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    day rates

    So this is why prices are so low! 🤦‍♂️ 2 man team should be 500 minimum with a transit let alone a mog. Put your prices up. And price per job not necessarily by day. Someone once told me if you're not wincing yourself when you tell them the price you're too cheap. Good luck.
  2. When my missus was pregnant she had and awful time with hyperemesis. Needed an ambulance from st Michael's to Bristol royal infirmary once due to dehydration. I asked the paramedics what's been you're stupidest call out. Without thinking he said someone called because they had seen a ghost! He also said I was the first tree surgeon without an Irish accent in his ambulance. Make of that what you will. My mums an occupational therapist I asked her the other day what she thought was wrong with the NHS. She said it went wrong when hospitals got to decide their own budget. She has more managers than they know what to do with. I also think if you really couldn't afford a tenner then they should do it like brighthouse when they sell stuff to the feckless. A finance kind of system. We all want and need an nhs but something has to change. As people have stated poor diet,substance abuse, smoking takes it toll. Also a lack of education in how to deal with minor injuries and ailments. How about pe for adults and scales on McDonalds doors. If your x weight no big mac fatty. 😂
  3. How do people even live their lives like this. Must be real stressful. How do you keep up with the lies. I wouldn't be fucking with scousers either. You'll wake up in the boot of a burning car.
  4. Instantly thought of this. I watch too many cartoons. The clawwwww
  5. Dont be silly police arent policing knife crime. Now if he had mispronouned the tree.....
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys. I'll see what I can do with the info provided.
  7. This is the most useful response so far thanks. I will give kenyon a call and send some photos over. I agree I think civil action wouldn't really go in his favour either as the rest of the roof is fine and as you say probably very old and in time for a replacement. I would still rather keep it out of any legal civil disputes tho. I will write down that equation if it comes to anything like that though. Part of me wishes that the damage was bigger (obviously no damage would be better) at least then I could justify the insurance claim.
  8. Yes exactly always at the end and it was a Friday. I am trying to put right as I would hate for someone to think i was trying to shaft them. It's literally only the ridge sheets that are hard to find. You can get flat sheets in the 3 inch profile. Thanks Hi yeh I've spoken to roofing superstore. They were helpful in telling me that no one makes the 3 inch ridge sheets anymore. They did however recommend using a self adhesive lead sheet roll that could possibly be moulded into a corrugated shape. which may be an option. thanks I know it doesn't look good and have acknowledged this here and to the client. Again i'm looking for a solution but at least his garage is dry right now. essentially the buck stops with me but it was the roofers repair not mine. I wouldn't have done it like this. You are right though I will be getting my brokers opinion today. Thanks p.s Are you the monkey business in cheshire? Think I used to see you guys around when I worked for Eurotrees out of Alvanley. Wrong type of ridge as its 2 parts. The whole ridge and possibly roof would have to be replaced. Thanks Not sure if you've meant to come across as confrontational as you have so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. As mentioned above it's very easy to find the flat sheets in the 3 inch profile. If there are 100s of these 3 inch ridges at an easy glance please send me a link so I can buy one. I have rang suppliers, manufacturers, reclamation yards, gumtree/eBay and roofers. not one has a 3inch ridge. I have found a asbestos repair specialist company this morning though so will try them in a minute. Thanks Obviously I want to avoid legalities and if it comes to that I will see what the insurance says. I just think that for such a small hole a whole ridge seems excessive. and as said before its not exactly a georgian manor house nor is it affecting anyones living standards or immediate safety. Thanks
  9. no I'm not entirely sure tbh. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by scribe either. do you mean create a corrugated pecie of wood to mould the the metal to? sorry I'm not the most handy person at DIY. This is me attempting to build things....
  10. Hi all Wondered if anyone has been in a similar situation or can offer some advice. My guys were on a job a few weeks ago. Reducing a few trees in a back garden you know the score. One of the trees was over a garage roof. Reduced the tree, everything went well with no damage despite it pouring with rain. Upon cleaning the roof of the garage and whilst still roped into the tree the climber accidentally put his foot through 1 of the corrugated ridge tiles. Unfortunately underneath, the tenant of the property had his Suzuki. That got dented slightly. Which I've sorted out to get fixed. The issue lies in the fact that no one makes 3 inch corrugated cement fibre ridge tiles/sheets. I've searched hi and low. I got a roofer to come and have a look who told me he cant get the same material. I said can he get something similar and he suggested metal. I assumed he would also go corrugated but you know what they say about assuming. The roofer has replaced it with a flat sheet of metal. And both the tenant and landlord/client aren't happy. This is fine I've said we can look for alternatives. Or paint the metal and disguise with fake moss or something. Sounds silly I know. I'll post some photos. And I figured that at least the hole was covered from the elements. Where I've gone wrong and I hold my hands up, Is that I didn't let the landlord know it would be a different material just the tenant. Who said he didn't care at the time. After a few back and forth with the landlord. All amicable so far. And after countless times and Ebay links telling him no one makes the 3 inch profile ridge sheets. He has now said he would accept a different material as long as the whole ridge is uniform. And that I should be using my insurance. I'm not sure my insurance would cover this as its technically only one sheet that's damaged. And I'm not really prepared to pay for a whole new roof ridge. The repair even if I admit isnt the prettiest. Is secure and giving protection from the elements. Theres no safety issues regarding the structural integrity of the rest of the roof or garage. And it's not exactly like we've put a tree through a Georgian manor house. Sorry for the long one and if you can help I appreciate your time. Just wondered if anyone could give some examples of situations they've experienced similar to them. Or if anyone has a 3inch corrugated ridge tile going that'd be great too😅 Photos of damage and repair below. Thanks Josh
  11. Take it to the tip down in avonmouth if its brash you need to get rid of. You need to print off a waste transfer note first. If its chip theres fountains timber on the a370. Or gristwoods yard by blaise castle will take chip. You will need a waste Carriers licence to take it there tho.
  12. I told mum when I grow up I want to be a socialist. She said you can't do both son. 😅
  13. Gristwoods yard will always take it too. You have to have a waste Carriers licence tho. Fountains timber take it too. But they're out on the a370


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