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  1. Rich Rule

    Agency for tree workers ?

    Or may I suggest contacting someone like CTC Recruitment... click in the great big banner in blue at the top of this page. There used to be Arbjobs but not sure if they are still going.
  2. Rich Rule

    How was your day?

  3. Rich Rule

    How was your day?

    A bit like the version of the Game of a thrones theme tune that just say the ‘person of small stature’s’ name over and over.
  4. Rich Rule

    Sub contractor but also team leader

    I have said this before a hundred times. It makes the clarification a lot simpler. Do not call yourself a ‘subby’ if you’re labour only. Use the term contract climber or freelance whatever. Leave the term ‘subby’ for the bona fide boys (or girls). It is pretty clear if you look at it like that. Stop making a relatively straight forward situation more complicated.
  5. Rich Rule

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    They are all great when they want your money. Have you had any claim with them?
  6. Rich Rule

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Great work Reg. I bet you slept well after working in those woods.
  7. Rich Rule

    what's up with swearing?

    The initial quote was a bit off the mark... But then again it is just a story.
  8. Rich Rule

    Decent spiking boots

    I use Baseline Alloys. Maybe they are thinner at the bottom of the shank.
  9. Rich Rule

    what's up with swearing?

    I think you got barred for spelling it wrong.
  10. Rich Rule

    Decent spiking boots

    Matty, does the addition of the material actually make that much difference? Cheers.
  11. Rich Rule

    Decent spiking boots

    Second the Andrews. I will be getting another pair when these give up.
  12. Rich Rule

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    Erik has a thread on here with some of his work. Not sure if the teeter totter is in there. Erik, I didn’t mean to answer in your behalf but it was just in case you didn’t see Georgio’s question.
  13. Rich Rule

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    Are you onsite in this scenario? sounds like a se climber has come in to help you out therefore you are required to have the EL in place. he is a freelance labourer not a bona fide sub contractor.
  14. Rich Rule

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    I agree with what Mark and Steve said. However, I also used to carry my own Income protection insurance... just in case. That was just piece of mind and common sense IMO and not a legal requirement.


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