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  1. Why those particular areas?
  2. So, I’m still digging. A new address that I’ve found - and widely available online - links them to a house in east London where an online “tree service“ is based. This is all stemming from the mobile number search I did online. The property in question shows no indication of being the base of a legitimate arborist business. A look on street view shows a lovely little family reunion in the front garden. Above the door is a horseshoe, which I believe is a gypsy symbol. The owners of this property share the second name of my perp, and have the same business name. A 192 search shows that the name on this particular business matches the name listed at the address. Now then, this may be nothing but coincidence but, my gut is telling me they’re linked, otherwise why would a phone number search throw up images of this particular business website. I believe the photo’s digital data is related to this house and “business” i.e. the photos may well have been taken using my perp’s phone. Despite this, I’m probably just pi33ing into the wind.
  3. The thought did occur to me but, I’m beyond caring. I have to explore all avenues. I’d be surprised if they actually knew what an arborist is 😂 All jokes aside. If they don’t know by now that I’m looking for them - after all the messages and calls - then they are idiots. So if they are following... hello idiots
  4. That’s a very good question. One I do not have an answer for. All I know with 100% certainty is that they’ve done a couple of jobs here in Chepstow. The location I have for Taunton may well be a smoke screen.
  5. They’ve put a hole in my garage roof, either by dropping something heavy or putting a foot through. The age of the roof means it would need a complete overhaul.
  6. My neighbour said his name might be Chris, and another called Matt? He was given the card from another neighbour. Ive actually spoken to the guy on the phone. He gave me his name as Chris Price at the given location. Initially, when I discovered the damage, my neighbour called him and threatened him with police action. I then immediately received a call from them saying they would sort it, as they didn’t want to damage their reputations. The work was done in Chepstow, South Wales. My neighbour did no scouting around, did not get an official quote, no proof of insurance, paid in cash and did not get receipt. (PIKEY! I hear you scream). I potentially have a case based on negligence against my neighbour but I’ll have wait out on that one. I like my neighbours and do not wish to add to their woes.
  7. I agree with this entirely. I guess the real question is do I roll over and forget about this or, do I put a little bit of time and effort into asking the question. But you’re right. These people are allowed to operate with complete impunity within society. The futility of the situation is not lost on me. However, it doesn’t hurt to push back every now and then (no innuendo intended).
  8. I know they have no intention of paying, that much is clear to me. The police/legal advisors have said that without an address, they cannot do anything. So I would like to know what exactly they would do WITH and address. Most likely nothing but, there are at least legal avenues to pursue with a location. At this point I have no expectations. I’ll sleep better knowing I tried to do something.
  9. The thought has crossed my mind. And a solicitor even suggested that I call from a different number and take their vehicle details etc (minus the tactical armed ambush :D) I have accepted that I’m unlikely to get any money from them but, until I know 100% that I won’t find them, I’ll keep having a browse; it’s no skin off of my nose. I’m still intrigued by the google image search I referred to it in an earlier comment. Now, they could well be gypsies, or... they could just be idiots. I know you folks have had far more experience with these issues than I have, so I certainly won’t ignore your comments. Like I said though, I’m happy to keep plugging away and see where it leads.
  10. I agree to a some extent. Although I believe anyone is traceable in this era. However, given my lack of time and resources, the person to find them may not be me. I have a phone number for now, and I have spoken to them a few times, so for now, there’s a slight chance. I’ll take that.
  11. Part of me actually wants to say yes but, I can’t say for certain; I’ll ask the neighbour. He likes to take pictures on his mobile, perhaps he may have snapped something on the day. They had a flatbed/tipper and wood chipper. That’s all I know for certain. I appreciate the detective work. It’s actually consumed a large portion of the last week. I should really be looking after the kids and studying!
  12. Agreed. This has crossed my mind
  13. Thanks for your words. To be honest, I’m enjoying the chase, whether I find them or not. However, I’m owed to opportunity to make my case against these people whether they care or not. An address will afford me that opportunity. Both the police and legal advisors have stated that without an address, nothing will happen. So the hunt will continue 😂 Regards Phil
  14. Thanks for this. I’ll look into this. I did run a 192 search before but wasn’t able to get any additional info as you have. This person you’ve found is at a slightly different postcode but, close nonetheless. I really appreciate your efforts Phil
  15. Yeah, they’ve left a good 10ft of trunk. Good idea, I’ll ask about. Regards Phil


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