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  1. I can't see any lean that would concern me. However the fact the retaining wall was built and 4ft of stem covered in soil would be a concern. Because of that I would remove it, if it were mine.
  2. jfc

    Show us ya birds !

    Crossbill in tentsmuir, Fife.
  3. jfc

    Ingenious Mountaineering Gadget

    I think Peds wrote about this on another thread. Some suggested using it for solo rigging to get the rigging rope off a piece and back up to the climber. I wouldn't fancy using it, just couldn't trust it 100%.
  4. I have 4yrs climbing and fortunately not had a topper injury. I wondered if those that had might be willing to briefly state how their's happened, ie one handing, cut and hold, feet slipped etc? This might help highlight the risks, as many less serious injuries will go unreported.
  5. jfc

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    I'm counting the days til I get to post in the over 50s club. Only 367 days to go!
  6. jfc

    Ben Nevis mountain bike track

    Hi, nevis range cable car goes up aonach mor not Ben nevis. I havent been up but I don't think it takes bikes to the summit. I was there a couple of weeks ago hoping to ski but the lack of snow meant you couldn't access the summit (via drag lifts I assume). If you look on nevis range website it should give you a bike route map. The grades work like skiing blue =easy black=hardest. Wolf tracks at Laggan is worth checking out. Jan.
  7. jfc

    Wind blown trees

    Hi, Some good advice above. I know a guy who lives nearby with windblow tickets and into biking. Niall C. I will message him and see if he is able to help. The arb association used to have rams templates available to download, think you need to be a member to access them now. Is this on Falkland Estate? I'd love to see more mtb trails in Fife. Cheers, Jan.
  8. Yep, try to avoid paperwork as much as possible! [emoji38]but that's not really what you're asking. Sorry.
  9. jfc

    Rigging assessment.

    So I've got my assessment tomorrow and just wondering if someone can check I have this correct. I have a 12mm sirius bull rope MBS 3500kg, so SWL is 1/10=350kg. For snatching situations the load is 14.3x log mass. so 350kg/14.3 = 25kg is this the max recommended load for snatching? Even if you double it for each leg of the rope it is only 50kg. Or have i got this totally wrong! cheers, jan.
  10. jfc

    Leyladii cut down

    There's usually no easy way to deal with hedge like that. A pull rope and second person to pull the tops out helps. Otherwise just get stuck in and battle through it. Photos may help people advise. Have fun! Jan.
  11. jfc

    The BIG C .

    Hoping for the best for your partner.
  12. jfc

    Best Small Stump grinder

    I rate my fsi b20. I have used a couple of small grinders and it is the best one I have used. Jan.
  13. jfc

    LOLER Testing Scotland

    Another recommendation for Alan at merlin. Just lolered all my kit, very helpful and knowledgeable guy. I dropped it off on Friday night and collected it on Sunday pm, so no lost work days. Jan.
  14. What are advice are you asking for? As said previously, looks gubbed, probably take a couple of hours (or less) to take it down, chip it and clean up. Plus extra for stump removal. Is that what you were asking? Jan.


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