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  1. If you're going to advertise, why not add a price! Grrrr
  2. Nelson, is a nice place. I worked for Treescape, but then got bored of the big company bull. You can pretty much go anywhere and go through the phone book, won't take long to get a job. If Chris still has Tree Tech, I think, he was OK, also Tree Fellas are an interesting bunch, Nick of NZ Tree Climbers, but this was a while ago.....Is slow paced right enough, and they don't do sausages at all well Sent from my ONE A2003 using Arbtalk mobile app
  3. Hi, the reason that the Certified Arborist is a level 2 will be mostly due to it being a multiple choice exam, is not really to do with the level of knowledge. You can take the exam whenever you like if you book in for a Computer Based Test. Pearson Vue I think the company venues are but book through ISA HQ for the moment. Locations are widespread. The exam questions are drawn from the Arborists' Certification Study Guide ISBN 978-1-881956-69-3 and other general literature. Hopefully sit down paper exams will return in the near future, if there's an update, it will be posted.
  4. I'm not sure how many schemes there are out there, we generally know of Arb Ass's Approved Contractors, CHAS, ROLO, CSCS....I'm fortunate enough to have a local hospital as a client, they, in their wisdom have decided to go, making it mandatory, with a new lot, RESET Certification Scheme. This latest bunch of schemers want to charge the contractors an; application fee, annual subscription fee and individual card monthly fee, which; "No other card or system is compatible with Reset or Reset Access, only Reset cards" I've now emailed them twice to ask with qualifications they expect me, and those with me, to have when on site. Guess what, no reply. If, whatever you think of, our industry specific schemes, are blasted out into the wilderness, what is the point of joining (and committing financially)??? Actually not confused, just down right grumpy....a bit more than usual
  5. I do wonder about a trade organisation that advertises a conference, and doesn't give a cost. Anyone know what it is?
  6. Usually! We I have had enough practice, lol. Many thanks for your response I will check him, it'll go to a auto-electricians I think.
  7. Started worked for a bit, and then died. It is as if the stop button is engaged - which it isn't. In position 1 & 3 nothing, 2 will stop glow plug light on. Power to key switch, starter does click in, but won't turn. Guessing the engine is electrically killed as opposed to mechanical. Found two fuses, both ok...........
  8. Would anyone have, or know where to get a wiring diagram for the GBT 367 Wood Chipper? Effin thing conked out,and checked the usual things, going to delve deeper....head first
  9. I quite liked Mike, always had time for him. Never looked for the limelight, but always worked in the background furthering arboriculture. Should've made more of an effort to go and see him, with some people you always expect them to be about. His decisions, industry input, and legacies live on.
  10. Thanks guys, I am still abit sceptical, although does appear to be casuing a white rot. Must admit it is what I thought at first but, you read some stuff and then question it. Anyway will be good to document, tree doesn't need to come down for a while. Thanks again
  11. Really? No top, or bottom to it though, but it is fresh out, between live and dead boundary. The main reason I ask is that I wondered what Daldinia looks like young. Anyone for a second opinion?
  12. Saw this on a beech last week, and not a 100% certain what it is, any suggestions?
  13. Mmmm think it is a bit more complicated than that, all that follows is opinion, and I am happy to be corrected on points.... No Lantra update as yet unless I have missed it. Problem has all started with defination of "independent" assessment. This no longer means 3rd party without a vested interest. It now means separate from the training. So as long as the trainee is being told that he is being assessed, that is separate from the training, even though it is the same person assessing him. OK it would appear Lantra & NPTC (or City and Guilds) are offering the same products, however, a current Lantra Trainer will have to do a "how to assess" course, cost £300+VAT even if he is a current NPTC Assessor. Ergo a current NPTC Assessor will have to do a 2 day "how to train and how to use a "Digi-pen"" course £300 + VAT for course and £300+VAT for pen (which actually increases the paperwork, but we won't go there!) The pen thing, is a joy to behold, not. The only people to have a foot in both camps, are the Verifiers, most Trainers & Assessors who are both are likely to choose 1, or spend twice? Also NPTC can't offer the insurance for the training element, so this has to be separate, and can't actually offer the training although sweeteners by Husky including vouchers for sucessful candidates, instruction manuals etc are part of the deal. Why because the industry tells us via the NOS (National Occupational Standards) set by the Trees & Timber Group (??) that this is what we want Ads & Disads, well chainsaw units will no longer be denoted by CS, possibly cheaper courses, trainees are hand-held until they become "competent" candidates, confusion of what qualifications mean what to employers/insurance industry/public & clients


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