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  1. Rich Rule

    Views on pickups

    Yes mate. I got mine from Toyota over here and they ordered it with the Hardtop. If they order and fit it, it is covered by their warranty/guarantee. It was the same in the UK when I ordered my previous invincible with hardtop / truckman top. You can get it yourself but if it leaks then you have no comeback.
  2. Rich Rule

    Views on pickups

    I have the new Hilux and so far so good. When I ordered the truck I went for a hardtop with side doors. Really handy for getting kit in and out with out haveing to drop the tail gate and clamber in.
  3. Rich Rule

    First World Cup memory..

    Espania 82 wall charts and panini sticker albums. Mexico 86. That penalty goal by Zico. Me and my friends must have practiced that (one step, pause, wait till the keeper dives, then roll it into the opposite side of the net) many a time in my back garden. There has been a lot of memories over the years. I don't tend to follow footy that much these days, but will be watching this thing unfold with my boys as they have the wall chart up in the kitchen and the excitement is rising.
  4. Rich Rule

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    I do believe if you search back through various posts Stefan had a few issues himself a while back. From what I recall it was along the lines of a physical burnout. Sleeping is for losers, don't you know?
  5. Rich Rule

    non protective climbing boots

    Ouch Mick. Looks painful. ash for the non protective climbing boots I have a couple of pairs of Aku. They last years, very hard wearing. speak to Nod at treeworker to see what he has got if you're in the uk. These are about 6 years old.
  6. Rich Rule

    Where am I ?

    On top of a conifer hedge. Lucky you!
  7. Rich Rule

    Srt useage

    I find the beauty of Climbing SRT is it can be as simple or as complex as you want. Personally I keep it simple. Works for me.
  8. Rich Rule

    Srt useage

    You after mechanical or hitch Darrin? Rope, I guess being in Germania you be needing CE. Samson Voyager is pretty low stretch but the lower the better. Nin CE Cougars are pretty good. Hitch climber and rope wrench for non mechanical. Foot ascender, haas of sorts and a chest harness or neck tether and your away. If you want mechanical there is the RR, Bulldog Bone or Unicender. Don't have the latter so can't comment but the other two work well. Just substitute it from the list above for the hitch climber and rope wrench.
  9. Good luck. One book I reckon everyone should have is the Fundementals of General treework by Gerry Beranek. It is a true gem. Sadly it is out of print but there are a few second hand copies floating about. There is a digital download available though. There is a thread on here somewhere I think. Try the search engine.
  10. Guilty as charged. The 3 strike rule... I will give them 2 chances the third time it twigs me in the eye or up me snout... see ya later.
  11. Rich Rule

    Why so expensive in the UK - Main Dealer Greed?

    Just consider yourselves lucky you don't live in Norway. Items are usually vastly more expensive here - from beer to wood chippers! if you try and sneakily import from outside of Norway it get stopped at customs and import and taxes added. vAT is 25% here as well.
  12. Rich Rule

    How/where to watch Madrid V Liverpool

    Just type Champions League into Youtube. That link had chinese commentary. There are loads of them. I am watching an Italian one now. Edit: stay in the boozer mate. the sites are stopping streaming as quick as a new one starts.
  13. Rich Rule

    How/where to watch Madrid V Liverpool

    check it works first Mick. It has just stopped playing on my machine.
  14. Rich Rule

    How/where to watch Madrid V Liverpool

  15. Rich Rule

    Throw line

    Any of the sponsors of AT will be able to sell you one. Have you even checked online arb suppliers? Throwlines, throwbags and cubes aren't exactly difficult to come by.


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