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  1. Disappointingly illiterate observation there. Sounds like a really decent plan Pascal and Maurice - good luck!
  2. Hi Small 7 tonne electric hydraulic splitter has just started shuddering and losing power. Oil looked a bit bubbly so changed it. But not sure how to bleed the system? Any ideas?? There is an oil fill hole, a wing-nut "air valve" and a flat head screw that might be used for adjustment..
  3. In the past month both a 261 and 660 blew their sparkplug out - kindly threading the hole. I've got a piston kit going in the 660 and trying a helicoil in the smaller saw. It's mildly annoying and costs a bit, so wondered how to reduce the chances of this happening again? As the cheap sparkplug is always going to win against the softer metal of the expensive engine.
  4. With the more and more common addition of ethanol E10/E5 in petrol, what is the best fuel to use for 2-stoke mixes? 95, 95-E10 or 98? I haven't really had any obvious fuel related problems in the past 12 years but don't mind channing to 98 if that's recommended. I've been trying alkylate premixes in the small Echo 2511t and Eder 1800 winch from new - so far so good. Any thoughts?
  5. Plant willow and harvest as a coppiced crop for biomass. Anecdotally you should be profitable in 6 years.
  6. Being a Calabrian design - it's perhaps not designed for chopping up wood...
  7. Spud @spudulike was right! Tiny piece of bark trapped behind LA screw on carb of 150 was causing it to rev high on idle!! Tiny blast with air line and its perfect again
  8. Just wondered what accounts app people are using? Basically something to create customer files, track mileage, send and track invoices, snap receipts, calculate VAT etc. The 2 that seem to come up first are Quickbooks and Freshbooks. Freshbooks claims to be better for service based businesses. Basically I am looking for an app that will get rid of paper and: easily crate new customer file, allow quotes to be written and sent on site, track jobs until payment, record expenses and allow easy quarterly and end of year tax calculations to be made. Any one found a really good, simple and functional one for small tree surgery companies?
  9. As above. Saw starts fine but will only run at high revs from the start (without touching throttle). Any ideas what is wrong and how to fix?
  10. Just got a 550 XPG II. Haven't used a 550 for 3 years. Is the gap between the clutch cover and main body normal? Photos show with and without Sugi bar. Gap just doesn't look quite right. Also, what's the current advice for running a new auto-tune in?
  11. Off topic slightly, but interestingly surgeon in french is chirurgien. Good luck on your job hunt


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