make the effort to take my 10 years old to the MuayThai classes for juniors on Tuesday and Thursdays and after that is finished there is a Brazilian Jui Jitsu class on for an hour and a half. I started the BJJ in October/November last year and have to say I am loving it. I am hungry for it, in the way I was when I started training MT many years ago. The combination of the above feels right for me. Along with tree work, I believe the cardio of the MT and BJJ, with a bit of flexibility thrown in is one of the best combinations for me. I may hit the weights but i need to be stimulated mentally and they unfortunately don't do it for me in that way. I think the training for me is a mental thing. I definitely get grouchy when I haven't been. As for the eating, I probably eat too little but what I do eat is usually, protein based and greens. Salad everyday for lunch unless it is proper cold and sometimes I make a batch of broth or similar. The salad with some form of meat or fish and an evening meal when I get in. I don't eat that many carbs these days but try not to have too much bread or spuds. I have very little dairy.
  13. RW and Zigzag

    ^^^ This. I saw a video from an Aussie guy demonstrating what you say a couple of years ago. When it happens it clearly puts all the weight on the weakest looking part of the zz. It isn't good for a hitch when that happens so I doubt it is doing muchgood to the zz.
  14. Being popular on the beach etc.

    Took me a while... LOL
  15. Linex Bed Lining?

    I have it the new Hilux Pete. Not sure of the cost as it was in the deal for the vehicle from the dealer. As for durability, I will have to answer that in a while. Only got the truck 2 days ago. Not much help really was I? Edit: It looks nice though.


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