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  1. Leaf disease on Tulip Tree?

    Any ideas... Juvenile tulip tree exhibiting yellow leaves and brown spots. It has been well watered this season and sprayed with washing up liquid at first signs of yellowing - 2 months ago. Any ideas on ill-health and possible treatment? It seems to do this every year.
  2. Wanted: Predator 460 or similar

    Would also consider a second-hand HB20 or something very similar...
  3. Safe bloc users

    I'm sure Sherriltree do a loopie and a whoopie splice
  4. Wanted: Predator 460 or similar

    I'm not a big guy so I need all the help I can get i.e. turntable/self propelled etc. Thanks for the heads up though.
  5. Reminder to check your zigzag

    How do you check what Mk it is?
  6. Hi Looking for a solid second hand self propelled turntable grinder - 460 or similar. Putting the word out now as I'm hoping to find one by August/early September. Cheers
  7. Inonotus hispidus?

    Many thanks
  8. Inonotus hispidus?

    As above? Found an an ash, very dried so not 100% sure. Cheers
  9. If this is the future im jackin it in...

    What battery pack saw setup (climbing saw) do you use? I'm trying to find a harness mountable battery and connecting cable for use with T536Li XP... Stihl seem to do a battery belt kit to reduce the hand weight of the saw.
  10. If this is the future im jackin it in...

    I'm in
  11. Small dia. chainsaw logging frame???

    You're probably right there. Anyone seen these for sale on mainland Europe - possibly Italy?
  12. Small dia. chainsaw logging frame???

    That's getting there. This one looks simple. Still don't know how to find one on the net. [ame] [/ame]
  13. Right Looking for something like this - any ideas? What is it called? Where can I buy one? (Haven't got time or equipment to build one). Ideally it would dismantle/flat pack - aluminium tubing etc. Cheers ps if you have used a small chipper you will know why one is needed!
  14. Pick Up tippers with original buck / tub

    I want one too. Not sure who converted this one or even in which country..
  15. Pick Up tippers with original buck / tub

    [ame] [/ame] ?


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