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  1. Just looked at the gadge was actually 0.65 mm somehow I had in my head that it was 1 mm sorry lads
  2. I’ve seen those they look cool how easy is it to set those?
  3. Have been taking the depth gages down 1mm lower than the teeth was told that fir milling it should be slightly lower then standard crosscut....
  4. I don’t know if this makes a huge difference but I’m cutting large segments of hardwoods like oak and beech which often have conserable figure
  5. I know this is a big topic but trying to get my head around it... i have been sharpening my chains at 10 degrees on my last set of chains using a STIHL 2 in 1 but haven’t been getting the results I’ve hoped for chains cutting dam slow and every sharpen seem to cut worse. I’ve recently gotten the 880 with a 48 inch 3/8 lo pro (as normal the chains cut like butter out of the box) and am wondering how you guys sharpen. I’ve been looking a lot into electric sharpeners as a lot of people stress the importance of a 100% accurate blade sharpening but not sure on the surface Finnish they leave. Just how sharp can an electric grinder get a chain? For example I’ve been looking at the Oregon 520-230 is that a good choice for milling? Open for suggestions and don’t mind spending a bit for a properly good sharpener. Is there ever a way of getting a chain to work perfectly like just out of the box?
  6. Hi gents, been milling for a few years after getting a chainsaw mill for a 15th birthday present (am now 17) and i am an avid woodturner and training to be a furniture maker I am currently running: -Peterson WPF ( 2006 model with 22hp Honda) -stihl ms880 with 36" bar (50" bar on order as I've just upgraded from a ms461) was just wandering on how you guys would price logs that you buy... and where you buy them from have bought logs of ash, beech and oak at £50-£60 per m3 and not sure if that's a good deal I would also be interested in how people price wood that they sell... always up for new contacts to find wood in the Kent and Sussex area ( specifically looking for hardwoods 16 inch plus) really happy to be joining your community thanks ben scott


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