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  1. Thanks for this will give this a go. It did run out of fuel before this all happened. We topped it up and it started fine on restart... It was only after we turned it off with a key it started playing up.
  2. Yeah that's exactly how it works by the looks of it but how do you know the rack isn't stuck closed.
  3. Will definitely give that a go. Looking at my photo are we sure the rack inside fuel pump isn't jammed closed? Just concerned that since taking this solenoid out I can't really see what it would push in because the rack looks further in than the pin on solenoid will push ?
  4. The filter doesn't fill until ignition is switched on and then after you turn off ignition it seems to go back into fuel tank.
  5. Yep makes no difference... but that solenoid I think is broken. When removed the plunger does not move when the ignition is on, but furthermore - what ever that plunger touches does not seem to spring back when removed. I attach this photo again, does this look right?
  6. We did this and fuel comes out but air remains inside or at least it doesn't appear to be filling up with fuel completely. Yes it certainly seems like this is the case. We've popped the lines off and blew back to the fuel tank, do you think its worth taking the pipe of the metal filter and blowing upwards to the injectors? If we take the bleed screw off the fuel pump (Mechanical One) then fuel will continually keep being dragged up from the little fuel lift pump.
  7. Is the fuel pump electric or mechanical on these? Does the temp switch cut off work via the solenoid that I have removed?
  8. I've taken the nuts off Injectors 1 and 4 and cranked for a good 30/40 seconds. Having never done anything like this before I am not sure what the norm is to bleed air out of the system but just recalling the issue from the start, the issue began when the engine had been running for a good few hours. It was only when they turned it off and restarted it the problem first appeared. It did eventually start when warm and then today it would not start at all. The pre-filter (inline) does have fuel inside it although not full.
  9. Guys I think its something to do with this fuel pump. The fuel comes out at bleed screw but not at injectors. I've took photo of the pump without the solenoid on does this look right
  10. Thanks guys, Will give this a go. Is this a normal problem? Will I need to crank off injectors to bleed them given its been stuck closed for such a long period of time.
  11. Might be making progress here.. I removed the stop solenoid. Unless I push the plunger in while ignition is on- it will not go in itself. Is it supposed to pull in by itself? When it pulls in - it seems to hold until it starts cranking when it then releases it.
  12. Hi Guys, Just to update you all. Fuel Filter (In Line) one is fitted correctly. It is however only half full of fuel. Photo attached. I have removed it, blown into it and the fuel tank starts filling up with air and then fuel comes shooting out it again. Further along - the main fuel filter looks old and will change that but is full of fuel. I removed the bleed screw from the fuel pump and fuel was coming out of here with pressure so that looked in order. Unsure what has gone on in the past but someone has removed these cables from the wiring loom, looks to have at one point had a bullet connector fitted and either its come off or someone's removed it. ECU is solid green - no flashing or red lights. Air Filter - Looks brand new. Glow Plug Light - It was a mistake on my part- the light does go out after about 10/15 seconds. This morning it will not even start from cold. Not even the slightest sight of it starting, just turning over. Any help would be welcome.
  13. Really appreciate all the helpful and informative replies. Will start by checking filters in morning, then move to turning flywheel and seeing what compression is like.
  14. Yeah you can hear the fuel pump humming. Will give the power check to glow plugs a try. Wasn't sure if it could be a dogee fuel filter and note there is two on this unit. The inline one and the bowl type.


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