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  1. Jcarbor

    Pigeon Shooters

    He’s right though, you couldn’t make it up a story like that, what on earth do those idiots at Natural England now about country sports and field craft? Pigeon models scaring off birds!! They also suggest you put out a life like scare crow and occasionally swap places with it. 🤣🤣
  2. Jcarbor

    Canine megaesophagus.

    That’s so so sad I feel for you all. We lost our 2 year old GSD Mac not long back from bloat, it happened so quick. We had trained him to do personal protection and he went everywhere with me. I cried like a baby for days as did my wife and kids. I’ve got a new boy now and it’s helped heal the hurt and loss. I’m feeling your hurt.
  3. Jcarbor

    Post your stump grinding photos

    I’ve had that machine for years now, I can’t fault it, I had it fully remoted not long ago its good to be able to operate it without the umbilical.
  4. Jcarbor

    Post your stump grinding photos

  5. Jcarbor

    Large tree very close to house

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about that tree causing any structural damage to the property, for one it’s not a large tree, it’s also a species that doesn’t have a massive root structure. I would recommend removing it due to the crown encroaching onto the fabric of the building. Cost between £350- £480, price depends on whether you have the stump removed or not
  6. Jcarbor

    Today's milling

    Certainly was, had the in-laws around so was up early doors for 4 hrs of sanding. The weather was great and so was the ice cool aspinals.[emoji481]
  7. Jcarbor

    Today's milling

    oak plank bar table finished in time for the lovely sunny bank holiday.
  8. Jcarbor

    Air Spade Contractor Needed

    Try Ian Barnes and associates in Boroughbridge. We where asked to price it but We are booked up into the end of July.
  9. Jcarbor

    Brother arborists - Stolen Ford Transit

    Sorry to hear that. They are the scum of the earth.
  10. Jcarbor

    Brother arborists - Stolen Ford Transit

    Its a very common occurrence now, its so disheartening, I hope that you recover it with no damage. The people who do this are so heartless, and as for the individuals who have the gear off them they are even worse, without them scumbags it would not happen.
  11. Jcarbor

    Dream of starting my own business achievable?

    Yep, these do.
  12. Jcarbor

    Ingenious Mountaineering Gadget

    Watch dawn wall on Netflix if you haven’t , its very good as well.
  13. Jcarbor

    Dream of starting my own business achievable?

    A local council up here offers private consultancy, something I’ve always considered a bit open to suspicion.
  14. Jcarbor

    Telecom lines

    The other option that we often use is to do the work with a MEWP if access allows.
  15. Jcarbor

    Ingenious Mountaineering Gadget

    Looks like a great idea, but I don’t like the idea of trusting it, whats it like in wet or icy conditions? If it ever goes wrong then good by.


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