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  1. Does that pick up contain a first aid kit by any chance? Your trucks livery in the uk would have people knocking on your door for a plaster[emoji23]
  2. Your climbing kit is the most important bit of equipment in your company, look after it and religiously inspect it every time you use it, if it’s faulty replace it no matter what it costs you, your lowering gear is also as important.
  3. It’s marked on the piece of kit when you get it or in the literature supplied with it, make a note of it from the paper work provided, it may also be on the end of the rope sheath cover. If you are inspecting your kit make sure that you or another person has had the appropriate training in inspection. Make sure you understand what it means.A great way of understanding these things is to book on to an Arboricultural association course that covers these issues.
  4. Jcarbor

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    both had a hard day at work
  5. Is that catterick by any chance?
  6. Totally agree, this is one of the main reasons why we decided to bite the bullet and invest in an expensive biomass burning system, I’d rather spend the time and effort and financial outlay on producing heat for ourselves than quibbling with people on how expensive logs where, I’m sure people think there’s very little effort and expense in the process ,the 15k for the processing kit the 20k for the second hand loadall the packaging for the logs to conform with trading standards so the disgruntled customer knows what they’re getting and not just a pile of whatever dumped on they’re drive, the cost of the large steel framed log store, then explain the logs need manpower to be processed and transport and time to deliver! They’d not believe you. One other issue to add to it is there’s an awful lot of people out there banging out logwood for beer money, the wood often doesn’t have the extra production cost of storage and drying time, ours does because we have to prove that the wood that we produce is to the BSL standard before it goes in to our system. It’s a very similar issue to tree work companies not investing in training, insurance, kit and compliance and others that do.
  7. Yep you certainly do need it a North Yorkshire tree company has found out on numerous occasions I wouldn’t go near a Forst with its boiling bearings and electrical glitches.
  8. Luckily for you you can legally give him the boot as he’s a subby, Why let him cause you stress? I have a great team of lads all on the books, my lead climber has never had a day of in the 10 years that he’s worked for us. We always employ staff who have shown an interest and been to college to study Arboricultural.
  9. Yellow meadow ants, a sign of ancient undisturbed lime meadow, you often find plants such as orchids and cowslips growing amongst them, these mounds can be very old.
  10. The problem here is the fools that employ them. That said these evil individuals prey on the elderly and vulnerable members of the public, having just watched the programme it sickens me that they can be so callous and cold whilst extorting cash from an upset old lady, they are pure evil. One other point is these are the very same types that constantly do you Arborists over in the dark of the night.
  11. Jcarbor

    New Defender

    I love my defender tippers, they’re often a pain in the arse but they are great for the type of works that we do, these new ones ain’t defender utility vehicles they’re a small Chelsea tractor. Don’t think I’ll be buying one.
  12. I heat my farm with an eco Angus wood gasification boiler ( this includes a 5 bed house a three bed house and an uninsulated work shop/ barn), it has a 4000 litre accumulator tank, any biomass heating system benefits from one of these vessels,it means the boiler doesn’t need to run all of the time and your heat demands are always served when needed. The eco Angus also gets the RHI some other boilers don’t because of dust and N2O. Its good to be able to get some pay back for not burning fossil fuels. I would seriously recommend an eco Angus to anyone, they are so simple.
  13. The HSE would never have the time or the inclination to prosecute Mr Smith tree service ( stop the driver and ask for a quote) If your a professional arb company with all the correct tickets insurance and a fixed abode then yes they will. The problem with this industry is its riddled with rouge traders who don’t give a shit about the issues that probably worry you all. Yet here’s yet another issue to be concerned about from the powers above.


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