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  1. looking for weekend work in the oxford area (potentially also Wednesday and Friday) I have cs30 ticket and have a lot of experience running saws in a sawmill setup I also have own ppe and saws if needed I am hard working and will always show up on time and looking to build experience up Ben scott
  2. Hi weedee I do milling in Armagh when I am back seeing family… can’t guarantee anything about when I will be back up but if you can’t find anyone I may be of assistance at some point in the future…
  3. Makes sense You may be more likely to get an awnser form a Charnwood owner on ukworkshop forum
  4. if space is limited is a sliding table a good idea? Charnwood mention a minimum floor are of 2500mmx3100mm as a training furniture maker with limited space i manged to find an imported Harvey hw110lge-30 which has been a really solid saw there now sold by Axminister for way more than i payed for it! they also sell a smaller one that is closer to your price range. they have sling tables and other accessory's which might suit but as you say there on backorder so no good for you I've also had some good experace with the sip ones but they seem to be on backorder till mid may... everything I've said you probably already know but now you know my opinion... or should i say onion Axminster Trade AT254TS Table Saw Workstation | Axminster Tools WWW.AXMINSTERTOOLS.COM This is a smart 254mm blade table saw with a very high build quality, and some features normally only found on much...
  5. Using circular blade I take much larger chips... I have a lot of equine friends that had said it was too wet to use as bedding... though they also said that it wasn’t white enough for there precious horses [emoji23] Will get in contact with some farmers see if they’ll pay me!
  6. Can you burn wet (as in fresh cut) sawdust with a sawdust stove?
  7. What does everyone do with sawdust? Is there any good uses (except for extremely difficult jigsaws) I’ve got quite a pile building up!
  8. Well said Alec Personally had a really good experience with Rob Will be buying from him again (when he gets some .404 bars back in stock ) It’s all a learning experience in the end!
  9. What you running now then As you might guess I’m in the market for a new milling bar!
  10. Great piece of kit! I have a WPF with a ten inch cut and it’s great for making standard bourd which is what I want as a furniture maker also removes the need for a first cut when using a chainsaw mill as I can cut the top and bottom of the logs into bourds and use the wider center sections as slabs I’ve attached a few photos of what is capable.. the mill will cut about 2m3 an hour including time for manual log handling.
  11. turned some mulberry bowls at one stage wood movement was extreme but It didn't crack... good luck 😀
  12. milled up a beech the other day lovely flame colours which were not visible from the outside of the log as for the value of the wood I cant comment
  13. how much iron was there to cause that much staining? looks great though I've got s load of stained oak that ill have t use at some point
  14. another question would be has anyone had issues with the 36" or just the 48"? would the extra resistance of the 48 causing the sprocket to break? as for the use with a 660 the 660 has 7.1 hp and the 880 at 8.6 the 880 lasted at 20 mins of cutting with the last sprocket we had so i cant imagine that the 660 lasting a very long time even with the less power i could be wrong
  15. Awesome, Starting to fill my workshop up Only thing about those old machines is the dust Do you have any setup for dust extraction? Thanks


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