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  1. The farmwatch lads and lasses around here have been on about it, ive download it and I think its a great concept.
  2. Why not get a husky T535i Xp, my lads love it, no fumes no pulling a cord, just brake off and pull the throttle, a top handle to me will always be just a mechanical pruning saw for smallish branches. These electric saws have come on a lot in the last few years and they are cheap to run.
  3. Yep we always use apprentices or diploma students, contact your nearest agricultural/ horticultural college.
  4. Here’s some pics from the platform. That beck didn’t used to flow through that field. It’s even washed the mature trees away from where it joins the swale, they’ll be phoning us up to pull them out when they find them up against a bridge.[emoji23]
  5. Hi John We’ve been working for NYCC ( client) and also a construction company/ bridge contractor. It’s very weird really , the flood seemed to only effect the Cogden beck valley, but its gob smacking what damage it’s done. We’ve been felling large spruces ,sycamores to allow for pile driving machinery and road construction access, had Paul up there today and tomorrow with some of his kit. Hope alls good with you. Jc
  6. We use YI cameras, you need to have a Wi-fi connect with in range of the unit/s, they are very good and reasonably priced. They alert me of any movement and I can instantly view what’s going on on my property no matter where I am with a 3 or 4 g signal.
  7. Clearing a land slip at Grinton swaledale
  8. Jcarbor


    Most of our failed kit comes from climber daily inspections, it’s probably the most important part of keeping PPE in good working condition.
  9. If your pruning it be aware of the sap, it can be an irritant.
  10. Jcarbor


    I don’t see a problem with it, government bodies such as the police, fire service and HART teams loler their own kit as do we ( I’ve been on courses with them), if it’s knackered it goes in the bin, lolering kit should be done without fear or favour whether it belong to your company or another.
  11. I produce my own charcoal, the most cost effective way that I’ve found is by using old 47 litre scrap metal gas bottles, cut the tops off after carefully making sure it’s been vented of all gas. Fill the bottle to the top with dry wood pieces that’s a by product of log splitting ,spot weld the top back on and fill the gap with fire cement. I place 3 bottles in an ibc frame and burn waste pallets around them. Takes a few hours to produce great quality char with no uncooked at all. The bottles last forever because of the quality steel they’re made of.
  12. He’s right though, you couldn’t make it up a story like that, what on earth do those idiots at Natural England now about country sports and field craft? Pigeon models scaring off birds!! They also suggest you put out a life like scare crow and occasionally swap places with it. 🤣🤣
  13. That’s so so sad I feel for you all. We lost our 2 year old GSD Mac not long back from bloat, it happened so quick. We had trained him to do personal protection and he went everywhere with me. I cried like a baby for days as did my wife and kids. I’ve got a new boy now and it’s helped heal the hurt and loss. I’m feeling your hurt.


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