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  1. Wolf bypass tree lopper

    Thats the one mate. I also need to get a polesaw blade for the extendable pole then I will be good to go. I prefer that one as you can adjust the head somewhat to get a better angle on the pruning cut.
  2. Wolf bypass tree lopper

    I have one of those adjustable ones Steve. Works fine. Used them quite a bit in the past. My only problem is finding a pole for it. I left the poles in England thinking I had used them a lot in Norway and they would be readily available. The people advertising them don't have them in stock so I have to order online.
  3. Topiary Farm

    My arms are tingling just looking at the pictures... Nice find though Steve. Where exactly Belgium was it?
  4. Game of Thrones

    I did get a bit confused. How could the older brother of D have a sone the same age as his sister when they didn't look that old in the first season? I though it was the mad kings bro and Neds sis.?
  5. To old?

    How old was the guy who said it? If he was a young lad as is often the case, maybe they couldn't cut the physical side of it and took the more academic route. If he was an older bloke then he might be judging by the fact he was an old school dinosaur and the amount of time he spent in ill fitting harnesses, terrible ropes and old heavy saws... may explain his point as it can be hard on everyone. some get on with it, others make excuses.
  6. To old?

    Just out of interest how old was the lecturer? Some people can cut it, others can not. I would say it depends on how physical your life has been so far.
  7. Akimbo

    Mostly been climbing on the RR. The Akimbo is great one day and then absolutely gash the next. I got it working great on the HTP but then for no reason couldn't hold my weight. it also doesn't like dirty or wet ropes.
  8. Akimbo

    Not used mine for months. it sits in the bottom of my bag and gathers dust.
  9. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    Is the any way you could get a triple extension ladder, take of the top extension and tie it across the top of the extended double section in a 'T' shape.? The ladder can just be leaned into the hedge without fear of falling through. I would have though standard long reach trimmer would be man enough for the job. Yes, you have to move the ladder a fair bit but it is generally a stable platform to work from. 41m though, rather you than me. I get pins and needles in the hands and forearms after about 15 minutes of using a hedge cutter. That is why I don't do too many of them these days... but, I have probably done a fair few in my time. Can I ask though? When you quoted for the job did you not work out how to do it? or was the job just dropped on you?
  10. New Forum feedback

    Why would you need the App? The mobile version is far better than the app ever was. Simplified, works well and has everything you need. Where possible hit the condensed view tab and it isnt that far off the old format. gve it a try, it isn't too difficult to get your head around. Or is it the whole concept of change you are against.? As a human race we have adapted and overcome many things like deadly bacteria. Infections like small pox have been controlled. Surely the nay sayer can adapt to a slight change in the forum? Or is that the point, naysayer will forever be naysayers and prefer to change plain rather than overcome? I quoted your post Mull. There have been quite a few other ones with the same message. It isnt a direct dig at you, but yours was the last post I read. All it seems to be lately is people moaning about the new format or layout. Why not think about the effort Steve and his team have put in over the last few months/years.?
  11. Game of Thrones

    That's it now. Done it. RIP Torment and Brienne
  12. Game of Thrones

    I would like t post a scene of my favourite character but as soon as I let the public know who my fave is... thats it, they will be dead next episode.! Its a great show and has gone from strength to strength with each season instead of travelling the journey from 'whence it came'. Lost was an example of that. the script writers even admitted they were making it up as it went along. I do like that big ginger from north of the wall though and his fantasy with the tall knight lady. His chat up lines and facial expressions crack me up.
  13. Looking for a hard top for a navara

    look pretty nice Steve. Can you post a link to the make and model please as I must have missed it if you posted earlier. cheers.
  14. Woodchip near Crystal Palace

    Highams farm. best bet from there. What do do you mean by the warlingham commuter.?
  15. Quoting using a drone?

    Mike I was working at a restaurant in Oslo. the owner of the firm had a drone and was stood on a balcony with the vatmeister as we were working down in the woods. he didn't use a gps option but it defintely helped to explain to the customer exactly which trees we were takIng out and which would be left. i might as we were working down in a valley taking out the maturest trees hence the drone makin it easier.


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