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  1. Hi Paul, I trust you’re well, Alex is looking at doing some education to level 4, what would you suggest? Regards Jim
  2. The inline fuel filter should be full of fuel, it’s not, it’s either a blockage in the tank/ pipeline or it’s a fuel pump issue. Start at the tank, drain it of all fuel, and clean it out, then disconnect the fuel line up to the inline and blow it out.
  3. I make retorts out of large gas bottles, I place 4 in an Ibc cage with waste wood.
  4. I wouldn’t entertain buying one, they’re a crock of shit.
  5. I’ve just brought a new Takeuchi tb25r, I’m very pleased with it, it’s got the extra long dipper arm. Very well put together machine
  6. You could get a fair second hand one at your budget.
  7. Same up North, we ain’t got enough days in the week, booked up into the back of January.
  8. Why is 35 way too late? Depends on the person and their drive. I started at 40, I was fit as a butchers dog and driven by a desire to succeed that I’ve had all through my life ( ex Bootneck and NHS Paramedic ) If he’s got the drive to succeed then that will help, I’m near the end of my Arb career at nearly 60 but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and still am, I’ve got from it things that I would never had if I had stayed a Paramedic, I have a healthy successful company and a not so healthy knackered body [emoji23]. Go for it I say and good luck.
  9. This has been going on for years, it’s not just gypos that do it, I’m forever coming across new one man bands with a van and a chainsaw. People use them because they’re “ value for money” then they’re left with damage or a shit load of waste not cleared up. People knock the AA but they do give a company some credibility that they have at least made an effort to prove that at some point of time they have been vetted and reached a point where that company is doing the right things.
  10. If it was my site and he was working alongside me then I’d take on the liability, if I had employed the sub contractor to do the complete job, ie with all his kit his staff and no Input From us then it’s his problem to sort out. A good example of an incident that we had was a subby tractor operator knocked over a solid stone gate post, I was well pissed off but didn’t make an issue of it, we repaired it, it’s one of those things that happen in a job with big kit and high risk. Don’t worry about it, it will happen many more times in your career. At least no one was hurt, that’s when you need to worry.
  11. The best way to avoid that sort of incident is don’t drive like a f#@king idiot.
  12. I thought you’d got a palace in Richmondshire?
  13. Trigger Andy, the way around the issue is to do what we do, become a registered self supplier, you need to kit yourself up to be able to process store and dry your timber down to below 20% moisture. It’s costs a fair bit of money to do, but if you have access to a reliable supply of free timber it’s worth it. My out lay was the bio mass boiler and installation, a new steel watertight open fronted structure to store logs in, a telescopic loadall, two wood processors and 200 ibcs. It’s been burning for over two years and provides heat and hot water for 3 properties.


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