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  1. It would have either crushed his pelvis, ripped him in two or snapped the other anchor out and insult to injury a second top lands on him when he eventually hits the deck.
  2. Here is an example of double SRT from a guy in the US. It doesn't look too bad in this scenario. He ascends on the one anchor point and two ropes. He isn't in a tight, multiple times reduced, plane tree in South London though. Also, he isn't using CE marked equipment, so don't go copying or the HSE and tree police will be after you.
  3. That is exactly what happened to me about 5 years ago. Luckily I was only 10 foot in the air or something when the anchor (60+ foot) failed. I never bounce test with two men.
  4. Thanks for that Paul. A number of years ago a good friend of mine had a serious fall and broke several bones, pelvis, ribs leg/ankle. He was airlifted to hospital. I was contracting elsewhere but got a call later that day. I went to site and had to sort the mess out after the investigators had arrived and police had closed the area off. All his kit was taken away for investigation. I was told afterwards that there would not be taking it further as he was the director of the company. Yet, had a employee had a similar accident they would have been grounds for prosecution. I must add, that the two suits from the HSE who were responsible for the investigation didn’t have a background in treework and didn’t really have a grasp of what was going on and what had happened.
  5. This is a question for Paul or HSE reading this ... I have heard in the past that if an Employer sends out an employee with inadequate kit, no LOLER etc and there is an accident. If the HSE get involved then the employer can be prosecuted. However, if the same employer has the same accident with the same Kit they would be exempt from prosecution by the HSE as they are the director of the company. Will this be the same situation if a director investigated by the HSE for not following the new guidelines?
  6. Found this today whilst avoiding paperwork and accounts. It covers a lot of the basic, but you see so many issues crop up with the wrong choice of tie off or choice or rigging points and redirects. Someone must find it useful...
  7. Eggs. Those holes in the Crocs are where a grown, Croc wearing man’s dignity escapes from. Personally I wear these. They are called Lester or Norwegian House socks. It isn’t the beginning of the end or even the end of the beginning for me. They aren’t technically slippers so I am still Peter Pan!
  8. Continued training is there mate. I agree pretty much with what you say apart from the validity of the quals you did in 2000. You are supposed to do refresher training or up training every 5 years. AfAIK they are still valid but if you have an accident or are going for some larger contracts evidence of refresher training is required.
  9. Yes, it looks like used OP 10mm. No, I wouldn't splice it new let alone when used. Yes, it does melt. Here is a thread I did about this a few years ago... https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/topic/33401-for-those-that-climb-on-a-knut/
  10. I am so glad I don’t live in the UK anymore.
  11. Nice. At least the trees were not growing through the roof of a barn LOL.
  12. Is that the one we use on the Multiple Syc job last year Mike? Good bit of kit.


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