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  1. jfc

    Shoulder Injuries

    I did almost mention to Stubby that I'm RMN, RN (Adult), BSc nursing, (all prior to Arb) but didn't want to get into a pedant competition. He is right though, but 20yrs in nursing left me with an addiction to abbreviations!
  2. jfc

    Shoulder Injuries

    Guess that's to prevent what happened to me. Corrected the bitumen to brufen. That would give you an ulcer and worse!
  3. jfc

    Shoulder Injuries

    MAKE SURE YOU TAKE BRUFEN AFTER FOOD. I had loads of injuries 20yr ago and took brufen and naproxen like smarties. Long story short, I ended up blue lighted into hospital with a ruptured stomach ulcer. Emergency surgery that night and then a week in hospital. One of the injuries was knackering a shoulder catching an edge snowboarding. Took a year to be right again. All the best. J.
  4. I'm surprised that big a reduction was allowed on a tpo tree. Have you seen the full report? I would guess there's more going on than just standard reduction spec.
  5. Hi, Steve at logs and stuff, bridge of Earn just outside perth has various Mills and can deal with big logs. J.
  6. jfc

    Tip sites

    I have used it a handful of times, with mixed results. Ranging from great to a waste of time. Only use it when working out of my main area and not needing to do that at present.
  7. Very similar to mick. Yesterday, walking the dog in the daylight, instead of at 6am. Followed by an easy admin/quoting day where I catch up with everything and get rid of the nagging feeling of still having lots of work stuff to do. We also flipped the chipper blades this week, bliss! (Or is that really sad!) J.
  8. Hope it is another cause, and you get to keep using your kit for many more years. All the best. J.
  9. Interesting job for us on Friday. Topping connies to clear the microwave signal for Emergency Services communications network. The guys from Motorola were very happy with the improved signal and even helped drag brash to the chipper. We also cleared a windblow from their control cabin. All finished by lunchtime [emoji4] days!
  10. My accountant felt agriculture and forestry was closest to arb, so that's what I'm on.
  11. That looks right to me. An accountant should be able to advise what is best for your biz, but sounds similar to mine and FRS was recommended. BTW you get an additional 1% back on your first year on Frs. So 9.5% to vat man. J.
  12. Speak to your accountant, I went vat reg this year but had anticipated it and included plus vat (if applicable on quotes). I am on the flat rate scheme, you only pay hmrc 10.5% of the vat you charge. The rest you keep to balance out vat on purchases. Keeps it simples! You can claim backdated vat on most purchases and some services,ade before you registered. You can also claim vat back on any future purchases over £2k Inc vat. I just did a big order from an arb retailer and will get vat back on that. Did I say speak to your accountant! J.
  13. I attended a 2 ropes training session recently and they demonstrated various setups 2x mrt 2x srt and mixed. No one used an ASAP or backup type line. Some setups looked a right pita, although others were fine. I spoke with a guy from treemagineers and he said felt the ASAP wasn't suitable for treework. I too have found Joe's custom system the most user friendly! BTW i am trying to use 2 ropes when suitable/helpful!
  14. Possibly Heterobasidion annosum. Can you clean up the underside and get some better pics? Cut a segment out of it also. Have you got the tma fungi app, very good for free.


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