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  1. Harvey2018

    Flail hire for excavator

    All sorted and done now mate, took along time to flail a whole field lol Unfortunately couldnt get any tractors up into the area. 5 acres is alot to do 900mm at a time
  2. Hi All, I'm in need of a flail to hire for a couple of weeks to put on a 6t excavator. Does anyone know of a firm in Kent that does them? Its for clearing a lot of willow re-gen and brambles. Willow re-gen in upto 3-4 inch diameter, Has to be excavator mounted as the bank is to steep for the a bobcat style machine Your help would be very much appreciated as I need to get the cost in ASAP Cheers guys
  3. Harvey2018

    Switzerland, anyone worked there?

    @Wolfthanks for the info, I will pm you know cheers
  4. Harvey2018

    Switzerland, anyone worked there?

    Hi Guys, thanks for the info, I’m going over there in the summer for a couple of weeks so hoping to chat to a few tree guys out there. Aparently anyone from the Europe can work there for upto 3months without needing a visa. And it shouldn’t be that hard as far as work visas go. Im hoping to be out there in a year, when I was out there last year it did seem like central London prices but the average wage out there for an Arb guy is very high. If anyone else has any info or experiences working out there I would love to hear them. What the work is like etc. all the best
  5. Hi All, hope everyone had a good Christmas. After being unable to move to the USA to work there my second choice has always been Switzerland as my favourite country. Has anyone ever moved there and lived there for Arb climbing work? What’s the quality of pay vs rent etc and good areas to live. Iv spent a lot of time around Bern and the lakes and villages around there and fell in love with it. The pay seems to be pretty good from what I can see, living costs are high though. Mad always, another mans wisdom on subjects are always appropriated. many thanks


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