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  1. It is growing very near your fence, and is shaded by trees behind. One option would be to wait til winter (,when dormant) and dig it up and relocate it. If happy where it is put a stake in to secure it and gradually straighten it out. Maybe using the tress behind to tension a rope to pull it straighter (over a couple of months). J.
  2. Hi, I have seen similar on beech and other trees. I think in mattheck it says an uneven crown can cause twisting of the stem. When I have seen it I haven't been able to see a significantly uneven crown. So not sure of the cause. Sure someone more knowledgeable will put me right!
  3. Ha, my diy generally has a 'rustic' look about it. I'd love a table saw but short of space, so my work will remain wonky! I just watched The Dawn Wall and Tommy caldwell cut off his index finger with one, so they should be treated with respect!
  4. There are no restrictions on the movement of ash timber, branches or leaves. Arb association 2019. No mention in the guidance of burning on site being recommended. If it is an urban site Environmental Health staff may be more of an issue than a TO.
  5. Ash dieback isn't a reason to burn on site. It is so widespread that advice is out of date. I very rarely burn on site, last time I did environmental health turned up and got quite shirty about it. The fire was well alight by then so agreed to let it burn out but put no more on. They were not very sympathetic to burning (site access was a nightmare) and could see them being a total pita if we hadn't complied.
  6. Not sure why they are looking ill. They are rather top heavy, appear to have had lower foliage cut off. Long term I think this will affect their stability, as they are shallow rooted anyway. You could apply mulch/woodchip round the base of the trees, won't do any harm. 50cm to 1m around each stem, not touching the stems though. Here's a couple of possible causes. It's quite hard to identify diseases like this, even seeing them up close, but especially difficult from photos. Good luck. Jan.
  7. I don't understand you guys hating on the leylandii, I love the stuff. Keeps me in plenty of work. I must spend 1 day a fortnight dealing with them in one way or another. Maybe you will manage them if not one of us will in the future! Long live the leylandii!
  8. That sounds great! Unfortunately I have limited storage space so need a trailer that will serve several purposes.
  9. Just looks very lightweight and fragile for the machine imo. I got a 2nd hand ivor williams, which when it's ratcheted down feels really solid. I can also fit some logs or grinder on if needed. It is a pig to move on your own though (double axel), which won't be a problem for Mark. I also sometimes rent a tracked grinder which weighs over 1t so needed the extra capacity. Spending 13k on a machine I wanted something reliable to transport it on. J.
  10. I got one at the start of the year, very happy with it too. We got the bucket and tines rather than log grab.I had one scary moment going down a ramp with the bucket high (empty), thought it was going to tip on me. Note to self, be careful on slopes due to the short wheelbase. Yep, our backs are lovin' it! J. That trailer is a joke though mark.
  11. Front crawl secret is just practice repeatedly in my experience. I used to be the same could only do a lengthor 2. I've not swum for years but could do 100m front crawl straight off. Go again and might do similar, however after that it would steadily increase. After 4 weeks I could do 1km and then more. I could do 100x25m in an hour at one point. It suddenly clicks and you can knock it out easy. I had ok technique as trained as a kid swimmer until age 12. Jan.
  12. jfc

    Gean Tree

    Hi, Sorry I am struggling to understand what you are asking for? Can the tree be propped back upright? Is cherry timber valuable? Photos might help. Garden trees are not great for milling as often have embedded metal (nails etc) in them. So any value may be affected by that. Jan.
  13. T2 and 6 ?Holly. T4 ? Beech. T5 horse chestnut T7 lime or Hazel. Not great pics generally need close ups of leaves. Have you tried Google lens, can be good on leaves etc.
  14. I hate ivy covered trees they are a bloody nightmare to work on.
  15. Knocking the top out a damaged Scots pine after storm Arwen. Jan coggins.
  16. I have quoted from photos but had a few underpriced jobs that way. Now I see them in person every time. Photos are useful beforehand though. J.
  17. Used to do them during lunch, evenings and weekends. Got fed up of doing 60hr weeks so now do 4 days on tools and an admin/quoting day. 45 to 50hr week instead now.
  18. Last pic is sycamore. Buds may be same but poor pictures really. No idea about other shots.
  19. It was available online on a council website. Was 2nd or 3rd page on Google search bs3998 download, if I remember right.
  20. Pti is not easy, in my group there was at least 1 fail. All the guys I chatted with passed. If you have done tree work for a long time and been interested in tree biology and fungi you should pass. It's not easy but my training was excellent and covered everything. All the best. J.
  21. jfc

    Fire damage

    No idea. Get them to discuss with their solicitor, are you able to write a hazard survey report (ie are you 100% happy with your assessment/do you have survey quals and Professional Indemnity insurance)? Otherwise avoid/ask someone with PTI to do a report. I'd generally avoid getting involved in this unless work is short or you like paperwork!
  22. jfc

    Gibson Chicken House

    Have bought woodchip, said they don't need anymore. Advised them to remove from tip site directory.
  23. jfc

    Shoulder Injuries

    I did almost mention to Stubby that I'm RMN, RN (Adult), BSc nursing, (all prior to Arb) but didn't want to get into a pedant competition. He is right though, but 20yrs in nursing left me with an addiction to abbreviations!
  24. jfc

    Shoulder Injuries

    Guess that's to prevent what happened to me. Corrected the bitumen to brufen. That would give you an ulcer and worse!
  25. jfc

    Shoulder Injuries

    MAKE SURE YOU TAKE BRUFEN AFTER FOOD. I had loads of injuries 20yr ago and took brufen and naproxen like smarties. Long story short, I ended up blue lighted into hospital with a ruptured stomach ulcer. Emergency surgery that night and then a week in hospital. One of the injuries was knackering a shoulder catching an edge snowboarding. Took a year to be right again. All the best. J.


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