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In a bit of a pickle. Looking for similar experiences. And possible legal advice

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Hi all


Wondered if anyone has been in a similar situation or can offer some advice. 


My guys were on a job a few weeks ago. Reducing a few trees in a back garden you know the score.


One of the trees was over a garage roof. Reduced the tree, everything went well with no damage despite it pouring with rain. Upon cleaning the roof of the garage and whilst still roped into the tree the climber accidentally put his foot through 1 of the corrugated ridge tiles. 


Unfortunately underneath, the tenant of the property had his Suzuki. That got dented slightly. Which I've sorted out to get fixed.


The issue lies in the fact that no one makes 3 inch corrugated cement fibre ridge tiles/sheets. I've searched hi and low. 


I got a roofer to come and have a look who told me he cant get the same material. I said can he get something similar and he suggested metal. I assumed he would also go corrugated but you know what they say about assuming. 


The roofer has replaced it with a flat sheet of metal. And both the tenant and landlord/client aren't happy. 


This is fine I've said we can look for alternatives. Or paint the metal and disguise with fake moss or something. Sounds silly I know. I'll post some photos. And I figured that at least the hole was covered from the elements. 


Where I've gone wrong and I hold my hands up, Is that I didn't let the landlord know it would be a different material just the tenant. Who said he didn't care at the time.


After a few back and forth with the landlord. All amicable so far. And after countless times and Ebay links telling him no one makes the 3 inch profile ridge sheets. He has now said he would accept a different material as long as the whole ridge is uniform. And that I should be using my insurance. 


I'm not sure my insurance would cover this as its technically only one sheet that's damaged. And I'm not really prepared to pay for a whole new roof ridge. 


The repair even if I admit isnt the prettiest. Is secure and giving  protection from the elements. Theres no safety issues regarding the structural integrity of the rest of the roof or garage. And it's not exactly like we've put a tree through a Georgian manor house.


Sorry for the long one and if you can help I appreciate your time. Just wondered if anyone could give some examples of situations they've experienced similar to them. Or if anyone has a 3inch corrugated ridge tile going that'd be great too😅


Photos of damage and repair below.

















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 Are you sure it's not asbestos? If it was my problem I'd scribe the profile onto a price of wood, and have a metal fabrication place bend me up a sheet. Paint the surface with tile adhesive, applied with a roller, it will be hard to tell the difference from cement. Then paint with yoghurt when it's installed, to encourage moss. You could sprinkle some of the existing moss over it to propagate spores. Sounds like the landlord thinks you should build him a new roof. He probably knows it's asbestos and wants it gone anyway.



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Hi There,


Always seems the way, spend hours on a take down, break nothing till the end but doesn't help any.

Putting right what you have damaged is always the best way.

Might be a little careful with the roof, might be asbestos?


It doesn't seem that strange size/pattern, don't think it would matter if the material was different as long as it fits the corrugated sheet profile, possible 2 or 3'' profile.



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1 minute ago, devon TWiG said:

I used to work with GRP and that would be pretty easy to someone who knows what they are doing ...........


That was my first thought actually - DIY fiberglass with a bit of grey colourant. I didn't mention it though, as a DIY panel won't comply with building code, and the landlord sounds like the fussy type. I suppose there are places who can fabricate rated panels though?

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Marley Eternit fibre cement profiled roof sheets 3" profile from roofing superstore, your online roofing specialists.

Fibre Cement Close Fitting Ridge (Natural Grey) - Two Piece For application with roof pitches from 5° to 45°, both for...

here seems quite a few listings for the 3 inch sheets have you asked if they do the ridges 


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To be honest, your repair looks crap and stands out like a bulldog’s balls. I’d not be happy either if I was the landlord (I’m sorry to say!).


I don’t see why your insurer wouldn’t cover this if you suspect the repair is going to end up expensive - it might be worth making your broker aware of the situation and explaining you are working towards sorting it without claiming, but there is a possibility you may have to pay for a new ridge (can’t be that expensive in reality surely?). 

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23 minutes ago, devon TWiG said:

Is there a building code for a garage roof ?.... how many pieces is the damaged ridge broken in to ?


I actually don't know, but we'll find out when the next guy puts his foot through the new panel! 😀

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