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  1. A new truck isn't going to change the shite roads in Cornwall and Devon.
  2. It is known as an inline anchor. i have seen it use loads in comps. Foot lock or set up an access line with a klemheist and you double roped system above the ascender. Get to a suitable height, switch systems. Doubled rope to the target, return and switch back to srt/foot lock system. Carry on ascending and crack on.
  3. or There is no replacement for displacement.
  4. Think yourself lucky you’re not in Norway. I have the Hilux SR+. Similar to the invinsible but a bit less chrome. consider you have to remove the rear seats as commercial vehicles can’t be used for anything other than commercial , unless you want to pay even more. Stick a canopy back on and a bed liner and The vehicle was about 57k + GBP. stick the rear seats back in and you are looking at around 78k + GBP. Never looked at an amarok so I have no idea what they retail at.
  5. Not sure about that. I had the 3l invinsible on a 65 plate. Sold after a year as I moved to Norway. I bought the new shape here in Norway and it is great to drive. I would even say it surpasses the older model. My 3l felt almost tractor like when I upgraded it from my Navara Tekna.
  6. Great idea and concept. i downloaded the app and when I try to search my location i am sat on the sofa and the app says I am about 50 metres away in the wood behind my house.
  7. It’ll get easier. You just need more time in them. Next time try and cut the stubs flush as a course of habit, if you swing into one you will soon know about it!
  8. Maybe I am gifted then? I seem to have the ability to be able to understand what people mean.
  9. EdwardC. Pedant. Really, is there any need?
  10. Got any nice parks near you? I was living in South East London when I was training. I had the books and was doing my best as I wandered through Greenwich park twice a day. One day I was having trouble id’ing a tree from distance and I thought how convenient would it have been to have the common and botanical names labelled on the tree. I went in for a closer look and notice a small grey square with the exact information I was looking for. it wasn’t so much of a revelation as I wandered the rest of my route home. Almost every tree had the tags on it. Pity I hadn’t notice it 2 months earlier.
  11. I thought the only thing proven was that it was an untruth, therefore a lie. i must admit though I lost touch with UK politics a while back...
  12. The system was around a while before the Lycra crew got involved. In The Spotlight: Boa Brand Profile | GearJunkie GEARJUNKIE.COM Click. Twist. Tighten. The simple concept of a better way to lace athletic gear launched the brand... I used them in snowboard boots years ago. It is a great system until something goes ‘Ping’.
  13. I don’t recall him being much more than a clown on a bike whilst spouting Lies on the side of a bus. If that is the definition of a good Lord Mayor of London, I bet Dick Whittington’s cat is turning in his grave. Also, if I remember correctly the Boris Bikes were introduced by Ken.
  14. I think if said Vegan is that concerned for the natural environment, they had best stop chopping down trees.


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