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  1. Swazi Karona Anorak

    Yes all fine so far. The cuffs are very snug. A bit gets in when descending but not as much as other jacket I have owned.
  2. Swazi Karona Anorak

    Well, time for an update. I have used this jacket in some horrendous weather over here. As long as you get the layers correct it is no warmer than any other jacket. The last couple of days we have had a decent dump of snow and putting the jacket on over thermals, Company jumper and then a thick hooded fleece and there is still room to move. Glad I bought it. The only thing is, it doesn't look new any more.
  3. Never stop

    Glad you were not too badly hurt. But seriously, you said you are getting older. You SHOULD know better. Carrying on like that is a fools game. What do you think you are gonna prove? That you can work till you pass out? as that is all you proved. Take it easy, take a break and find something for your insomnia. I have had it badly since my mid teens. I manage fine these days. The old school attitudes of first in last out is pathetic IMO. Work smarter and not harder and then take the time to reflect on the people knocking their nuts out without thinking.
  4. Stihl ms 150t poor build quality ?

    That's what I did when it happened to mine a couple of years ago. my theory (for what it is worth) is the ported or timed version run a bit more aggressively and that might contribute to that screw loosen itself.
  5. Stihl ms 150t poor build quality ?

    I hear you Spud. How would you suggest shutting the saw down when the kill switch has gone? Letting it run out of fuel? Sometimes us Arbs just have to get the job done with what we have.
  6. Stihl ms 150t poor build quality ?

    I have a couple of 150t's. One is 4 years old and still going strong. I bought another when I moved over to Norway to run on aspen. built quality is fine, I do high clip it though and not dangle it like a conker.
  7. Stihl 150T chainsaw attachement point

    Not really a fix though is it? steve, when it happens to mine I used the smallest Lyon tape sling girth hitched to the rear of the handle. It fitted perfectly to the krab I connect my lanyard with. Acted as a back up. Sorry, I dont have a picture of it.
  8. Nissan Pathfinder?

    If you are gonna get one Pete, make sure it is the 10 plate facelift version. The earlier version is prone to the con for failure that hampered the Nissan navara. No idea how much one of those costs though.
  9. Ash tree removal

    There are plenty of firms in and around Orpington mate. I have recently moved from Hither Green to Oslo, otherwise I would have had a look for you. if you want a reputable firm, give Ross White a call at Kong Tree care. If you google them his number should come up. As for milling, it doesn't look worth it to me and the wire in the stem is not a good start.
  10. The only person I have spoken to it about is my missus uncle. He is a commercial fisherman up in the Arctic. He was glad that people who had no idea what a Cod looks like could tell him how to do his job. This was a while back though. I tend not to discuss politics too much. Like them or loath them, the policies and they who set them... nothing much changes whoever makes the rules
  11. Oh yes there were plenty. Most of them are now bankrupt. Global Telecoms was a funny old game. I am glad I got out. Everyone fighting for the same piece of pie.
  12. I used to work to for the Canadian incumbent International telecoms carrier. They owned a couple of Transatlantic cable systems. One of them was called Cantat 3. IIRC in 1998 a deep sea trawler dredged up a portion of the cable damaging it and basicially disconnecting Europe from America. There were back up cable systems and asymetric satellite links providing redundancy but had nowhere near the capacity required. In those days incumbents sold to other incumbents. BT was severely effected as was trading on the London Stock Exchange. The major clients of the UK arm of the company were France Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, Telecom Italia etc. The German stock exchange took a major hit as the connection was down for quite a few days. i joined that company a month after it happened and our name was mud, even though we had jack shit to do with the outage. I am sure that and other contributing factors led to the downfall of that company.
  13. I would hazard a guess that in part it is due to the Telecommunication and Data infrastructure. The majority of Transatlantic cable systems land in the UK before spurring onto the rest of Europe. That or the fact the Nathan Rothschild single handedly took control of the London Stock Exchange, Royal Mint, UK Economy, British Empire and the Royal family in one afternoon... give hope to others that they too could accomplish such a feat. Or because it is the most corrupt place in the world?
  14. Not getting on with hitchclimber.

    I am only 4' 6" though. Wider than I am tall.
  15. Not getting on with hitchclimber.

    How heavy are you? I climbed on that for years. I am 87 Kilo in me pants. 3 wraps 2 braids on a short hitch cord. It self tended and bit when needed. I don't really use a VT these day as most of my work is done single line with a RR or a BDB.


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