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  1. jfc

    Website Content

    I'm a bit dyslexic and always found writing essays hard. I got taught to use mind maps which I found helped organise my thoughts on paper.
  2. Thanks mick, That was my gut feeling but I couldn't find anything to back it up. J.
  3. OK, I hadn't considered the fact people aren't buying at present, so it's value may be lower than previously. Dealer offered £4k part ex. I thought that was very low offer, but maybe not. I am in rush to sell. Still don't know what to ask for it. J.
  4. Hi Folks, I am thinking of selling my TW160 chipper and struggling to work out a re-sale value. I am thinking of buying a bigger chipper with bounce back loan. I can't find any for sale on the usual places ebuy, euctree or on any dealer websites. How do you come up with a sensible price for used equipment privately? I'd rather just sell at fixed price rather than auction site. Chipper is 3yrs old, dealer serviced and 450hrs. Paid £12.5K new. What do you do - take off 20-30% for first year then 10% thereafter? Looking forward to hearing your opinions! Cheers, Jan.
  5. We need to know what rope type and size you're using? Then I'm sure you'll get good advice.
  6. Done, hope you post the findings. J.
  7. Dan's post has got it right in my experience.
  8. Hi, I agree about not handing your address out to strangers on forums, however you can get parcels/post delivered to a post office of your choice for you to collect from there. It is called Post Restante (operates worldwide). I used it a lot when in Aussie/NZ. Might be worth looking into - to see if you'd be confortable doing that instead. All the best, Jan.
  9. Hebden must have one of the highest tin foil hat per capita ratios in the country!
  10. Agreed it looks like chicken of... but possibly unusually shaped phellinus pomaceus which is more common on plum.
  11. jfc

    Daily Rate Advice

    If you have 30/31, work hard and reliable £9-11 per hour is what I would pay you in Scotland. I try to train guys up, let them climb (using a silky saw)when possible, generally teach them stuff and make the job more interesting. This is self employed rate, you have to pay tax and ni from it, and no holiday pay. I have to say I wouldn't be looking to take more guys on a present, as demand for work is quite uncertain, in the medium term. J.
  12. Michelle, David's reply is from one of the most knowledgeable people on here, and probably in the country. You will be hard pressed to get better info/advice. J.
  13. As Dan said, likely mower damage. How is the tree generally, is it in leaf, all over, or at same stage as other sycamores in the area? I would monitor the tree, if concerned you could pass on any issues to the local tree officer, who could take it into account when the tree is surveyed. J.
  14. The only time I am attached on a straight spar is during a dismantle. Otherwise i am tied in higher up through a crotch, when doing reductions. On a spar doing a dismantle i just have my flip line and rope round it and chog it down in sections. I generally free fall more than i rig, as I am pretty good at doing a snap cut on a section, break it and throw it accurately into a drop zone. I used to rig more but more confident as years go by. J.
  15. I occasionally have people cancel, I don't have anything in t&cs about it. I don't have time to try taking people to small claims etc, that time could be better spent working for people who are happy to get you in. Just my take on it. I might grumble a bit at the time but usually so busy I don't have time to worry about it.


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