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  1. OK, here's my 2 penneth worth. 1. Is there any legal route that we can challenge the HSE decision, ie an appeal process? 2. If we as an industry can provide evidence that this is not suitable for our type of work then we can present that in contrast. Both of these aspects I feel the AA would be in the best place to investigate. It may be that Arborists need to crowdfund option 2. Has the AA taken legal advice on the HSE decision? I will try asking someone (Lawyer) who specialises in this area for some advice. jan.
  2. Stihl combi with extension pole makes for awesome reach (over 3m). It is a pig to handle but for wide or tall hedges with a decent tripod ladder you can cut really wide/tall stuff. Without extension it is about 2m and quite manageable. J.
  3. The above is correct about 6wks notice, but might be a good idea to contact the TO and check. I find being on good professional terms with the TO's and not a 'chancer' helps when you occasionally need their help. Just my way of working. jan.
  4. I got PI insurance with a basic inspection ticket. Insurers seem happy to provide cover on that basis. I sleep much better now I got pti!
  5. AA do them regularly, check their website. If you do basic you'll end up needing pti soon enough. Why not go for pti, you should find it straightforward, if you go with a good trainer. I put off doing it til this year but passed no problem. Jan.
  6. Hi Steve, That's a great set of images showing how good the Picus is. Great being able to compare the two.
  7. Mine has done similar, as have several other near me (fife, Scotland). I think it is due to the unusual weather we've had, wet but with occasional hot sunshine. J.
  8. I use a toughbook, with an excel document to record the survey info. I got shown how to do it by chris Simpson of informed tree services. He does training up here in Scotland. AA are running one of his sessions in Sept in Stirling.
  9. I found this book very helpful. Understanding tax for small businesses, by sarah deeks. Cost 12quid.
  10. I tried to deal with network rail over a tree over the tracks they never replied to emails or phone messages. Gave up in the end. The client and I felt we had tried our best to deal with the tree and NR would be liable. I avoid those jobs now, total pita, possible fines for delaying trains are astronomical. Think carefully about it and charge accordingly!
  11. I used van compare.
  12. Just renewed 3.5t transit, £275, just me as driver, basically same as you mark but I am much younger (still in my 40s for another 6 months anyway)!
  13. Nfu do small holder insurance policies. I don't know if that would be suitable. Otherwise you could set up as a sole trader and get commercial insurance based on very low turnover and no employers liability should be less than £500.
  14. Sorry no idea, have you tried ringing a couple of the insurers, or nfu insurance?
  15. My mate had a black ar50, looked great. Especially in my fs1e rear mirror as I left him for dead!


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