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  1. Bloody hell, that’s a sad set of events.
  2. This picture was taken when flying our drone in a thunderstorm, it’s not a great image but that said what is amazing about it is it shows the exact moment that a house in Haxby North Yorkshire was struck by lightning and destroyed by fire. Thankfully no one was hurt.
  3. We have a wood splitter 360 for sale it’s a 3 phase power pack version. £6,500 plus vat. It’s in very good condition and comes with a bagging chute extension. Jim 07880905861.
  4. Yep over 19 you’ve no chance to be honest[emoji23]
  5. Our well established Arb company is in need of a qualified climber. We are based in the Harrogate/ York area. A full driving license is a must. Please contact Jim on 07880905861.
  6. Does anyone else have problems with SatrakUK today? My tracked chipper is immobilised and can I get the shower of shit at SatrakUK to answer my desperate phone calls? Hell as like can !! I’m that pissed off with them I think I may drive over to their office.
  7. It did make me chuckle, I was also amazed that my reply to the post offering advice on getting together for a friendly beer vaporised into the ether also. [emoji173]️ to all fellow arborists.
  8. That post has been shortened dramatically.[emoji23]peace and love.
  9. Probably not, but it most possibly wasn’t peddled to them as a prime site with planning consent for a mobile trailer/ transit park. There was a bloke in our village who tried it on for years, alas he ended up in side for an unrelated fraud. These lot have a total and utter disregard for any laws or rules. Yes everyone should have a right to have a place called home, but the traveller community do not as a whole stay in one place, they are called travellers for an obvious reason ! Partaking in this way of life does have its benefits though, generally they are untraceable and so is your precious kit when the scum bags carry out their communities ancient right of taking whatever they want from you.Then whilst they’re at it trespassing on your farm land they do their utmost best to devoid it of wildlife with dogs (in particular their penchant for Hares) and make some illegal betting monies from it ( it’s worth a frigging fortune to them just like your tree kit is) We are over run by them at this time of year, on their way up to the thieves convention at Cumbria, it will be interesting to see if they carry out the age old traditions of doing whatever they wish and carry on regardless at Appleby? If they do I bet the spineless law enforcement agencies will be shit scared to do Owt, they’ll be too busy pulling over the Gorgio for either speeding or to see if their journey is absolutely necessary.They are a scourge to society. It’s stunts like this and leaving shit and rubbish on private and public open spaces that give them a bad name. Other than those few points I can’t say that I find them a problem at all.[emoji269][emoji237]( I cant find a caravan emoji, it’s probably been classified as racist.)
  10. Blimey it’s been years since I did my qtra training, you were bitching between each other then, nowt much has change in the intervening years then. May be it would be better if you all got together and had a few beers and a nice chat about it all, in reality it’s not really worth getting so wound up is it? There’s a lot more pressing issues to worry about in these trying times. Peace and love gentlemen.[emoji481][emoji173]️
  11. We recently went over to wharfedale to do some river clearance work, the dale is been decimated by ash die back, I would say at least 60 % of them have got it and showing sign of developing it. Come back over in to Nidderdale and there’s very few trees with it.
  12. How about my little set up, lift the rounds onto the table with the grab and slide the wood on to the splitter running off the loadall front service, if it doesn’t split it will cut through the timber. I also have a 3 phase splitta wood processing unit for the smaller rounds, it fills a bulk bag it 4 minutes.
  13. Jcarbor


    My thoughts exactly, I believe this virus will eventually lead on to much bigger and more dangerous situations, the Chinese with its ever expanding population will be pushed into some sort of offensive/ defensive stance by the American idiot.
  14. Jcarbor


    Typical comment of a very salty communist loser, will they ever get over the worst labour defeat in history? I’m so glad we ain’t got comrade Corbin in charge of the country at this time, we’d have the Chinese military assisting us with control of the lock down.[emoji379]
  15. If it’s lower than 20% then it’s good to burn.


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