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  1. I would say that being stuck in Thamesmead was far from lucky.
  2. No matter the industry, job role or gender, you need to make yourself as marketable as possible. Something to give you the edge over the competition. As it stands, if you were up against another candidate with the same experience, goals and drive BUT they had a driving license. Then they would no doubt get the nod and be asked to join. Having a driving license would be the first step. If you are serious about working in Arb then it is an essential qualification. Along with First Aid, CS tickets and additional education will complete the package for a prospective employer. As someone mentioned, get a loan and at least start on the road to making yourself as marketable as possible. Good luck.
  3. Did you run that kettle over? No mate. 😂 That is my Father in Laws kettle. He got it for his confirmation when he was 15. He must be 70 now. He takes it on every hike / ski trip and always makes his coffee in it.
  4. I know them as Swedish logs or workers candles. whether they found a bit of dead tree to make or just lopped a couple of foot off the end. they would then have a means to boil water and cook in the woods.
  5. I’ve done it with sycamore and birch, both were very seasoned though. Pine spruce or any resin-fest of soft wood works well.
  6. One of my pals used to have a load in his stand at posh country game fairs and arts and crafts events. He would always sell out.
  7. Did you have a very dry summer last year? Are there more seeds this year? A lot of the trees in Oslo look like they are succumbing to DED yet the foliage and vigour looks poor. Yet it is a bumper year for seed production after a dry summer last year. Could be a thought?
  8. It is already for sale on the German Freeworker site.
  9. I will take your word for it.
  10. I can’t understand why people keep using these.
  11. It’s on Netflix. IP Man 4 the finale.
  12. Gruesome fight scene from Deadwood. Be warned. This is arguably one of the most accurate depictions on screen of a fight. They are both knackered after about a minute. Fight starts at 7.30 mark.
  13. Steve, have you seen the latest IPman film? I watched it the other day. Some pretty good fight scenes.


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