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  1. I'd have thought that a head shot right between the eyes would be considerably more humane, should the dastardly deed need done, than being ripped apart by dogs. That having been said, I've been asked both for permission for a hunt to go through and permission to go after foxes with rifles and refused them both. We don't let lambs out at night in the spring until they're able enough to fend for themselves, and the chickens are closed in every night anyway so we do our best to co-exist with them rather than kill them.
  2. All my willow is self seeded as well, I never planted any, it presumably comes from a small area (less than 1/2 acre) downwind of my own wood. I thought they were going to be a nuisance, as it turns out, far from it.
  3. Burning Leylandii at the minute, and have burnt it before. Not the longest lasting but burns well and burns clean as others have said. Only issue I have with it is the smell of the logs themselves. They're not rank or anything but they're not just as woody as most other things, if that makes sense. But it's a minor gripe, well dried it's a perfectly good firewood. Oh, and as for willow, I seasoned a clatter of willow whips (or slightly larger) as an experiment, stacked them in the saw horse, tied them down, and run a saw down through them to cut in to lengths for kindling. It's been a huge success, and I'll be saving more of them for the same job this coming winter.
  4. Not felling as such but I was ringing up seasoned oak last week and decided to give the 266 (and my back) a break and try the 390 in it just for the hell of it. It was so good that I stuck with it. But I'm just so impressed with every aspect of it, quality, ergonomics, starting hot or cold, can't fault it.
  5. I bought a 390esx this spring after much deliberation. I'll be buying a new 501 to go with it this winter without any hesitation whatsoever.
  6. It's a lovely sentiment, but you deserve much better than either the NT or Woodland Trust will give you in return, they just want your money and will come up with any heart string tugging but ultimately vacuous spiel to get it. As someone has said, see if you can arrange to plant something yourself somewhere. Post in the woodland management section on here where there's several guys with areas of woodland, or post on some of the woodland ownership forums, where there'll probably be someone only too happy to allow you to plant something, or do it for you, and you'll know exactly what it is, and where it is. Good luck.
  7. Compression testers, any of them, are OK for a handy pointer but can throw up misleading results sometimes. Ultimately for a decent assessment of engine condition you need to use a leak-down tester which will give you a much more accurate idea of just how good or bad your piston to bore seal is.
  8. I found it a bit underwhelming to be honest and don't think I'll bother mutilating a tree for the sap again in future. Done it once and can say I've tapped a birch tree and drunk the sap, box ticked!
  9. No, but I've tapped it and drank it.
  10. We've had the 8kw Burley ourselves for 7 or 8yrs now. It has been absolutely flawless, words wouldn't do it justice. Thus it being a total no-brainer as a wood burning option.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Happily it appears that they're going to be content enough with wood only so Burley it is, probably a Holywell even though it may be a tad bigger than ideal. Even more happily, a local stockist has them available off the shelf at a cracking price! Sorted.
  12. In the process of doing up a house for another family member and we'll be putting a non-boiler stove in to an old fireplace which previously must have had a high output back boiler and grate, but it's been removed and capped off and we'll leave it like that for the foreseeable. We're not sure yet if they're happy enough to go wood only, if they do then it'll be simple, we'll put in an appropriately sized Burley. But I've a notion they'll want the option of burning coal and I know you can put a grate in the Burley, but that's sacrilege and I think we'd be better just going bespoke multifuel. It's a wee room, with a couple of standard sized doors so some heat could be let out, but I reckon 4kw nominal is as big as we'd go, smaller would probably even work. Single lever control as per Burley would be good too and budget is flexible. I really don't know much about multi-fuels so any recommendations would be very welcome.
  13. I've tried that. Works well but fierce hard on the wrists, .....................well for us oldies anyway!
  14. I'd go along with those who say that if you've room for it all then keep it all. The way the energy situation is going world-wide, knowing that you can keep yourself and family snug and warm for years to come is becoming an increasingly enviable position to be in.
  15. I'd agree with that too. But he'd have to up the budget considerably. And to be fair, a Natanoko is a 'pro saw' within his £200 budget at least.
  16. They are what they are, some people think they're fine, but I was buying a new saw this spring and after checking them out they weren't for me. All I'm saying is, they are certainly not the same as the old school chainsaws and cut off saws which you mention earlier so check them out before you buy. I've two Stihl cut-off saws and to me even the pro Stihl stuff is no longer in the same league, nevermind their homeowner stuff. But over and above all of that, I still think you'd be grand with the Silky.
  17. In that case then after buying the Natanoko, use the remaining money in your £200 budget to buy a decent short handled brush hook, Fiskars or Silky again, and a good axe for splitting, probably Fiskars as the Silky "Ono" is stupid money (still want one though!).
  18. Worth noting as well that the Stihl and Husqvarna saws within your budget are also Chinese built and bear little resemblance (in my opinion) to the 'traditional' Stihl/Husqvarna stuff.
  19. For that size of stuff? Easy, .................................Silky Natanoko. It'll give you more pleasure and less hassle than any chainsaw ever will given your budget.
  20. Yet when asked if he knew what the minimum wage currently is, his instinctive reaction was "yes" despite the fact that he didn't know. Are all politicians programmed to lie so easily?
  21. Not necessarily wrong. Castrol R was used extensively in two-stroke racing bikes through the 60's and 70's due to it's extreme anti-seize properties. It had one major problem, when it was exposed to the wet it tended to emulsify and had to the potential to stick the throttle slides open. So Castrol set about developing an oil which contained R to prevent engine seizures but had other ingredients to mitigate against it's nasty characteristics. It was a difficult job as R was a vegetable oil (the Yanks still call it "bean oil") and highly incompatible with most standard mineral oils and additives. The resultant oil was Castrol A747, it's still available (or something close to it at least, it's no longer made in Swindon so it's hard to be sure) and it's still the preferred choice for many people racing classic two-stroke motorcycles.
  22. Do the job properly, get a litre of it and put the recommended amount in the lawnmower as it's engine oil. Unigrade oils are recommended for mowers anyway so it would actually do a very good job too.
  23. Yeah, I'm prepared for that. Best get on with it and see what I have to deal with.


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