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  1. Forgive me as I can’t remember the model. It is a Jotul. There is soap stone on top and in the wall about 5 foot tall a piece that has been whitewashed. I could be wrong about the wall, it could be just heat proofing or similar. Edit: I don't normally leave logs like that unattended. Just before someone points out it is a fire hazard.
  2. Valid? Very valid indeed! However, I fear that you are talking to a brick wall. I would gladly eat my hat if the HSE actually responded to any of this. Supposedly, they have visibility of this thread and are taking note... where is their response then? The only time I have had direct contact with the HSE was at an accident scene. I was asked to make the tree safe after the casualty had been airlifted to hospital. 3 guys in suits and about 4 police officers had secured the site and the 3 HSE experts were asking me some of the simplest questions regarding tree work. I responded that that they were supposed to be the experts... I ended up having to write a risk assessment and MS for climbing a ladder, installing a anchor point and finishing a cut. Anyway, I digress. I would love to see an actual response, (for or against the new ruling) but I very much doubt it.
  3. A climbing harness, side strop and a nicely tuned 150t or equivalent. Just get in there, sheer bloody determination is key.
  4. So is it DPF or Adblue and not both? If so, my Hilux has Adblue. That could explain why I have never experienced any DPF issues.
  5. Great chipper the Schliesing. The turn table comes in very handy. We used to run one at the firm I used to come out contracting to, in Oslo.
  6. Nice Mick. What’s the chipper you got going on there?
  7. How do you force the regen mate? i have a new Hilux and no problems to date. lots of hills and short journeys but a few motorway journey’s mixed in.
  8. To an extent I hear you but on the other hand... you are meant to be a professional. Meet the customers requirements with correct work. Pruning cuts and target pruning and not just wanging a saw through the regrowth and leaving a two inch stub with an angle.
  9. You could say that if the customer is happy you are happy... Yes, that tree has been pruned hard, looks absolutely terrible though. Why not just pollard it back to the previous points and not leave all the random stubs everywhere? We sometimes have to do work that isn’t ideal. You position as a professional is to try and do it to a good standard. Cleaning up that mess wouldn’t have take much more time.
  10. Not buying the knives from the factory and trying to save a few squid is like buying a super car and putting a set of remoulds on it. Just pay for the Pirelli’s.
  11. Does laurel not give off the marzipan smell when you burn it? it is a bugger when chipping and an almost instant headache if your in the back of a truck with chipped laurel.
  12. I have never owned a stove without one so I don’t have experience to make a fair comparison. Even though the stove was installed when we purchased the house... I would have gone for one as I think it sets off the stove due to the modern design. So aesthetically it gets a thumbs up and the heat retention properties are a double bonus.


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