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  1. Hi Ben, we do a lot of call out for our county council, they don’t pay us a stand by rate, that said they pay us very good money for responding. The other thing is we get rewarded with planned work, my lads love the varied works that highway’s contracting gives them, it varies from roadside trees to river clearance works. They are a good organisation to work for.
  2. Don’t us petrol it’s full of crap. It’s becoming a real problem with 2 strokes, those deposits will eventually bloke up the carb. Use alkylate fuels
  3. What about a tracked MEWP? Ours will go through a standard house door,goes up to 20 metres.
  4. I’d say very few in my experience.
  5. Ben I was Arb approved, it is good to do, you learn an awful lot about running your business in a professional manner, yet as I have found out it gets you no more work than any other company out there that’s not AAac. I was allowed to do a PQQ for the Forestry commission twice but got nowt from it so I didn’t bother wasting several hours of my precious time filling it in yet again! We get loads of works for highways authorities, city councils, and large corporate companies,none of which ask if we are AAacs, they are more interested in my lads CSCS cards and my RAMS. It’s good to save yourself some brass once you’ve done it give it up and have a go on your own, you maybe surprised how much work and contracts you’ll still get. It’s still a good thing to experience and Paul is a truly good guy.
  6. Yep fair dos, that said the sheaf is still an integral part of that piece of kit and would lead to a failure. Steel rope in contact against a mechanical steel/aluminium rope grab ain’t good.
  7. Looks like you’re having a good productive time there. Just casting my eye over photo 3, I think it’s may be a 13 mm Marlow Komodo main climbing line? When you have time get someone to check it or cast your eye over it, that’s a fair bit of rough abrasions on the outer sheaf, I think I would be tempted to fail it if we LOLER inspected it. Happy climbing and be safe.
  8. Joe no disrespect buddy but that ain’t no pollard, it’s a lopped tree. It’s not good practice to reduce trees by so much. It can often lead to death to the cambium of the lopped limbs. The trees crown has connections to the tree root system, by removing so much structure it stresses the roots system. The LPA TOs in the area that we work in loath this type of work being carried out to such an extent that they now in general refuse to pass any application to reduce trees,even when done to BS 3998.
  9. A skilled worker card should be sufficient on any site/highway. I’ve been running my business for 20 years and in a previous career was educated to NVQ level 6, I tried to get a supervisors card but BALI don’t take in to account my education level as a paramedic supervisor.
  10. BALI changed it all with the introduction of the waste of a day ROLO course, you need a card that takes into account of your Arboricultural tickets. We often get asked to show them. If you don’t do any corporate work or highways don’t waste your money on get one.
  11. We used to issue them in hi vis, they’re very good but costly, changed over now to fristards.
  12. Decent climber would have done that easy, are you going soft like us in your old age.[emoji23]
  13. Jcarbor

    Rowan disease

    Thanks paul.[emoji106]
  14. Jcarbor

    Rowan disease

    What is causing this? It looks very similar to ash die back, can it effect sorbus trees?


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