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CSCS card for tree work?

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7 minutes ago, SimpleSimon said:

So if I understand correctly, I need to miss a day's work and fork out some cash to do a course, so that I can get a card that certifies me as being less qualified than I actually am for the tasks I'll be doing? 


Grand 👍 🤣

It could be worse. If your an employer you also have to pay your employees a wage to do the pointless tests. 

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The LISS course really is the biggest money-spinning scam I’ve heard of - it takes a day, costs a load of dosh and you don’t learn anything. It is a tick-box exercise to generate money for BALI. 


There is no reason that candidates can’t pass the H and S test (£15 - £20, done wherever you can do a theory driving test as well as at some other training centres) and then submit their NPTC or equivalent competencies to prove that they are skilled workers. But no - if you want the correct card you need to cough up, waste a day and come away with absolutely no more knowledge whatsoever.


I have no problem whatsoever (from an employer as well as student/attendee perspective) with training courses that develop candidates in some way or other. Wasting time and money to buy your way onto a worksite stinks though.


Mark Bolam - what are the potential changes you’ve heard of? Good or bad?! 

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BALI changed it all with the introduction of the waste of a day ROLO course, you need a card that takes into account of your Arboricultural tickets. We often get asked to show them. If you don’t do any corporate work or highways don’t waste your money on get one.

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Yes you will.

One day ROLO course, CITB H&S touch screen test (most people do operative level) and then submit your application to BALI for a blue skilled CSCS/LISS operator card. The reverse of your card contains your occupation title, which is a reflection of the “tickets” you have. For example (please don’t quote me exactly on this) for the card to say ground based chainsaw operator you would need something like maintenance, crosscutting and felling small trees.

As the fell small trees is the highest level ticket within that occupation title, it will need to be less than five years old or accompanied by evidence of Lantra Awards or FISA refresher training.

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Couple of other things to note. If you do the ROLO course this does not include the CITB H and S test. This has to be done seperately at another registered test centre so that's another 1/2 or day off to do that plus the cost of the test.


If its been more than 5 years (I think?) since you took your chainsaw tickets, then BALI/LISS will not issue you with a card unless you have recently done a refresher. So if you need to do a refresher then factor in additional costs for more time off to do more courses and re-assessments!


A massive rip-off/con/scam tis the CSCS "money-go-round" out of your pocket into someone (and/or several other) elses, just to get on site. Unless you're going to get a lot of construction site work you need to ask yourself if its really worth the cost/hassle/bother. 

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