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  1. Found a damn good guy based near Wymondham, Norfolk; Matt Watkins 07766055875 [email protected] Does repairs, LOLER
  2. Hi Guys, Anyone recommend a MEWP Engineer, got a CTE 20z that pops up problems from time to time
  3. All fair points... Guess, well not just a guess really, the whole job is a team effort and I have overall responsibility, certainly can't just rely on trust, and should've just doubled checked it's how I wanted that part done, and all are clear what is required for the desired outcome. It's easy to think that if it were me, as the cutter, I'd want to apologise and make things right. Told the client straight away and went to see a Stone Mason.
  4. So, I use a subcontractor his standard is very good, and I've put him though pretty much all of his tickets, he also gets his own work - not a problem. I trust him to do a good job and leave him to it. As with most Arbs they don't like being questioned. All fair enough. The question I have is about a broken gravestone, in my opinion it's the guy who does the cutting that is generally responsible for his actions? It gets slightly more complicated as the guy doing the lowering, is a young lad. I had previously lowered another using a 3:1 system and raising the branch maintaining control, used the lad to be eyes as it wasn't that easy to see Arb cutting etc. Looking at the broken gravestone (1896!) Arb took 3:1 system out, expected lad to drop it at the right time, doing his own thing, I was chipping some stuff as I don't want to be constantly questioning what said Arb, or other competent Arbs do. Who is liable? I do have insurances, his opinion (and no apology) is that it's my business I have to take it on the chin. Over to the floor
  5. I just wanted to add to this....I think that at the heart of the problem was the.....Alternator! The further issues we had were; battery draining very quickly and not charging, lights remaining on - fuel level etc when engine was running, flashing beacons totally cut the system dead. The hydraulic controls need power, when the alternator fails or is failing it "steals" from other systems. What I have learnt is; CTE charge a fk load for spares (about 400% mark-up), it may not just be hydraulics that are the problem, but a symptom, having a good mechanic about is key and cherry pickers are great.
  6. So bought one, ended up being £400, and appeared to have been opened and had fitting marks. Went to the hydraulic manufacturer, part number 105 003 20206 (or 105 003 20206 for slightly bigger) and have bought another £225 delivered. To help those in the future; CTE price for valves £378 + VAT, VHS Hydraulic Components 01142764430, £78 + VAT CTE hydraulic pump, £400.73 delivered, OMFB Hydraulic Components via CVH 01773511521, £225.60 delivered
  7. True, but their valves are £378+VAT whereas if you go to the manufacturer they are £79 for exactly the same thing...
  8. Howdy, Anybody know what hydraulic pump a CTE z20e cherry picker has? Quote from CTE is £300 + VAT + delivery & as CTE tend to charge a fortune for parts, wanted to know options
  9. If you're going to advertise, why not add a price! Grrrr
  10. Nelson, is a nice place. I worked for Treescape, but then got bored of the big company bull. You can pretty much go anywhere and go through the phone book, won't take long to get a job. If Chris still has Tree Tech, I think, he was OK, also Tree Fellas are an interesting bunch, Nick of NZ Tree Climbers, but this was a while ago.....Is slow paced right enough, and they don't do sausages at all well Sent from my ONE A2003 using Arbtalk mobile app
  11. Hi, the reason that the Certified Arborist is a level 2 will be mostly due to it being a multiple choice exam, is not really to do with the level of knowledge. You can take the exam whenever you like if you book in for a Computer Based Test. Pearson Vue I think the company venues are but book through ISA HQ for the moment. Locations are widespread. The exam questions are drawn from the Arborists' Certification Study Guide ISBN 978-1-881956-69-3 and other general literature. Hopefully sit down paper exams will return in the near future, if there's an update, it will be posted.
  12. I'm not sure how many schemes there are out there, we generally know of Arb Ass's Approved Contractors, CHAS, ROLO, CSCS....I'm fortunate enough to have a local hospital as a client, they, in their wisdom have decided to go, making it mandatory, with a new lot, RESET Certification Scheme. This latest bunch of schemers want to charge the contractors an; application fee, annual subscription fee and individual card monthly fee, which; "No other card or system is compatible with Reset or Reset Access, only Reset cards" I've now emailed them twice to ask with qualifications they expect me, and those with me, to have when on site. Guess what, no reply. If, whatever you think of, our industry specific schemes, are blasted out into the wilderness, what is the point of joining (and committing financially)??? Actually not confused, just down right grumpy....a bit more than usual


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