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  1. Rich Rule


    I have a few of those under layers. They are bloody expensive. I tend to grab them when they are in offer at the supermarket or XXL. A fraction of the cost. I got @Mark Bolama Devold high end base later years ago. I think he only wore it a few times as it was so warm once he got going.
  2. Rich Rule


    We fell a lot of Birch, a soft hard wood. I have felled some fantastic Elm, Maple and Ash trees over the years. Always seems the best looking timber goes away on a grab lorry. I grab bits and pieces but mostly for firewood. As I mentioned, I will get round to it just gotta get the builder to start the garage, workshop first.
  3. Rich Rule


    In Norway or Scotland? we get to knock over some decent sized stuff in Norway. Always seem to go for firewood or ‘paid, never to be see again’ Gonna have to get on it and get a mill.
  4. I just throw the hook alon the other end of climb line and clip it into my foot ascender and just hand over hand and foot pumps till you get to the anchor. If it a fair distance I might use a friction device. Or just tied a vt with a micro pulley. Works for me.
  5. Looks great from my house.
  6. I asked that question about 5 weeks ago. Expecting an answer is like expecting them to take note of any of this discussion... it isn’t going to happen!
  7. I don't get how you can price the job to remove the tree, access to the base of the tree, no drag etc... the same as if there was a 100metre drag involved? Unless, you price it based on the worst scenario of the long drag and then you as a company, benefit from the time taken if you can get right under it. However, your posts read that you price for the tree to come down. Regardless of the area, how close you can get the chipper etc. I personally price the job. i.e. a tree needs to be removed. It might take me 2 hours to get it all down and then the rest of the day to remove said tree, clean up the site and get on the road. By your explanation, you would charge for the 2 hours, where as I would charge for 8 and include extra costs like bodies to help drag, rig or whatever needs doing. As for the OP, Leylandii WILL have more in there that you expected. That is a guarantee. Get in there and have a look see at the pricing stage. It might help but I have seen them underestimated countless times. Good luck.
  8. I have been stuck for 6plus hours after a truck shot a Caliper and it took that long to replace the parts and repair. Two guys onsite with the company owner. January, wet miserable and a Friday to boot. We got paid the 20 quid OT for each hour after 8. It was insisted we took the money as he said it wasn’t our fault we had to be back late due to mechanical problems. I guess it is a case of moral fibre. He offered the money, it wasn’t our fault. We appreciated the offer and IIRC rounded it down as a gesture from us. After all, it was a quite an expensive day. He was a good bloke to work for.
  9. Yup, nice guy and had had the unfortunate pleasure of working for money grabbing twats before. He had his faults, was a bit bonkers (aren’t we all? 🤪) but he was certainly not a hypocrite... hence, not wanting to treat his guys the way he had been treated in his career.
  10. Yes mate, had that plenty as well. One of the best guys I worked for paid on time, was loyal, gave everyone the opportunity to do more work (obviously for more money) or go home for day rate... He paid 20gbp per hour, on top of your day rate for anything longer than 8 hours. We did start at 4.30 at his yard to get away round the m25 before rush hour. If we were done And on our way by 10 ish... we would go back and sort stuff at the yard. Everyone was generally happy, and did as asked. Pay was good and some of his staff had been with him for 6plus years. If Carlsberg did employers...
  11. I hear you but it isn’t necessarily always the case. Consider the scenario, the freelance climber is brought in because of his skill set. The company owner cannot complete the task or doesn’t have the staff to complete the task. You travel to site and due to superior tree knowledge and skill, the job gets done in half the time. The company owner gets his full pay and presumably all the costs are covered as he priced it for a day. Why should the Freelancer take any less than his day rate? He may have travelled a distance to site to do the work, may not be able to arrange something to drop onto in the afternoon. I freelanced climber for 15 years, I have worked for both types. Guys who would pat you on the back, pay in full and take the guys back to the yard for a maintenance day. Those guys tend to be the ones who have priced the job correctly. The again I have worked for plenty who would send you 5 miles across London to prune 3 apple trees at 1530... with the excuse that you work till 17. I can see the point but when 5 miles in London can take 40 mins plus at that time of day, plus travel time back to the yard doesn’t leave a lot to do the apple trees. If you stayed to do the job you wouldn’t get any overtime either. The latter sort are generally the guys who price way, way too cheap and are always playing catch up... the same sort who would agree on an end of year bonus and then not pay it because there knackered, run down, on its last legs chipper died in November. I know which sort I preferred working for, now I generally price high and pay by the hour, then the option is there and if another job drops in to get it done. Everyone makes money and goes home smiling.
  12. I have had a pair of those for a good few years now Paul. Great boots. I must admit I don’t climb in them for pruning in the summer. I have lighter AKU’s for those jobs. But the Andrews must be 3 years old at least now.
  13. De Nial isn’t just a river in Egypt!
  14. But traditional climbing comps (not red bull or similar) were supposed to display and support good working practices. Kit has to pass LOLER in the UK. So I wouldnt be surprised if it was brought in.
  15. I agree. I went out in style last night with some Elk cooked in the slow cooker with veggies and shrooms in a red wine sauce. 2020 is a new year and no meat... apart from the ham sandwich I had for lunch today. 😂😂😂


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