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  1. Although the ferry trip is probably more popular going Helsinki to Riga or Talin. Booze is a lot cheaper in international waters and cheaper countries. Especially when Finland is expensive and their national sport is being an alcoholic 😁
  2. Joe, not seen Dopesick but I will check it out. Have you seen the HBO Documentary “Crime of the Century”. It is scandalous what the pharmaceutical industry has got away with over the years. Yet people dismiss the fact the wool might have been pulled over our eyes as to effectiveness of the COVID Vaccines.
  3. They moved them with Oxen.
  4. . There are a few people on here who splice. I used to but not so much anymore. If you have a iPhone there is an app by Samson for splicing. Linked to a lot of the video content they have on YouTube. There is a paper copy of it sold in a few arb suppliers. Sorry, but I don’t know if it available on Android. Have fun and prepare for some blisters.
  5. Fixed that for you.
  6. What is the notch Fusion? Edit: Don’t worry. Stiff tether with built in pulley.
  7. It is what it is, I guess. It changed the man I called my father. There were other contributing factors to his behaviour, such as the constant pain from the back injury and severe bitterness he had towards other life episodes from the past. Some of these things were real but some of them were blown out of proportion from his distorted sense of right and wrong due to the Tremadol. Did anyone see Frankie Boyles Tremadol Nights a few years back? That was a f’ed up show and that take on comedy was similar to the distortion I noticed in my fathers attitude.
  8. My dad had a Tremadol prescription for around 14 years after two prolapses in his back. I tried and tried to get him off them. He wasn’t having any of it. I told him he was addicted, to which we nearly came to blows over. He said he definitely wasn’t addicted. I asked what happened when he forgot to take his night pills? Answer, nothing, he would just lie awake all night sweating and tossing and turning. I just told him to look up the withdrawal symptoms from Opiates. Those pills contributed to so many problems in the relationship with my father. He was still taking them right up to his death. He was being treated for cancer and part of the treatment reviewed his other meds. The specialists couldn’t believe he was prescribed such a drug for so long. We raised this with the GP and he was in the process of reviewing everything when my father passed away. Tremadol distorted his sense of what is right and wrong. He would be very argumentative and irrational. It is a terribly effective drug for pain relief but also a terrible drug in other ways. I wish you all well.
  9. Didn’t mean to ‘like’ that post mate. But take your time and heal well.
  10. Rich Rule


    Who da thunk it. You need a good understanding of the English language to work out a simple mathematical joke.
  11. Rich Rule


    I don't get it? Anyone care to explain to this dullard?
  12. That is a lot of “Her Majesty” Mugs sold on the Strand.
  13. FTR I did a lot of work during the rehab using the Red Cord System. Redcord® | America WWW.REDCORDAMERICA.COM La formación de Redcord Active® está fundamentada en principios neuromusculares, con publicaciones sobre los...


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