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  1. Sounds real similar to what is going on in my life mate! Definite food for thought, thanks! Maybe I can try and save some cash first before I start. Any regrets?
  2. One says go for it and the other is worried I'm over the hill... think I'll do a distance learning course anyway as I want to learn
  3. Thanks guys, all stuff to think about - especially your working week Mick... i am currently a designer - been doing it for 11 years but always wanted to do more than one career and want to be working outside but using my head at the same time. Love being outdoors and in nature. Also my brothers both do it - worked with them briefly before and loved it! didn't know if 35 is going to be too hard for my frail old bod to recover or if it'll be fine as I haven't been doing it for 15 years already
  4. Hi all, was just wondering what you experienced guys thought, but I am 35 and thinking of a career change and training/starting as a tree surgeon. Do you think it is possible to start at this age? appreciate your advice!
  5. Thanks guys, this is really helping me form a decision. I think i will do the HCC ABC level 2 certificate over the next year, so i have some theory before i start, and will do L4+ later down the line if/when I decide to move off the tools. Cannot wait to get cracking now!
  6. Thanks again all for your opinions and experience. Stoatally, I checked and you are right - they have a level 2 course that IS ABC certified, I am beginning to think this is the way to go. Would anyone hire a level 3 over level 2 qualified person just based on their qualifications, or at that level do you think it does not make much difference - only level 4, level 6, Bsc etc stand out? Cheers all
  7. Thanks for the responses guys. Looked into the Treelife correspondence course and they do a level 4, but it started in March, so I am too late to get on board this year which is annoying, as it does seem best - I could potentially get a Diploma out of it. Good to know that the HCC level 2 course is recognised. I want to learn the theory for my own knowledge more than anything, but i figure I might as well get a good certificate and be more employable too. Not sure if you guys have experience, but would it sway your decision to hire someone with a level 2 or would a level 3 be much more valuable in your opinion?
  8. I am 33 and worked a couple of weeks on occasion as a groundie and loved it, so decided to plan for a career change and move into tree surgery when my contract runs out in my current office job next May. My current plan is to save money this year, and do an intensive course to get most of my major tickets immediately after i finish this job. I know tickets are nothing compared to experience, but that will come with time, and i see this as the quickest and cheapest way to get started. During this next year I would like to learn Arboriculture theory, and do a distance course. I have looked on here, and searched the net and am fairly confused ball the different courses and if they are as valid as each other, so i was wondering if anyone with experience can let me know their thoughts. I want to do a level 3 course really, but the only distance courses i can find are level 2. other wise there is a Diploma, but it doesn't seem to be recognised by C&G, NPTC etc - is it worth the same? would i still be just as employable if the certificate was not C&G? The courses i am looking at are both from the Horticultural Correspondence College - is it any good? Course 1: HCC ABC level 2 certificate in arboriculture or Course 2: HCC Diploma in Arboriculture Thanks for looking at this - would anyone who has any advice please hit me up!


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