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  1. Done mate. I might have to buy a teether or pacifier. Imagine the look on Haakon and Torstein's face when they opened that.
  2. Yes mate I know. Maybe it is different in the world of high end carpentry?
  3. You are just confusing the matter further. The correct terms have been described plenty of times over the years, in the thread as well. Most people use the term ‘Subby climber’ ‘Subbing to Xyz etc’. When in fact they are no where near being classed as a Bona Fide Subcontractor. The sooner people stop using the term Subby it will be a hell of a lot less confusing.
  4. Business as usual with a bit of common sense in Norway.
  5. I used to work with a fair few firemen in London. Just be careful as a few of them had to do it in the sneak as there was a clampdown and second jobs. It could have been just the LFB or even just that station and watch but there was a concern someone would get injured in the second job and not be up to standard when they are on shift at their primary job.
  6. After 18 years climbing and rigging the blocks are what I am used to. I use the rings for lightweight rigging. I had to cut the splice off my 16mm polydine after a Groundy clipped it with a saw. Luckily only about 1 metre from the splice. I am not splicing it back up again as it is used and used ropes are a bitch to do. I am more than aware that the YouTube superstars use the rings. They also use pulleys when needed. I use rings when needed. As an added point the pulleys make moveing and lifting wood with the tree a lot easier than rings. The have their place but I still prefer the ability to add a pulley midline as and when required. Each to their own, I guess. My decision is based on a great deal more than a knot in the end of my rigging line.
  7. I have one, it is pretty good. Same functions as the OG RR but the bollards are like they are already worn in making breaking the bird easier. The fact it is midline attachable is a bonus, no bits to drop.
  8. So are you in Isolation now after your return? Or is France not Red yet?
  9. Glad it wasn't worse. I have seen Ponies break in and enter tents in the New Forest and ransack the campers food supplies.
  10. Possibly, for the first time in my life, I find myself agreeing with a Loose woman! She does bring up many valid points.
  11. My mate comes back to Oslo from Spain last week. He and his whole family got a test at the airport and are clear to go about everyday business.
  12. Do the government not obtain their statistics from the death certificates? I am not sure how they would calculate them otherwise.
  13. Come on. It isn’t a hoax as some people die. The virus is definitely real. Some get it and some get it bad. The whole Hoax issue is how the media have over hyped it along with the governments of the world. It is almost as if they are using it as an opportunity to meet their agenda. Personally I believe we should just be sensible abhor the whole thing, wash your hands, good hygiene has proven to be the best defence. Not masks. Not shutting down the economy. Not locking down the country. Then again if some individuals followed some of the guideline a bit more closely, maybe, the country try wouldn’t have had to lock down. Then again I can see where the doubts originate. I wouldn’t trust a politician or the British government as far as I could shit. That’s about 3 foot odd, in old money, as I am pretty tall!
  14. Maybe so but the UK government admitted earlier in the month that a statistical anomaly meant that anyone who had tested positive and then died at a later date would still go down as COVID related. Are you suggesting that didn’t happen in the Nursing homes?


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