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  1. Edelrid treecore harness

    Had my treecore for 2 1/2yrs, use it several times a week, no signs of wearing out when I checked it a couple of days ago. Very happy with it overall. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Arbtalk mobile app
  2. teufelberger splaice safety notice

    Hi stihlmad, Sorry no I didn't see it previously. Wondered if anyone had returned their ropes? I don't have a treemotion. Cheers, Jan. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Arbtalk mobile app
  3. Hi Folks, I got this through to my email when I was away, no one seems to have posted here about it (apologies if it has been posted, if so could you direct me to it). Anyway here's a link to Gustharts site about it: https://www.gustharts.com/blog/teufelberger-slaice-termination-safety-notice/ Anyone noticed this on their ropes? I have a Fly 11mm and there's a step round the seam but not further down. cheers, Jan.
  4. Macduff holding Macbeth's Severed Head

    Very nice, will have to go see it next time we are passing glamis. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Arbtalk mobile app
  5. Husqvarna 555

    My 555 has been my main ground saw for 2yrs, never had any problems with it and it hasn't let me down. Would recommend it. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Arbtalk mobile app
  6. Fyi, I got some advice from Trading Standards on quotes. You shouldn't give a quote in person when you are there, without offering a right to cancel. In case the client feels obliged to say accept your quote. Apparently if you don't offer this they can refuse to pay after the work is done and and you have no legal standing. Best to offer verbal estimate then email or post a quote for them to accept. Hope that helps. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Arbtalk mobile app
  7. Looking for first chipper

    Bought a TW 160 2 months ago and am very happy with it. People suggested I get a bigger TW but so far happy with a smaller lighter one as it is easier to move with just two of us.
  8. Advice on career developmet

    I understand your enthusiasm to learn but the most useful thing is to now get some experience, and consolidate what you have learnt. If you can afford to offer to work for free to see how it all works in the real world. I am based in nr dundee so can't help you much there I am afraid. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Arbtalk mobile app
  9. Advice on career developmet

    Hi sapling, I think wanting to get a more academic background ie abc or rfs qualifications. However imo I would recommend doing it whilst you are doing the job. You will have so much more real world experience to base it on. At this stage like someone else said learn your tree id. There is a good book by 'bob Watson - trees their use, management biology'. Much cheaper than doing a course at this point. All the best. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Arbtalk mobile app
  10. Advice on career developmet

    My experience is that there are opportunities in scotland, maybe not as easy as down south. If you have tickets, work hard and dont expect big bucks when you start, people will take you on. Where in scotland are you? Ring round local firms, even offer to work for free initially, that will likely open a door! Sent from my PLK-L01 using Arbtalk mobile app
  11. Cheers, yeah still lots to learn, but that's one of the tthings I love about this job. I don't think you can self sharpen the 160 blades as they are curved not straight but they are double sided. I got a spare set when I bought it anyway. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Arbtalk mobile app
  12. Tbh I had very little idea how a chipper worked prior to buying one. I have come into arb straight as a climber and the company I worked for wanted me up trees getting the job done, as one of the other guys was very mechanically minded and would be the one to fix chippers. So my groundie knowledge is a bit behind my climbing. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Arbtalk mobile app
  13. Thanks for the advice. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Arbtalk mobile app
  14. Thanks Skyhuck and soc, That could well be it, it does seem like there's a gap between the rollers. I will get the cover off and see if there's anything in there. On another note - how do i Know it is time to change the blades? cheers jfc.
  15. Hi Folks, I am a newbie Chipper owner, had my TW ph160 for a couple of months and really pleased with it but it has just started not pulling in small diameter branches (1"), takes bigger stuff no probs. Any suggestions why this is happpening? I have used chippers for years but never been involved in there maintenance before. I have greased it and checked the belt tensions. I am assuming it is something fairly basic - ?blades need changed etc. Would appreciate some suggestions on where I need to start to sort it. Cheers, jfc.


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