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  1. Coombe Abbey is a great place. I grew up near there, I saw beechwood yard when I drove past with the family last time I was down visiting family. There were always some big fish in the moats there.
  2. Poorly pole saw. I've ordered a battery husky to replace it, anyone want this echo ppt for spares etc?
  3. In a word, no. Great pics of the paving but barely see the trees, especially the leaves. I need a close up pic of a leaf.
  4. Hi, i can't be online at this time. Will it be available to view another day?
  5. I don't have personal experience but have seen photos of hornbeam pollards that look quite healthy. I think they were pollarded commercially in the past. There is also an old thread on here "Hornbeam Pollards". If it's that or lose the tree then pollarding is the better option. Jan.
  6. Hi, Yeah doesn't sound great safety wise. On my first aid course the guy had these transeivers which worked anywhere, they weren't cheap but were what he recommended for lone workers. In reach Explorer and Spot locator. I took a pic of them in case we ever needed it, but never have. They were a few hundred quid to buy then you need a yearly contract. Hope that helps. Jan.
  7. The "climbing arborist" guy might be worth contacting via his website. Isn't Reg Coates on Va island? Looks awesome out there, beats connie bashing for mrs miggins in the UK! All the best with it.
  8. Brilliant, I'm still chuckling at that. [emoji13] [emoji13] [emoji13]
  9. You have messed up there, if you're subbing you don't steal the client. Especially if you're still working for the guy. Bad form mate!
  10. Shiply are quote over 600, I included a photo of the chipper and di.ensions so they should know what to expect. I'm not paying that much anyhow. J.
  11. jfc


    Nightmare, will keep an eye out in Fife.
  12. Tw160, tow bar might be removable, never looked into it. I think it might need 3or4 pallets anyway. J.


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