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  1. Sorry to state the obvious but have you checked the bolts are properly screwed in. There's some info on the safety sheet that came with it. Also, we tightened the capstan, as it was a bit loose on arrival. J.
  2. Yes. People will store stuff for you in exchange for logs, treework or use of machines etc. Try asking small farmers, estates etc, some will say no but surprising how many will help you out. Make sure you keep supplying logs etc and both parties benefit. I drop off whiskey, booze, biscuits etc at Christmas to the folk who help me out, which seems to go down well! J.
  3. Just used the smart winch which I have been really happy with, winch works well. Bollard is really smooth for lowering off.
  4. Just to adding to Steve's info reducing weight on the end of long branches takes a lot of stress off the branch. Try holding a 1kg bag of sugar on the end of a polesaw horizontally, the strain (moment) is multiplied along its length (force x distance). Take 10kg off a 5m branch is 50kg less loading. I also think there is a psychological benefit to all concerned that the tree has been pruned and is now safer as a result. It's generally impossible to know if this kind of pruning does increase safety but it makes everyone feel that way. This also means people are happier to retain the tree and live with the (lessened) risk. The other options are do nothing or removal.
  5. I pay £150 to £200, on the rare occasions I need someone else. You might get a bit more if you are really, really good or bring some fancy kit. If you can get jobs done faster and better than me I'd pay you more than 200, however not seen anyone do that lately. I'm fife based.
  6. jfc

    What fid

    T rex is great to splice, i found the approx 16mm and 18mm really easy. I used a metal coat hanger as a fid, there's so much room inside it passing a fid up is dead simple. I uses Marlow whipping twine no 4 and smith and son sail makers needles. Cost about £13 for both. Tommy_b is the main man on here for splicing info. J.
  7. I'm not self employed, I'm an employee and director of my Ltd company. I think it's important to make a distinction between work hours and outside work. I need to switch off from work, else it could take over all my life and for me that's not what I want or would make me happy. Not saying others are wrong for taking calls til 10pm at night, but it doesn't work for me.
  8. Only thing I am working on at 11pm on a Friday night is a bottle of something alcoholic!
  9. Generally I don't but still riles me. Send a text or email instead.
  10. Smart Alecs pointing out my bad English hack me off too! [emoji6]
  11. Happens most weeks but why do people ring for a quote at 8.30pm on Friday night? Someone else rang at 1 o clock Sunday lunchtime. This is not for emergency work to dangerous trees btw. From memory I think 10pm is latest some has rung like this. Does this boil anyone else's p!$$ or am I just a grumpy old man! J.
  12. Looks like western red cedar, thuja plicata to me.
  13. jfc

    Old climbers

    51 also and climb several times a week. Plan is to do another 10yrs. Joints seem to be holding up ok, but I came late to arb at 40 ish.
  14. I don't know Glasgow well, you need to look on their website. Defo have Glasgow site though.


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