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  1. Jcarbor

    Work for wood

  2. Jcarbor

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    We have stopped using pulley systems in lowering, large rings are the way to go, the decrease in heat is dramatic.
  3. Jcarbor

    the 'todays job' thread

    Did you have to clear the crap off the deck? We do a hell of a lot of bridge works up in North Yorkshire but its manly road kill rabbits and sheep shit that we come across.
  4. Jcarbor

    nptc cs 44

    Correct, large trees to fell are like rocking horse shit, it doesn’t matter any way, if you can fell a medium one you can do a large.
  5. Jcarbor

    the 'todays job' thread

    . There you go Mick. Not very big trees but on top of a 60 feet sheer edge, landed the trees in a postage stamp garden and dismantled whilst still suspended by the crane.
  6. Jcarbor

    the 'todays job' thread

    Is it his bones under Ben Bulben? Nice picture.
  7. Jcarbor

    Starting out

    More like flat out 7 days a week I’d say.🤣
  8. Jcarbor

    Starting out

    I’d agree with the lads on here who advise you to get some experience with a professional outfit, its bloody hard starting up on your own, the first thing you will need is a member of staff that can climb as well, if your thinking about climbing/aerial treeworks and can groundy for you, you’ll end up in a right mess if you don’t. Learn to walk before you run springs to mind. Have you thought about going to college to do an Arboricultural course? We only take on staff that have done this,we also offer work placements to persons on these courses, it a great way to learn the skills.
  9. Jcarbor

    the 'todays job' thread

    todays job on a beautiful sunny North Yorkshire morning.
  10. Jcarbor

    Splitta 360’s For sale

    I opened it up to 10 inch, also straightened out the in feed ramp as the angle reduces the round size, we operated it with two of us ,one loading and pushing the rounds in with a push stick the other on the deck out, yep it’s fast. We will add a in feed conveyor on to it soon.
  11. Jcarbor

    Splitta 360’s For sale

    Im going to run some mixed hardwood rounds through it today, i need to give my lad some tuition it will be like the blind leading the blind[emoji23]
  12. Jcarbor

    Splitta 360’s For sale

    Ive got it back home, its in very good nick, i just need to adjust it to 10 inch.
  13. Jcarbor

    Shame on you

    Not only that, large wounds like that take out the connection of the crown down to the root plate, this often leads to death of the cambium associated with that nutrition pathway, its just a case of shit work and a lack of tree biology knowledge.
  14. Jcarbor

    Tree launcher that shoots very accurate 250 feet. Thoughts?

    It was an early morning post by me, thats what i meant [emoji23]


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