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  1. Hi all Got a few jobs that require a mewp coming up. Wondered if anyone on here has one they hire out or subs out with as a labourer as well. I'm in the Bristol area. Would rather give a fellow arbtalker some work than hire one from a hire place. PM if you do and your rates. Cheers Josh
  2. Why are you always commenting on the employment pages.? Aren't you a chippy? Are you looking for staff or tree work? Good luck to the OP.
  3. Dont buy the 3m. I got it and I'm really not getting on with. It needs constant readjustment and the visor is forever rubbing my nose. Ear muffs aren't comfy and you have to buy the peltor ones as the sordin conveniently dont clip in properly making them pop off if you look at them. Where the sweatband connects to the helmet is poorly designed too as 2 little bit of plastic stick into your head and rub. Wish I had got the protos tbh.
  4. Some serious kit there mate. Curious how did you make a leap from small gear to big gear like that? What was your first big toy? I'm just finishing my first big clearance and tbh have royally screwed my self price and time wise. Proper learning curve. Could've done with some of those tractors and chippers. Good luck with finding someone. I find staff the hardest part so far
  5. TikTok Teens Are Dressing Up as Face-Masked Old People to Buy Booze WWW.VICE.COM Seems to work way better than the old two-kids-in-a-trenchcoat trick. Genius
  6. Hi guys I'm looking for some extra hands to call upon when needed. I need some Groundies for next Monday and tuesday. Over 25 with a clean driving licence would be great. Also looking for a climber who would be up for some regular Thursday Friday's. 25 and over with a clean license. PM or contact on 07583 969198 Cheers Josh
  7. God these prices. I've got one tucked at away at my dealer for £1250 with a 36" bar. He's got another one too. Best actually buy it quick.
  8. Absolutely. I've learned stuff of 20 year vets and and guys who are 2 months out of college. Knowledge is power. Love a bit of historical trivia too so thanks.
  9. Got some of vista print before the lockdown. Had some business cards already off them that I designed elsewhere. I wanted larger flyers, some extra info and a change of number and they were happy to accommodate. Each drop I've done I've got at least 3 jobs off so worth it I reckon. Also good to have in the van so when you've finished a job you can drop up the street you've just worked on.
  10. Gomtaro for me. I prefer the straight blade as I found the zubat difficult not to compromise the cambium on other braches on some cuts that are tight Horses for courses though I reckon. The bigger curved blades do get through larger chunks quicker. So I have both. But the gomtaro is my buddy.
  11. A valid and fair point. In fact the biggest slavery ring busted in modern times was in the uk. So I guess I chose my words wrong. It was eastern European criminal gangs exploiting other homeless eastern Europeans though. And there was obviously that Irish lorry with the poor vietnamese recently. My point is the cultural zeitgeist finds slavery abhorrent and quote rightly. And that everyone has enslaved everyone at some point so how far back do we go? Maybe this is for a whole other thread.
  12. What about the barbary slave trade. Or the ottomans. Or the Vikings. Or the Soviet union with the gulag. Or mongols with well everyone. Or Mauritania only making it illegal in the 80s I think. Though they still do it. Should we still be angry at them. At least Europeans acknowledge the past wrongdoings. Cant see the algerians repenting for enslaving the cornish. Slavery is human history. Noone alive today has been a slave or has owned a slave in england. And if white brits are told they have benefited from it then surely black British of the same age has. They're is no "systemic racism". Yes there are racists. But not to the degree the media would like you to believe. Remember the British empire didn't start slavery but it did try to end it. At a great cost financially and of the lives of the men aboard the ships of the Atlantic 7. Look up the Atlantic 7 they don't teach kids that in school
  13. What happens when you disagree with the people in charge of the digital currency and they turn you off? You'll be giving handys round the back of Tesco's for a bacon butty mate.


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