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  1. Hi Matty, I have recently bought an Oregon 520-230 bench grinder, and it seems pretty good. However when I grind cross cut chains it seems like the gullet doesn't go far enough in! I have checked settings and angles and feel like they're right for the chain, but the cut speed is slow, with not much pull into the timber. We are talking about cross cut here, but I've a bunch of ripping chains to sharpen, and want to get it right. Thanks for any advice you might have. D
  2. Cheers guys, just as I thought then. Maybe I'll go for the type A's with the zippers. Thanks
  3. Hey guys n gals, I'm in the market for a new pair of cutting trousers. Type C. I've had Pfanner ventilations for a while and like them, but they do get hot! Do they make a vent trouser with type C protection? I don't see them, but might be missing something. Thanks
  4. tre


    Hi Woody, Which did you go for in the end? I do some climbing and groundie work, and I'm almost never in the forest! Not with a chainsaw anyway. I've been using the Arborist type, but they're getting pretty tatty, so need to get a new pair. Was looking at the Gladiator, thinking they might have better ventilation for the summer. But then I read that they are really better suited to forestry. Do they have different fabric? Thanks
  5. Occasionally the 11kv cables WILL have insulation, eg, where the power line passes over a phone line. I have to say though even then, I'd be avoiding getting anywhere near them with any kit, even fibreglass poles. That electric stuff'll kill ya!
  6. tre


    We all know that the best 6 inch chipper is an 8 inch chipper!
  7. I've had a Sony Xperia z1 for 18 months. Waterproof with a great camera and all the stuff you could need. I use a Labato leather flip case. It covers the screen and has a couple if card slots to keep business cards handy. I prefer having a phone that's waterproof rather than going for an outer cover. But that's just me! I've heard good things of the Otter box brand.
  8. I think my 260 has the same problem. Replaced the cap and still getting a leak. Saw is similarly aged, so may well be the perishing pipes! Sent from my Xperia
  9. tre

    Trailer lock

    We use a big yellow hitch lock. I think it's a Stronghold SH5412. It has a box affair over the top other handle and a big solid bar with a multiple lever lock that slots in the end to lock it. Cost about 80 quid, but it's pretty robust. Having said that, if the scum come prepared, there's little that'll stop 'em. Sent from my Xperia
  10. Pm'd you :-) Sent from my Xperia
  11. Hi Tom We have a whole heap of arb waste to be chipped. Will the bandit fit on an iw 10ft x 5ft trailer? What is the chip like (suitable for biomass)? Cheers Sent from my Xperia
  12. Best bet is to get some 6mm steel angle 40mm each side. Weld it on to the floor at 300mm or 400mm centres, parallel to the sides, so that the load will slide down them and not really touch the floor. Weld it both sides every 300mm. Cut the ends at the back door so that they are 45 degrees and fill in the ends, just to make it pretty! Easy fix of the problem and also stops the floor bellying out. Sent from my E6653 using Arbtalk mobile app
  13. F.R.Jones will supply them for about 50p. Postage might take it close to a tenner though! Sent from my E6653 using Arbtalk mobile app
  14. Looking for a supply of chain oil. We are generally using 25l drums of synthetic. But would be interested in the possibilities of getting a barrel to save money. Is the offer for Arbtalk Members still up and running? Cheers


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