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  1. Rich Rule

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    According to the comments on facebook. One of the guys who was there said he survived but had a fractured collar bone and broke a few vertebrae. As for where or when? no idea. I must admit I watched it the once and don't particularly want to see it again. Again, according to the comments there was no gob, just a back cut with the lads on the ground asking wtf was he thinking? Definitely sobering stuff.
  2. Sunday didn’t feel too enjoyable. Or Monday! 😂😂
  3. Steve, I went out for a few beers on Saturday evening with the boys. About 70 quid each for a meal and 4 beers. Caipirinha at a rum bar after was 12 quid, then went back in the beers and ciders. I haven’t dared look at my bank balance yet.
  4. Steve, I went out for a few beers on Saturday evening with the boys. About 70 quid each for a meal and 4 beers. Caipirinha at a rum bar after was 12 quid, then went back in the beers and ciders. I haven’t dared look at my bank balance yet.
  5. Yes you are correct. The pay in Norway is pretty high as are the taxes and cost of living. Horses for courses!
  6. Rich Rule

    New replacement 4x4 pickup

    Driving into Oslo I will be undertaken by plenty of Tesla’s, plus other brands. They get to use the bus lanes. It is only a matter of time. Electric vehicles will catch on no doubt. They have been very popular in Norway for years. I see models of electric vehicles out here that you probably won’t see for years in the UK. Audi Q7 Etron for example. https://www.audi.no/no/web/no/bilmodeller/q7/q7-e-tron-quattro.html?csref=sea:mediacom:Q7etq:q-series_q7etronquattro:c:google:google.no&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-df90P-Z3wIV2MqyCh1N6gYAEAAYASAAEgKwZvD_BwE Hybrid Porsche Panameras, plus plenty of others. Those Tesla’s though are in the region of 700bhp and 0-100 kph in 3 seconds. As the batteries become more efficient so will the development of commercial vehicles IMO.
  7. Rich Rule


    Unfortunately rules are rules. Unless you are French, protesting doesn’t usually get you very far.
  8. Rich Rule


    I use it Pete. Same as Matty really. Bit of treework and a couple of personal hobbies. I used it for a few years without using #tags. Now I have started using them it is a good way for networking.
  9. Rich Rule

    Foot ascenders

    How on earth did you wear out the CT...? You don't climb these days. I reckon your just a kit junky, all the gear and that jazz! I bet your harness looks like a chrimbo tree leading up to this festive period. I work with a guy who is getting on a bit and lent me his foot ascender the other day. Old school, mint condition Petzl. I felt like I had found the holy grail!
  10. Rich Rule

    Starting your own company

    Bona fide sub contractors will require their own PL when doing jobs for you. The problem arises when a freelance worker calls themselves ‘subbies’. They are not. A freelance worker or labour only sub contractor will be covered by your PL and El insurance. I was once in a situation as a freelance worker who thought I needed PL insurance... anyway, the need for a claim came about. The main contractor tried to claim on my Insurance policy only to be told I was covered under theirs. I quickly called the company and cancelled. I wasn’t impressed as I had explained exactly the capacity I was working at the time. 3 years at 600quid plus I was charged for absolutely no cover. Simple answer is don’t use the term ‘Subby’ unless you are a Bona fide Subcontractor.
  11. Rich Rule

    Hilux differences

    You need an underbed liner rather than an over bed liner. I ordered a new Invincible a couple of years ago from Toyota and spec’d it to my liking, including a hard top. when I picked it up I pointed out that they had put the wrong liner in... they tried to convince me it was the correct one. I ended up getting the brochure which clearly stated the over bed liner was not to be used in conjunction with a hard top. I was then told it looked good and was fine... I responded with ‘yes, hats off to your technicians who managed to get it to fit but cutting holes in it with a dremel but now they have fucked it and it will leak, it clearly states with a hard top you need an underbed liner... now change it asap, and now you have a 900 quid liner with holes in it’ They changed it the week later.
  12. Rich Rule

    Fantasy to reality, hot saws... Spud? and others

    When Steve rebuilt my 660, fettled with the ports and fitted a dual port muffler... he said Mrs Spud could hear him running the saw up from home. He was at his log site as to not piss the neighbours off. I have a couple of 200t's done by Spud, a 150 and a 660. All cracking saws and really bring a smile to my face when I use them.
  13. Rich Rule

    SRT Qualified?

    Simple answer. Move country and leave all the bullshit behind. it worked for me. I do realise it is easier said than done.
  14. Rich Rule


    It made me chuckle.
  15. Rich Rule


    One for the Welsh.


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