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  1. I have a TW160 which I am very happy with, but looking at the spec for the Forst I agree TW230 is the equivalent.
  2. We just make it work, needs must. Adjustable legs would be good but we're a fair bit more. If you can afford it probably worth the money.
  3. I have a workware one from norther arb. I didnt bother with adjustable legs and haven't found a need for them yet. Had it 2yrs and still all good. Mine is about 3.6m and light enough for 1 person to easily lift it. J.
  4. I get what your are saying and feel the same way mostly... Except if you have guys working/subbing for you. If someone has an accident and you as employer aren't enforcing the two ropes thing it is pretty clear that's going to potentially get HSE all over it. Another point is that having read the hse accident records as well as the mistakes (knots not being tied right, abbing off the end of the rope) there were a number of anchor failures. I think we have all descended from the tree and got halfway and thought 'I hope that anchor is ok'. Having a second rope does make sense in some situations. A second lanyard (giving 3 tie ins) is probably better most of the time though. J.
  5. If you have his mobile text him saying your keen and asking when is a good time to ring.
  6. Hi, Wouldn't you be bashing into the trunk all the time doing that. One of the good things about SRT is being able to ascend unobstructed and quickly. Apart from that i can't think of any reason it is a bad idea. I am not an srt expert though. All the best, jan.
  7. Hi ty, Mine gets tangled sometimes. It used to be worse with cheap line. I bought one of the pricier lines {can't remember which one}, and it has been much better. Think I read a thread on here throw lines. You're using a cube or similar to contain the line? Jan.
  8. Well surely brexit has shown what a total f. up the current system is.
  9. Something I feel should have been applied to the brexit vots as well as indyref2 is that to change things there should be a 55%+ majority. Or even 60%. Being 50% means the losing side can justifiably block progress as they are representing the near 50% who didn't support it.
  10. I looked at the accident data. Half the accident were due to knots not being tied right, a bing off the end of the rope, etc mistakes basically. 2 ropes can't teach you to tie knots right. It's a done deal anyway so just gonna have to suck it up and find a way to make it work.
  11. The b.s. that is brexit will cause Scottish independence. Scotland did not vote for brexit, it has highlighted the divisions with the UK, and tory politics which arent exactly popular up here. Its a foreseeable mess the tories have made, and been made the most of by the snp.
  12. I have a variety of ways of dealing with logs from jobs, sell some, swap some, etc. If you are happy to take softwood then you should be able to find someone who can supply you. If you are only after hardwood cut up to firewood size then don't expect that for free.
  13. Find out the email of the manager and email direct with your complaint, and ask that some refund could be made to make up for the inconvenience.
  14. I met Liam from 'tree works oban' on a course, was a sound guy and might well be happy for you to drag brash and feed a chipper to see if you like the job.
  15. I've had mine 2.5yrs. Still going strong. Only issue I found was chip building up on the left side of the black plastic roller cover. I cut out a bit of plastic from the bottom of it, which help it clear. You can also poke a stick up to clear chip too.


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