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  1. anyone still alive after working mon/tue?
  2. hilux 4x4 ,best thing i have bought carrys a decent mount (1.3t) which is way more than a transit(legally) and it goes everywhere ,not as much room obviously so depends what you do and where you tip etc but i highy recommend.also it tows 3.5 which is great
  3. yes absolutely ,we come under horticulture which is exempt i believe?
  4. thank you ,i'll definetly look into it as it looks like it would be better than regular fuel for both us and the environment
  5. have you had any trouble with your saws or do they run well with aspen? ive heard mixed reviews ,thanks
  6. tree work flat rate definetly (saved me 15k in four years)but for fencing normal vat as you can claim back the vat on all the materials so you would be better off that way
  7. hi mark i recently bought a microbull off dave alviti with the klou log grab, grapple bucket and towbar attachment and these have all had a good use ,its probably the narrowest out there and with tracks spreads the weight out more and is far more stable than the wheeled versions on skinny wheels,the service is always fantastic and they are open to suggestions and making stuff for you etc , it is also availble to hire from them and if you buy it they refund you the hire price , good luck with whatever machine you choose ,you wont regret it
  8. 881 all day , ive got both and the 881 is much better ,highly recommend
  9. looking for a full time groundsman in the high wycombe area mon-fri 7-5 pay will depend on expereience.
  10. schliesing mx175 hands down the best sub 750kg chipper ive ever used,had mine 4 1/2 years from new and its been brilliant,german made so its built to last ,overland in tadley are the dealers
  11. I've been asked to either prune or remove a tree of heaven but the neighbour came out and said you need a license to work on these trees as it's on the "alien invasion species list" which I've checked and it is , does anyone have any knowledge on this ? Many thanks Andy
  12. Door retaining catch on john Adams supplies
  13. hi there does anyone know of or use a company thatwould come to site and collect large lumps of timber suitable for funiture etc? how much do they pay for oak say 6ft long and 3ft round? in bucks area many thanks Andy
  14. hi there dos anyone know of any companies that collect woodchip by the lorry load for the power stations? do they pay you for it? based in bucks many thanks Andy


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