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  1. Yeah no what you mean about the knee, especially if you start doing the dark arts of heel hooks and leg locks lol When I meant safer I meant you can spar hard and not get brain damage lol, Iv had 2 MMA fights so I know the striking game too
  2. I think learning a new skill can massively help with stress. I used to be involved in martial arts as a kid, kick boxing etc. Two years ago I picked the Kboxing back up but also started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I love it, its so complex and difficult but fun at the same time and amazing for you fitness and core strength which helps in this industry. Going sparring after a stressfull week is great too as its grappling so your not risking CTE etc, plus no black eyes lol
  3. Hi All, Just wondered what the going rate is for root pruning, currently filling out a big tender and just wondered what the average rate was. I have never done root pruning and I am sure the client never will have it done either. It is for a housing association, I have got loads of HA's on my books and never once has anyone bothered with root pruning, but still need to come up with a cost. Your help on the matter gentlemen, is as always, extremely helpful and appreciated
  4. Hi All, We have just finished a site clearance job in redhill and need to get rid of roughly an artic load of ash, sycamore and some goat willow. Diameters between 8-18inchs and various lengths Need it gone asap Please contact me to let me know Many thanks
  5. Hi Guys, Anyone got any experience or heard about this firm? They seem huge, asked us to do some subby work for them, but I have never even heard of them. They appear to be a global company like balfour beatty etc but just seems odd I have never even seen them around, very generic website, but they appear to float on the stock market. As always your insite and knowledge would be of great use. Many thanks Arboriculture and Forestry WWW.WSP.COM In the congested built environment, the arboriculture team find space for trees, optimising retention and protection, whilst recognising that tree removal can sometimes be the best...
  6. Yeah, I thought as much, not planning on actually doing this, just curious on your thoughts. Would be nice wouldnt it ay lol Im a bit of a rigging geek and really enjoy coming up with a plan for rigging stuff down to make the guys on the grounds job as easy as possible. Any hoo, but of fun have a good night gents, reckon there will be some trees down in the morning
  7. Hi Guys, So here's a question I havn't seen on here but was curious to ask. I have a friend in the states who is a contract climber but specialises in Big dismantles. He has he own extensive rigging and climbing kit and four saws and turns up and gets the job done. He doesnt bother or get asked to do reductions etc as his reputation is for dismantles. Now here is my question...... do you think this could be pulled off in the UK? I have to admit, I really am a big dismantle guy at heart and they are the only things that interest me, I am just not interested in reductions etc. What you reckon? Just a fun question, no crazy bee in bonnet answers
  8. Hi All tree people everywhere, Really struggling with a tender question at the moment. This particular council is asking how we intend to be Glyphosate/chemical free by 2021? That includes eco plugs obviously! They are asking for options and how we intend to phase the use out over the next two years and what we will be replacing it with. Obviously there will be times when stump grinding will be an option but there will be many times when this wont be an option and I am really racking my brains but cant come up with anything that will replace the use of eco plugs/glyphosate. Your wisdom on this matter will as always be very much appreciated and welcome
  9. Southern Land Services Ltd Now recruiting-Arborist climbers and second climber/groundsman position Position would suit college leaver Requirement- Cs30/31, 38, 39 Full clean driving license Would suit college leaver Based out of Lewes, East Sussex Good Rates of pay based on experience Please contact 07824534733/01825 840 914
  10. Hello all, Quoted to reduce some lime trees that where blocking road signage and lamp posts on an estate and needed doing asap as TFL where kicking up a stink with our housing client. When my guys came to do them, two of them where in pretty much full leaf and looking very healthy but one still isn't out and the buds haven't even hinted about coming into leaf yet, I am pretty sure its on its way out. Possibly due to root compaction (both sides of the trees are tarmac'd), but why would this one not make it and the other two look really healthy? There is no visible decay or fungi at the base either. Your thoughts would be appreciated Cheers
  11. Hi guys, Just wanted to ask a bit of advice regarding utility arb. Im based in Sussex and just wondered who you could sub contract to etc in that area? Just looking to expand the business a bit but I haven’t done a lot of line clearance but thought it would be a good avenue to go down to get another team on the road. Obviously don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes work wise, but their seems to be a fair bit of work out there for it. cheers
  12. All sorted and done now mate, took along time to flail a whole field lol Unfortunately couldnt get any tractors up into the area. 5 acres is alot to do 900mm at a time
  13. Hi All, I'm in need of a flail to hire for a couple of weeks to put on a 6t excavator. Does anyone know of a firm in Kent that does them? Its for clearing a lot of willow re-gen and brambles. Willow re-gen in upto 3-4 inch diameter, Has to be excavator mounted as the bank is to steep for the a bobcat style machine Your help would be very much appreciated as I need to get the cost in ASAP Cheers guys


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