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  1. Hi Just wanting to hear from any arborists/firms working/employing in Scandinavia this winter. Any tips or job opportunities really appreciated. I'm based in France and miss the snow (not constant sideways 2°C Scottish sleet). I'll be in Stockholm for new year and would like to stay on for a bit - freelancing etc. +12 years arb experience in 4 countries. Cheers Finn
  2. Mind it needs a different sprocket. I like this bar and chain on the 2511 so thought I'd try on the husky
  3. Holes looked pretty smashed up - looks like a 12—sided imperial allen has been used in the past 🤔. Failing that, my local garage can have a crack with their welder..
  4. Anyone know what the hex size is for these bolts? Order sheet said Lopro 1 3/4" (GM-LP-134). Guess they are American not metric? Also any useful tips on replacing pockets would be useful. Cheers
  5. Cheers all, weighed it up and going to give it a miss. Cons outweigh the pros
  6. Tree fallen through old garage roof. Is this asbestos? Walk away from the job? It's going to break up further during tree removal so perhaps not worth quoting for. Thoughts..
  7. Any one know what size and length the kask euro adapter (for headphones) screw size are? Need one (a few) in a hurry in France...
  8. pretty sure that's what I had in Jan 2017, when I saw the result of the presidential election in the US
  9. Cool, hoping they die now that wood is stickered and stacked. Noticed a few live ones. Rather not use chemicals if poss


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