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  1. Rich Rule

    Knife and gun crime London

    Really? Have you ever been to London? Yes, I had a happy childhood and carried a knife for whittling. I grew up in the North East. You are in the North East/East ? Surely, even you can see there is a massive difference between Northumberland, Yorkshire, the Fens, Kernow etc to inner city London? Try looking up the statistics... how many people who carry weapons actually have them used on themselves. So imagine this, your son (if you have one) is encouraged by you to carry a blade. His school go on a field trip to London. They get into an argument with some local youths and a fight breaks out. Your son tries to defend himself and the blade gets taken from him and used on him and tragically he dies. Might sound a bit far fetched? Not for the many families who have gone through similar scenarios and had to bury their children. Luckily my neighbour survived. Knife crime is real as are teenage death rates due to knife crime. Would you then still be defending the right to carry a knife unless there was a good reason for it?
  2. Rich Rule

    Knife and gun crime London

    Mate, you need to get a grip. Wtf are you harping in about.? So what if you have the moral fibres to carry a knife and not use it. I lived in London for 20 years before moving to Norway. South East London in fact, look it up and you will see it is a high area for knife crime. All the so called experts on here are talking about drugs, crime etc. Yes they may be part of the problem but it runs much deeper than that. It is all about respect. A lack of respect for anyone older than you. A lack of respect for anyone in authority. Earning respect with their piers and elders. Making someone respect the area/crew you hang with. Teaching someone respect after they have disrespected your crew, fam or the area you hang out. The amount of youths that are stabbed just for disrespecting another on their turf is unreal. ‘They need to be shown’ is the mindset of the attacker, never mind the consequences. My neighbour was stabbed 5 times with a Samurai sword when some local yoots tried to gate crash his little sisters 18’th birthday party. The dad was also laid out with some 4x2 timber to the head. Why? Because some little shit had never been told he couldn’t have something. They are not used to hearing the word No! I have my ideas relating to inner city crime. Lots of the youths on the estates are a product of baby fathers. I.e. the dad isn’t around. The mother may have a number of kids and usually the younger they are the more time is required. Leaving teenagers to roam free and get involved in gang culture. Yes, that might involve drugs or other crimes but sometimes it is just a simple matter of a kid being in the wrong area and being spotted, he gets stabbed for his error. As for a solution, I don’t know! Something to try and get a father figure back in their lives. I think boxing and martial arts is great for kids... lots of gyms in a south East London have received recognition for the work they do with the kids from troublesome areas. Maybe introduce boxing back into the curriculum? National service would certainly teach a bit of respect as well. So IME and IMHO stop and search should be done. If they are carrying a blade regardless, it should be the same sentence as if they had used for wrong. Schools in my area had security guards and metal detectors at the entrances. Same goes for Acid. Kids in the local schools are now taking Acid in sports bottles as you can’t search every kids with a drink. So AHPP are you still going to argue that kids should be allowed to carry knives?
  3. Rich Rule

    Pollard too aggressive?

    You created the Pollard Im afraid. All the contractors were trying to do is achieve a result in the safest possible manner. Repollarding them is the obvious thing to do. Plus the safest. If they hadn't been pollarded in the first place then I feel it would have been a shock and too harsh if you came back to that. But they weren't maiden trees.
  4. Rich Rule

    A.J. Bad day at the office ?

    I read somewhere that all AJ said in interviews was he was thinking of the bigger picture... Biggest mistake to make in the world is to underestimate the person in front of you. He was already doing the payday sums for a UK super fight with Fury or lineal championship showdown with Wilder.
  5. Rich Rule

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    What are you doing to the big beech?
  6. Rich Rule

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    Deadwood was one of my favourite series. Ian Mcshanes monologues are brilliant. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Swearengen Got some good news for you bud... they made a third season. There is also talks of a movies actually being made.
  7. Rich Rule


    I’ve got a couple of bird boxes on my property. Noticed a pair of Tits (no ideas what sort) in and out. Hope they stay. We also have red squirrells shacked up somewhere in the eaves. I see them up and down the walls and then onto the roof. As for where the drey is I dont know. I live in Norway and there are loads of reds here in the woodland next to my house. I should get an air rifle and pop them but can’t get over the fact in the UK they are so rare compared to the American Grey. Cut as they are I dont want them living in my roof/house.
  8. Rich Rule

    A.R.T for SRT?!

    I did an article a few years ago which was published in the members blogs. Has lots of information on the BDB.
  9. Rich Rule

    A.R.T for SRT?!

    I personally think ART missed a trick in this one. I mean all they would have to do is change the first letter... What they saved in Marketing could go to product development. A bit like the opposite of what Pretzel did with the Chicane abortion.
  10. Rich Rule

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Where’s Mrs Fox? I thought you had hooked up with the Thai Lady?
  11. Rich Rule

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    We have HBO Nordic and they have a series of character catch ups. Cersie or the actress that plays her seems a proper good laugh. She described the scene where Jaime pushed the kid out the window... as an incestuous game of hide the sausage. I thought she was fitter in 300.
  12. Rich Rule

    Replacing all my saws

    Sorry to hear of the theft. Too many scum bags around these days. do you know Danny Beadell? He was originally from Crawley and now lives not far from HH.
  13. Rich Rule

    Canine megaesophagus.

    Shit news mate but she was too good a dog to suffer. RIP Dutchie.
  14. Rich Rule

    The Milky Way

    My guess would be a powerful camera of some sort.


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