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  1. There does seem to be a common denominator in all the episodes you describe, regardless of equipment, brand and dealer.
  2. Not had time to check the link yet but do they ship internationally?
  3. Don’t take the mickey. Those arseless leather chaps are not to be sniffed at!
  4. I agree for the most part. An Apple IOS front end is sexy and looks simple. Open a terminal and get someone clued up on UNIX and they can do a lot more than you would expect.
  5. Oh and buy the most expensive you can afford which suits your needs. It will be an investment in the long run. I would have probably gone through 3 or 4 pc laptops in the time that I have had this Mac.
  6. Regarding the dual monitors. The latest IOS has mirroring built in so just plug a hd tv into the hdmi port and either choose to mirror the screen or is as an additional screen. I doubt you will need to have any space worries when connected to a 40” plus hdtv.
  7. OpenOffice.org Download the free, open source version of office for Mac. Pretty much the same. Macs are pretty intuitive tbh and once you get used the them going back to a PC is such a fanny on. How do I open a file? Simple drag the file icon on to the icon of the program you want to open it with. How do I delete something? Drag what you want to delete and put it in the bin icon. Yes Mac are a lot more expensive but I bought my last one in 2014 And it is still going strong. I have used macs for about 15 years now... can even stand looking at a PC anymore.
  8. Now let’s see a picture of your ruined hands. Nice work Tommy.
  9. Rich Rule

    Pole pruners

    I use wolf garten Ian. Got a saw head and a clippy head for the pole. The clippy head is the one where you can adjust the angles.
  10. No not at all. Most Empires and societies these day have blood on their hands in some way or another. Look at the Belgians and the Congo. The British Empire were equally as bad in a way.
  11. I get your point but it is still racism. I was once threatened outside my own home in London when I refused to give a guy some money as I was in the car. I pulled up and he asked if I lived there and if so go in a get some money for him... He was collecting for cancer research. When I asked him why I should give him some money after the way he spoke, he said my people has enslaved his and I deserved to pay. I told him to F off. Did I look like I had made millions from the slave trade. If I had been born to my family during the slave trade, as a working class North Easterner I would have probably been sold as a sweep or put in the work house. That is a type of slavery. I also posed the question who had actually sold his people to the slavers? Yes, that's right other members of your race.
  12. TBH, I think anyone who has done lots of those types of jobs instantly saw the problems. Size of tree compared to the house. Width of alleyway which everything has to be extracted via. The amount of tip runs you will need to make, the truck full of sawdust after ringing it up to be able to get it down the side alleyway. The list is endless. I haven’t even got onto the stump grinding. Once you get below the surface that stump will be a couple of feet wider. All tacked with a pedestrian stump grinder (madness) or a narrow access machine with a little bit more poke, still a truck full of arisings to get down the alley and away. I think from the comments alone you can tell who has tackled that size of tree before... I know the information was a bit later, but a tree with suspected Inonotus Hispidus isnt the type to be rigging a crown out in 2 pieces. Did anyone take that into account? I would go with another suggestion to the original poster. Contact 3 VAT registered companies who are local to you. Do some research and choose the ones you feel the most confident with. Good luck.


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