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  1. When you say started on your own what kit have you got and jobs have you done? I've known plenty people get their tickets and start out on their own pretty quickly. One thing they've always done is hire in competency rather than try something they cant do. If you're good at getting work and have the gift of the gab. It may be worth putting ads up for more qualified and experienced climbers to help you and learn from. This may also lead to getting know some other local guys who need a hand. Good luck.
  2. The trouser company that makes a waterproof arse will have my sheckles for life. No idea why noone has done it. Also 2nd for the sip canopy air. Just bought my 2nd pair of type A's My last pair is still good to be fair. The seem on me bum came apart and I havent gotten them sown up.
  3. Hi I need another climber in the Bristol area for next Tuesday. Got a couple of reductions I could do with a hand on. £150 for the day Cheers Josh
  4. Can recommend tim as well Eric ive used him on few jobs. Has a tracked predator.
  5. I think the herd immunity has been given a bad name. Maybe because boris suggested it at first. Have a look at this interesting video.
  6. Tell you what I'll take it in a year after all world leaders and their kids have taken it on live tv. Let them be the Guinea pigs if it's so safe. Come on Bill get your arm out. Also I dont think things will ever go back to normal. They have enjoyed the power too much. And want a cashless fully controlled economic system. Have a look what the world economic forum have been putting out recently. Very dystopian. We'll basically be living in medical tyranny where they'll make you're life as inconvenient as possible until you submit and take it so you can take your family to tenerife for a week. Glad I'm self employed as I reckon large employers will demand you take it as well. Never been a "anti vaxer" but it feels so rushed and as others have said for a virus that has a very high survival rate. We may have already had it. Proper strange times.
  7. One of my lads decided to change a bar and chain on some Indian sandstone the other day. Obviously the oil leaked and stained the stones. My client rang round and found a product called lithofin oil ex gel. Shes yet to get back to me with the results but apparently the tiler who recommended it swears by it. Interested to know how the stain appeared? Did you lower bits his side and leave logs there? Or is it just falling sawdust? Fail to see how the latter would stain.
  8. Hi all Got a few jobs that require a mewp coming up. Wondered if anyone on here has one they hire out or subs out with as a labourer as well. I'm in the Bristol area. Would rather give a fellow arbtalker some work than hire one from a hire place. PM if you do and your rates. Cheers Josh
  9. Why are you always commenting on the employment pages.? Aren't you a chippy? Are you looking for staff or tree work? Good luck to the OP.
  10. Dont buy the 3m. I got it and I'm really not getting on with. It needs constant readjustment and the visor is forever rubbing my nose. Ear muffs aren't comfy and you have to buy the peltor ones as the sordin conveniently dont clip in properly making them pop off if you look at them. Where the sweatband connects to the helmet is poorly designed too as 2 little bit of plastic stick into your head and rub. Wish I had got the protos tbh.
  11. Some serious kit there mate. Curious how did you make a leap from small gear to big gear like that? What was your first big toy? I'm just finishing my first big clearance and tbh have royally screwed my self price and time wise. Proper learning curve. Could've done with some of those tractors and chippers. Good luck with finding someone. I find staff the hardest part so far
  12. TikTok Teens Are Dressing Up as Face-Masked Old People to Buy Booze WWW.VICE.COM Seems to work way better than the old two-kids-in-a-trenchcoat trick. Genius
  13. Hi guys I'm looking for some extra hands to call upon when needed. I need some Groundies for next Monday and tuesday. Over 25 with a clean driving licence would be great. Also looking for a climber who would be up for some regular Thursday Friday's. 25 and over with a clean license. PM or contact on 07583 969198 Cheers Josh


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