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  1. Mine is o1M which I just assumed to be the manufacturing machine number or such like as it's so short. But I'll search a bit deeper based on that. Thanks.
  2. That would be my experience of it as well.
  3. Thanks for that. Mine is the RBL (older?) and I'd figured out that my carb was 541 60430 01. Carb parts appear to be available individually and while some parts are a bit serious, metering arm and spring are little more than a tenner. Yes they're a good bit of kit, mine is now well up in the teens of years and this is the first issue with it in that time.
  4. I have a Makita RBL 500 backpack blower fitted with a Zama carb which has started over-fuelling quite badly. Reading through some past threads it seems to be something which can affect some of the chainsaws as well and the fault seems to lay with the spring/metering arm. Would I just change these two components first and see how it does or would there be anything else in that area that would be suspect? Also, Oregon do plenty of kits for Zama carbs, would there be any way to identify the specific carb on the blower to determine if one of these kits would fit it? Thanks.
  5. For the past dozen or so years I've made a habit of planting a few bags of daffodil bulbs every autumn and they are indeed now mostly in bloom. However, elsewhere on the farm there are a few clumps of daffodils which have been there since I bought the place almost thirty years ago and given that the place was pretty run down when I took it over I imagine they date back much longer. They're nowhere near flowering yet so there seems to be a difference between old and new. Might have something to do with it?
  6. Given that it's The Guardian, then no, it probably wouldn't.
  7. Malcolm Young would have agreed.
  8. Random fact, the guy on acoustic is BTCC racing driver James Cole. Personally I think it's a terrific arrangement and does the song justice. But music and the appreciation of it is largely subjective anyway so what hits one person may be entirely over the head of another.
  9. This is how you cover Hendrix. If you're going to watch it, watch it all.
  10. No explanation necessary, even loaded well within legal limits it's only sensible to be aware of what you're dealing with, gravity is a powerful beast. Don't respect it and it can punish severely, you're absolutely right to be leaving nothing to chance.
  11. I've done a lot of towing over the years, both plant and agricultural up to 15-16t, using my own vehicles and other peoples. To be honest, I find no matter what you're in, from a Jeep up to 150 odd hp tractor, when towing big loads I find engine braking to be of almost negligible benefit compared to the trailers own brakes. I suspect you might not notice much difference.
  12. Yep, I am that guy. Whereas you presumably are one of those people to whom I referred earlier. So tell me, how did you get it so wrong? Where's this safe, prosperous, pretty, agreeable world that we were going to have once that nasty man Trump was out of office? I see little chuffing sign of it.
  13. Related to all of this, has anyone else noticed how the world seems to be increasingly going to sh1t since Trump left office. Weren't we told that him being president would be a nightmare? Seems the nightmare started once he was ousted.
  14. Rots quickly in air, keeps pretty much indefinitely submerged in water. Most of Venice was original built on alder piles, many still in use.
  15. Used to be used for clogs by all accounts, presumably because it dries ridiculously hard (and quickly) but light as well. They'll have had to be carved.
  16. We had two to rear ourselves while working, and now there's the first grandweans on the go and everybody is working. So yes, the tumbler can be needed occasionally, but you can still minimise it's use to the degree that the expense of running it is inconsequential if you're prepared to make a bit of effort.
  17. To be fair, it's not like you have to stand and watch the stuff dry, peg it out and away you go. Tumble dryers are pretty sore on the amps, surely if people are struggling to pay their bills, it wouldn't be that much bother to go to in order to save a few quid? Just sayin'.
  18. I usually have trouble concentrating on what she's saying for some reason.
  19. It's OK, that counts. 👍
  20. An elderly relative went in to sheltered housing a few years ago and it had a drying room which was simply a smallish area, southerly facing, and the external wall built with narrow slots to allow airflow. No doubt designed on the basis that older people still like to hang out washing. You last sentence is bang on.
  21. Those look the business. It also annoys me that no one else in the family has figured out how to use a clothes peg properly, so that when you put it back on the empty line, you put the line in the slot so that you can push them along in front of you as put the next clothes out. After nearly forty years of silence I broached the subject just before Christmas. I'm getting to quite like the dog house!
  22. Why does nobody hang washing out to dry anymore?
  23. Wasn't there a piece in a documentary, maybe the Michael Moore film?, about some sort of "save the planet" type concert taking place, powered by green energy. The film crew snuck around the back of the stage and found a diesel genset running full pelt!
  24. That's worth repeating, whichever of the two you buy you will undoubtedly be happy with the job it does. I bought the 27 a long time ago, not even sure if the 25 was available, but with advancing years if the 27 broke I'd probably replace it with a 25. That having been said, there's no way I'd buy a 25 to have as well as the 27, as they are much too similar.


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