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  1. That is how I would read it. We are still working in the office, all be it as few people as possible coming in, but it is not a case of shut down the business. The guys that can't work without coming in are in, but shifts are also in place to further minimise contact. If you can keep your distance from each other and clients I see no reason for you all to stop work.
  2. I am, when I'm at home I can keep the fire in so use more wood and less gas. As above though the weather is bringing consumption down at the same time. Certainly not using 50% more and not in danger of running out.
  3. A couple of years old but this review might help: Best Battery-Powered Chainsaw Shootout | Pro Tool Reviews WWW.PROTOOLREVIEWS.COM Looking for the best battery-powered chainsaw under $400(ish)? We've got a breakdown of the best options currently on the market!
  4. IsoProp is great for removing tree sap but not sure why I'd bother with it to clean the glass when water does a good job.
  5. Love the way it automatically generates the hyper link from the words tip site
  6. or look in tip site link for someone local to take them?
  7. You can try registering on the tip site linked from the top of this forum. I got a local supply by e-mailing local tree surgeons direct and now have a supply set-up before I was aware of the tip site link...
  8. Sounds like you are not giving it enough air. Too little air and you don't burn everything so as well as soot you yet tars in the chimney, which is why it is not recommended to run them shut down too much. You need to add enough air to get a complete burn, but that is the tricky bit as it will vary depending on the burn rate (or more accurately the rate at which gas is being generated from the wood) so it is very much a learnt thing for your stove with your wood.
  9. I just get a grey buildup over time that is mildly annoying to look at but seems to have no effect on anything apart from looks. It reaches a level and then remains like that if you don't clean it. Occasionally I get a burst of enthusiasm and clean it off with a damp bit of kitchen roll. No effort required it more or less wipes off but needs a few pieces to get it clean as I leave it a long time between cleans.
  10. Fire box unknown as they have photo-shopped flames onto the image. How to tell if something is good or not just from a photo?
  11. Yes, the water is breaking down so it releases the right ratios for a big boom. From the photos I'd guess that most of the boom came from gas inside the battery so may well happen even with good ventilation.
  12. Maybe get these power stations to dry the wood first so generating more power from the same amount of wood?
  13. Not only that, gas, electric and water do not need carrying into the house and the stoves don't need loading manually.
  14. Add your self to the tip site list that Steve provided a link for. It is there just for that purpose...
  15. Is there still time to get it changed to 25% or is it already a done deal? What numbers are used in other countries? I thought that Scandinavian countries also have limits for moisture content of firewood.
  16. They are just selling what there is demand for. Same effort to go to the woods and get hardwood as softwood, pretty much the same effort to cut and split and you can sell hardwood for more money so if you can get hardwood to sell why wouldn't you if there is more profit in hardwood? Then as you say there is the demand problem for softwood. All of this is good news for those of us happy to process our own logs and happy to burn softwood.
  17. Use the meter to take a moisture measurement before putting in the oven. Then weigh the wood. Put wood in the oven to dry it out and weigh again at the enf. This gives you the dry weight and wet weight of the wood so you can calculate the moisture % of the wood before it went in the oven to compare with your meter measured value.
  18. I think the point is measure it before going in the oven, then calculate the real percentage from the weight before and after drying. Then compare the two...
  19. I have a clearview Pioneer 400, if I have the door not quite fully closed then I get a blast furnace type effect, which sounds something like what you are describing. As above I'd guess you have a minor air leak in the door seal.
  20. Similarly I offered my supplier cash but he prefers the odd bottle of red. Oh and you are lucky... Never added myself to the tip site as I get as much as I need already.
  21. Assuming this wood is for your own use then why are you only after hardwood? Softwood has a bad press but it is quick to dry and heats the house well (dry wood burns...). Plus as many consumers fear it will cause problems with stoves/chimneys, which is not true if the wood is dry and you don;t slumber the stove, which you shouldn't anyway. Hence, there is currently little commercial value in softwood arb waste. He sells logs but gets more wood than he needs, particularly softwood. Also if you are not fussy about your wood then you will be more popular with your supplier.
  22. We shall see but I'm interested in the position I have, and I suspect there are others on here the same, who donate to a local tree surgeon/landscape gardener in return for arb waste from local gardens for my home use. I use more than 2m^3 per year but delivered as it comes off the job as an when convenient to him so well under 2m^2 per delivery. A similar system to the "tip sites" system linked from this site. Strictly it is not firewood being traded but the end use in most cases will end up on the fire (after processing and air drying). I think it comes down the the definition of logs in these new regulations. I'm hoping that arb waste is not covered but that could be a huge loop hole at the same time.
  23. Probably succeeded in getting views on the video, which is quite likely the reason for posting this rather than trying to actually help anyone.
  24. Trouble with RF is that it is very hard to know when it is live or not. They just need to turn off the high power amplifiers in the base station. People who regularly work with them have to wear monitors to detect it so I'll guess as you won;t have that they have no choice but to shut it down. How you know it is shutdown is the bit to be careful of. P.S. The "drum shaped bits" are dish antennas and yes they are more highly focused so are a potential hazard much further away than the other antennas but they are all bad if you get too close.
  25. I'll guess the outer pipe conceals the flue and acts as the structure, taking the structural load and allowing a cool material to be bolted to the ceiling. I bet there is no structural load on the flue itself.


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