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  1. Gristwoods yard will always take it too. You have to have a waste Carriers licence tho. Fountains timber take it too. But they're out on the a370
  2. What's your availability like? Give me a txt on 07583 969198 Josh
  3. Been let down this week due to staff illness. Looking for either a climber or groundie. Taken on some routine maintenance work with gristwoods for the next couple of weeks so could be ongoing for the right candidate. Txt Josh on 07583 969198
  4. It's a test Kevin. To see how subdued the masses are. This is why they've done it to such a polarising character. Noone wants to speak out cos racism. As i previously said it wont be funny when it's you they're after. Someone else rightly pointed out that noone is going after Douglas Murray or Richard Dawkins. Or my personal hero the late great Christopher hitchens.
  5. This poem from the second world war always resonates with me. I watched the video that's got him in trouble. The case was over and they were being read then verdict. He asked what they thought their vedict was going to be. Pretty much the same as what all the journalists have asked himself. The judge even said he caused the defendants (Islamic gang rapists) anxiety. Again not a massive fan of Tommy but this is a dark day for the English justice system and therefore western nations as English common law is the bedrock of those legal institutions. Honk honk 🤡
  6. Agree with him or not. This is straight up state persecution of a man for who he is not what he's done. We should all be very worried about this. Next time it could be someone you agree with, or you. Wouldn't be funny then would it. Personally I think he's controlled opposition probably paid by Israel to rile up the white working class into civil war to bring in a more totalitarian government. Hence the influx of Muslim and sub saharan migrants to Europe. You need a them to create a war. Classic hegelian dialect. The fact remains tho 2% of our population commit 86% of sex offences. They were racially and religiously motivated, organised attacks on mass by a group of people that have no interest in assimilation. Including labour politicians. And our police and government knew and did nothing. The fact that theres not more Tommy's or Stephen's (not sure why people get so worked up on a pseudonym) is credit to the globalists who have successfully neutured any sense of masculinity or national pride you're aloud to exhibit. Before anyone brings up white paedophiles(who we jail when caught and despise as a society) please tell me about the white Christian english rape gangs operating for over a decade in Lahore or Islamabad. Could you imagine. Clown world marches on. 🤡
  7. Got an old school stihl backpack blower for helping a customer put some slate shingle round a water fountain for nothing. Only took me 10 mins. I always give and take this way. Especially with other tradies. My chippy mate helped me build a ramp into my unit for some nice pieces of plane for a coffee table. Random acts of kindness Makea the world go round eh.
  8. I went to school with some travellers. They weren't the ones getting bullied trust me. Very violent and intimidating even at a young age. Especially when all their cousins would hang outside the gates at the end of the day.
  9. Reminded me of this.
  10. Yeh you're right Mick. That's what I'll suggest. They can just do it themselves too. Just thought I'd check as I like I said I have no rail experience. Nor do I want any haha.
  11. Root barrier is a great idea. Do you have any particular reccomendations?
  12. here's my little beast. I call her "asa" because she's Japanese and can take a load. If you know you know. 😉
  13. Thanks for the reply Paul. I hadn't thought of a root analysis. As you say tho it might be a bit too pricey. I had mentioned the common law. And may just suggest to grub it out. Just thought I'd seek some advice as I hear network rail can be funny and have pretty good lawyers. The concern is that they're having their garden landscaped and don't want the roots messing with the new patio and lawn. And ideally want the tree gone. As you say it will die before it gives the wall any trouble but don't think they want to spend 1000s for suckers to keep pushing through. Thanks Josh
  14. Hi all I have zero rail experience so was wondering if anyone can help me out with something. A clients daughter called me round for some advice the other day regarding some issues with roots from a tree inside network rail land that are coming through to her garden. They've emailed network rail and given photos but network rail are trying to say it's not off of their tree (photos should show below). The tree is a little elm and they have a small Apple in their garden which network rail are trying to say is the offending root but it's clearly got a small elm leaf forming on it. I won't be completing the work due to it being just past the network rail fenceline but I'm just looking for something I can give to the clients that they can then go back to network rail with. Any help appreciated Thanks Josh


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