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  1. don't think there will be many barges that will sail in 42 cm of water even empty
  2. about 40 years ago i new a bloke that bought a big new build house for cash in a carrier bag the boss nearly fell through the floor
  3. its still 29c in the room now i have just opened the door to try and cool it down but there is a cracking moon
  4. did you not get your browse from Q gardens what has happened to that
  5. what sort of fly is this its the best photo i could get d get
  6. would have thought the tree was there before the garage so is it the builders that have not put adequate footing in for it also ask for a copy of the report and check out the person who did it
  7. some type of citrus had it about 5 years and it was 2nd hand first time it has had fruit though it has had some flowers on before
  8. daveatdave


    maybe because i am in gods own county
  9. daveatdave


    i taxed my car yesterday as i had to wait for it to be repaired to get it through its mot did it online and it was showing as taxed a hour later
  10. a waterproof membrane on the inside will help stop rot especially on the raised beds it will help to keep the soil damp
  11. i looked into the roof sola panels about 20 years ago and crunched the numbers it did not work out in my favor because after about 5 years they started to loose there capacity to produce there full kilowatts and by 20 years they needed replacing and they would not have paid for the cost of them also looked at the rent a roof scheme but that was a no go as i had a mortgage and lenders were very against it due to re selling the property in the future would cause problems with the roof rented out
  12. the banger on the stick seems to be a bit overdone on one side long time since i cooked sausage's on a stick hope you have a good night
  13. a shell and morrisons 200 yards apart same price 199.9 first time i have seen that
  14. spraying water on the foliage in hot sunny weather is not good as the leaves will get scorched and die gallons of water at the base each day or a drip irrigation pipe round the tree and left on 24 hrs. a day till it rains a lot
  15. the government is buying it by the boat load every day into the new storage facility that was completed early this year at loch long even have a tanker moored there for nearly 6 months never mind the other navel ports on the south coast then there is the NATO refueling place at loch striven
  16. another million for redecorating the flat above number 10 when he leaves
  17. it will attract butterflies and they make rope out of hemp
  18. strident cleans them overnight and a good rinse out the next day
  19. good referb just need a galvanized tray in the bottom to catch the water
  20. had a couple of boiling's duke of York (first early) full of scab will not be growing them again
  21. no mine last Saturday in the middle of Weatherby
  22. i bet that stinks round there when its hot
  23. did you clamp the boards up before fixing


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