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  1. joshuatree


    Reminded me of this.
  2. joshuatree

    Network rail advice

    Yeh you're right Mick. That's what I'll suggest. They can just do it themselves too. Just thought I'd check as I like I said I have no rail experience. Nor do I want any haha.
  3. joshuatree

    Network rail advice

    Root barrier is a great idea. Do you have any particular reccomendations?
  4. joshuatree

    arbtalkers arbtrucks

    here's my little beast. I call her "asa" because she's Japanese and can take a load. If you know you know. 😉
  5. joshuatree

    Network rail advice

    Thanks for the reply Paul. I hadn't thought of a root analysis. As you say tho it might be a bit too pricey. I had mentioned the common law. And may just suggest to grub it out. Just thought I'd seek some advice as I hear network rail can be funny and have pretty good lawyers. The concern is that they're having their garden landscaped and don't want the roots messing with the new patio and lawn. And ideally want the tree gone. As you say it will die before it gives the wall any trouble but don't think they want to spend 1000s for suckers to keep pushing through. Thanks Josh
  6. joshuatree

    Network rail advice

    Hi all I have zero rail experience so was wondering if anyone can help me out with something. A clients daughter called me round for some advice the other day regarding some issues with roots from a tree inside network rail land that are coming through to her garden. They've emailed network rail and given photos but network rail are trying to say it's not off of their tree (photos should show below). The tree is a little elm and they have a small Apple in their garden which network rail are trying to say is the offending root but it's clearly got a small elm leaf forming on it. I won't be completing the work due to it being just past the network rail fenceline but I'm just looking for something I can give to the clients that they can then go back to network rail with. Any help appreciated Thanks Josh
  7. joshuatree

    Looking for ground staff.

    Hi guys Looking for some self employed ground staff. Got a fair amount of work on at the moment. So could be on going for the next couple of months for the right candidate. Pm or txt on 07583 969198 Thanks Josh
  8. joshuatree


    I bought the galaxy s3 tab a while back. Barely touch my laptop now. Its amazing. Saves me loads of time. Got quickbooks on it. Microsoft office. You can do your application for tpos. Ad if its an easy job to work out the price on, I quite often ping a quote over to the client as we're chatting. Check out amazon theres a good deal with a fintie keyboard ad cover which is a lot cheaper than the samsung keyboard.
  9. joshuatree

    Climber and groundie

    Hi everyone. I need a climber and groundie for this week and next. Helping out pollarding the Bristol st trees. Txt josh on 07583 969198 to discuss Thanks Josh
  10. joshuatree

    Google has just freaked me out!

    If this guy covers his camera a mic. You got to think something is going on. Definitely listening. Its the amazon echo that amazes me. Tbe best peice og marketing and spyware ever created. But hey it can turn on your house lights and you can dictate a shopping list to it. I used to bang on about people wanted rfid chips to be inplanted in people. Seems we all did of our own accord. Very clever Anyone seen the last south park series taking the piss out of jeff bezos?
  11. joshuatree

    What tree is this from?[emoji12]

    "The plank is talking to the cloud". A sentence that a few years ago would've ment nothing. What an age we live in. Technology i feel is a blessing and a curse.
  12. joshuatree

    Job description/What they mean (Just for fun)

    Haha what a great thread. Continued development and training = We'll wait until the arb re-appraisal and then you might get a chipper ticket. Room to move up in the company = theres a high turnover of staff because the boss is an angry knob.
  13. joshuatree

    Big Ash up for grabs

    Whats up millers. Felled this lovely big Ash today. Be a shame to log it up. If anyone wants it I can put you in contact with my client. Its in the BS37 area of Bristol. You'll have to move fast tho as i'll be logging it otherwise. Txt Josh on 07583969198.
  14. joshuatree


    Family guy also thinks theyre a ridiculous shop.
  15. joshuatree

    The who can get most outraged at bad treework thread.

    Caught seamus in the act on this 1. They were butchering a lovely beech 2 doors down. My client said they could hear the homeowners shouting when the got home.


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