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  1. A skilled worker card should be sufficient on any site/highway. I’ve been running my business for 20 years and in a previous career was educated to NVQ level 6, I tried to get a supervisors card but BALI don’t take in to account my education level as a paramedic supervisor.
  2. BALI changed it all with the introduction of the waste of a day ROLO course, you need a card that takes into account of your Arboricultural tickets. We often get asked to show them. If you don’t do any corporate work or highways don’t waste your money on get one.
  3. We used to issue them in hi vis, they’re very good but costly, changed over now to fristards.
  4. Decent climber would have done that easy, are you going soft like us in your old age.[emoji23]
  5. Jcarbor

    Rowan disease

    Thanks paul.[emoji106]
  6. Jcarbor

    Rowan disease

    What is causing this? It looks very similar to ash die back, can it effect sorbus trees?
  7. Speed, wanted it down and stump out and wood gone in a shift.
  8. bit of crane work today, tree down in 2 hours.
  9. Does that pick up contain a first aid kit by any chance? Your trucks livery in the uk would have people knocking on your door for a plaster[emoji23]
  10. Your climbing kit is the most important bit of equipment in your company, look after it and religiously inspect it every time you use it, if it’s faulty replace it no matter what it costs you, your lowering gear is also as important.
  11. It’s marked on the piece of kit when you get it or in the literature supplied with it, make a note of it from the paper work provided, it may also be on the end of the rope sheath cover. If you are inspecting your kit make sure that you or another person has had the appropriate training in inspection. Make sure you understand what it means.A great way of understanding these things is to book on to an Arboricultural association course that covers these issues.
  12. Jcarbor

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    both had a hard day at work
  13. Is that catterick by any chance?


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