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  1. About blimmin time!!! Nice to see a home made effort run by people who Do the job recieve credit . Often folks like Steve get over looked because they havn`t invested ££££££££££££££££££ . Well done, Steve I hope this feels like some reward for the hours and hours if not days of work you have put in. Great site , great members, great forum.
  2. The first line of your reply is probablly right , practicing so when its your truck or your chipper being nicked they will get it back. sounds to me like they cant win!! one post they cant do F all the next they do to much!!!! I am glad i aint a copper, with this sort of attitude towards them about no wonder they have to be firm.
  3. one thing i noticed was make sure your back cut isnt to high in relation to base of gob cut, this can lead to it spliting up instaed of the hindge folding. Not a nice event to happen, especially on a straght even tree you expect it to just go over.
  4. never really drove fendt , all who drive them love them. Exspensive!!!
  5. get him to do a favour for you and then complian about it!!!! whe he moans remind him of the logs!!
  6. make sure you have got rid of all the petrol fumes before heating it !! leave the cap off while doing it otherwise you will have a hole to fill!!! my 357 is a bit damp along the seam also, think i will just buy a new tank.
  7. wrong shade of red for me!! the pumas are ok tried one a year or 2 ago and it was good.
  8. new holland would never be in fornt would it!!!! often the only time a new holland can see the back of a JD is if its being towed by it!!!! personally i would be in a big red tractor!!!!!!
  9. yup, Auto power box , not to bad for agreen one!! looking at a newer one so should be upto around 200 then:001_smile:
  10. JD 7530 , JCB Telescopic, claas 460 combine.
  11. About 2000 on the tractor, 200 on a telescopic and around 400 on the combine.
  12. stoxs

    Dangerous toys?

    with offers like that i ithink it could be a busy weekeend!!!! with lots of dribbling!!
  13. Any more news on this? Had a good look at my saw earlyer and as CJ says the chain dosnt touch the tip of the guide bar the sprocket should hold it away a tiny amount. I will hazard a guess that either the chain is wrong to the guide bar or the guide bar is faulty, either as said the nose spocket is wrong or the guide bar has been machined wrong.
  14. I would say if it isnt oiling properlly on a bar that length it would seize first, yes chain slack is a sign of over heating. More often get burning where you have been cutting not on the tip like that. is the chain and bar the right match? boxes might be right but the contents might be wrong. take it back to where you got it from saw as well and see what they say! keep us posted though
  15. Very intersting topic and its not just the arb industry suffering from this. when i took my cs 38 i did everything that was asked of me on the day. I passed but with a note to improve branch walking. next 2 fellas were real good and flew through, the final chap on course was ok not a youngster but he failed as instructor wasnt confident with him. This chap got the injured climber down but did miss one or 2 points and the person being resuced said he was most nervous of this one person out of all of us. i refused to be signed rescuse for a climber on several occassion because i was concerned if i had to i wouldnt be able to. After 4 years of holding cs 38 i could potentially be a signed rescue for a climber but i havnt climbed in 3 years!! was on a electrical course the other week a Portable Appliance Testing. the instructor was hopeless all he did was read from a book, one or 2 lads on the course didnt have a clue on what to do and what was right or wrong but we all got a pass!! I think there should be some on course assesments going on for the assesors. especially if it could be done without assesor knowing. keep em on their toes!


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