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  1. The current version (v1.6) of VALID's ‘Obvious Tree Defects Guide’ can be downloaded from the website as a pdf here. https://tinyurl.com/y679ucl4 This guide is for non-arborists. It’s free, and you’re welcome to share it with your clients, colleagues, and friends. The guide is there to encourage the kind of citizen science tree risk assessment that happens every day, and all the time. Which is why ‘Passive Assessment’* is such a valuable tree risk management asset. The only difference in this version to the previous one is it occurred to me that ‘tree defect’ is arb-speak. A civilian is more likely to think about whether a tree is ‘dangerous’ or not. So, the new headline is ‘When might a tree be dangerous?’ *Passive Assessment - Keeping an eye for obvious tree defects, you can’t help but notice, as you go about your day to day routine.
  2. VALID’s Sep-Dec training workshops in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand are now open for booking here. https://tinyurl.com/y6pab3q8 Here's a few comments from those that have already been along and upgraded their approach to tree risk... “An elegantly simple solution to a complex problem - all in the palm of your hand!” “At last, tree risk assessment with clarity and impact” “VALID will replace current methods. Simply because it’s much smarter, and it's more efficient"
  3. Mark Hartley and his team are coming all the way over from Australia to deliver a 3 day Tree Biology workshop in Cardiff on 3-5 August. He’s asked whether I’d share this news, and I’m happy to do so. Shigo’s famous touching trees workshop has been given a new lease of life by Mark since 2011. They’re sold out at every ISA Conference, and when they’re delivered in Australia. This is sleeves rolled up, hands-on laboratory exploration about how trees work. It’s a once in a lifetime workshop that you won’t forget, or regret investing your time in. Here's some feedback from ISA Conferences. “Best workshop I’ve ever been to.” “Thanks for such a well presented 3 days. Alex would be proud of you!” “Thoroughly enjoyed Mark and his team. I have been looking forwards to this class for 3 months and it exceeded my expectations.” “Comforting to know arboricultural practice is in such good hands.” “Felt like I was in college again except this time I wanted to be here!” To book, you need to go through QTRA who are doing the admin. As some of you know, I moved on from delivering and developing QTRA way back in 2016 to set up the VALID project because I thought tree risk could be done so much better. It’s odd to see there’s still a picture of me doing my stuff on the training page banner photo. https://tinyurl.com/y62ucnks Cheers Acer ventura
  4. Hi Mick Yep, that's about the size of it. Unless you've got a repeat offender, there's no need for signs, fencing, or pruning because that would be a disproportionate response to a mind-bogglingly low risk. Cheers Acer ventura
  5. With the sun finally putting it's hat on and coming out to play, the issue of managing the risk from Summer Branch Drop is likely to become a hot topic again. Worry not. We’ve got this one covered for you. If you go to VALID’s ‘Risk Management’ page. There, you can download a free plan about managing the risk from Summer Branch Drop. It’s highlighted in the ‘Government’ section, and included in both the Government and Landowner tree risk-benefit management packages. Cheers Acer ventura
  6. VALID’s tree risk-benefit assessment Apps for iOS and Android devices are now available on the App Store and via VALID’s Google Drive. They’re free. It’s a bit premature because there’s a few cosmetic bugs still in there - which it’s likely only I can see having been so immersed for so long. The reason for the release is because Kent County Council had a tight deadline to adopt VALID. In order for their techies to approve the iOS version of the App (which they have), it needed to have been vetted by Apple. I’ve turned on the last page of VALID’s website (you can only see and access the ‘Community’ page if you’re a ‘Validator’) if you want to have a play with the App, go there for the links. https://tinyurl.com/yxggzpl9 Cheers Acer ventura
  7. Cheers Mark, and look forward to seeing you there. BTW, the News* page of VALID's website is now public. There's a subscribe ‘widget’ on there for anyone who can’t make this round of training and would like to know about the next; in the UK, or anywhere else in the world. Or if you just want to hear an occasional, short, tasty dispatch from what’s happening at the coalface of tree risk-benefit assessment and management. Cheers Acer ventura *Forgot to mention, it's just got going and the most recent post is a link to a great couple of BBC audios about Confidence v Competence
  8. Hi Kevin Good to hear from you - it's been a while since you came along to the QTRA training I ran down there. Hopefully, you can make it because I think you'll very much like what I've done with VALID. Cheers Acer ventua
  9. Hi Khriss The AA aren’t involved. I’m setting up VALID as non-profit and it’s an international venture. To give you a taste of where things are heading. In April I was out in Tasmania helping their government look at managing tree risk on their highways following a coronial inquest into a death caused by a tree failing. On the back of that, I ran an in-house course for Inner West City Council in Sydney. New Zealand Transport Authority are also interested. You get 15hrs of CPD. Cheers Acer ventura
  10. Hi Khriss That’s an interesting heart of the matter question. Without getting into the whole how can you inspect a tree but not assess the risk PTI conundrum. Perhaps this ‘What is VALID?’ one-sider might help. Cheers Acer ventura What is VALID v1.1.pdf
  11. Yay! The first VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Assessment & Management training workshops are ready to go in UK Here’s the dates and venues. You can find out more details and book by clicking the venue on the ‘Training’ page of the website. 27-28 June, Staines-Upon-Thames 01-02 July, Cambridge 04-05 July, Leeds 08-09 July, Lichfield 11-12 July, Exeter 16-17 July, Bath www.validtreerisk.com Not Sure? Why not sample the goods and have a play on the App first. Email admin@validtreerisk.com, and let me know whether you’re using iOS or Android, or both. Cheers Acer Ventura
  12. Thought this might be of interest to some of you. It’s an updated and improved version of a Tree Risk Assessment review article that’s going out in this week’s NZ Arb’s Tree Matters, and was in Australia’s Arbor Age last month. I’ve made some alterations to the text and images to what’s going to be published so it's a better reference document. Mainly so the images are arranged closer to the point in the text where they’re discussed. I’ve also updated the App screen grabs to make them current. They include the people icon at the bottom right which lets you work out whether the combination of traffic and people means the occupancy should be one category higher. In this case, if you include people is the likelihood of occupation 1 Very High instead of 2 High? Tree Risk Assessment - Review.pdf
  13. Woo, hoo! This has been a long time in coming, but finally this in from my tame Maths Professor who's doing the really nerdy stuff that will be doing all the hard work in the background. “…we have “stress tested” the procedure in numerical terms and didn’t find any gross, critical sensitivities… In short, in my view the mathematical basis of your approach is sufficiently robust and dependable for almost any practical purpose…” VALID's now taxiing along the runway, and the App is about to go into production for training to begin Downunder starting in February, and in the UK from April, 2018. If you want to know more about how it's going, there's some screen shots of how the App's storyboard is looking on VALID's Facebook Page. Also attached is a summary of what VALID is about. What is VALID.pdf
  14. For those of you who might be interested, VALID now has a Facebook Page. The website and dates of going live should be released in October. Anyone interested in beta testing the App please PM me. https://www.facebook.com/Tree.Risk.Benefit.Assessment/ Cheers Acer ventura
  15. M D's post (thanks) has had me think that perhaps I should clarify that 'tree management' would be included under likelihood of failure; ie what questions would you like to see answered about decay fungi and managing a tree? Cheers Acer ventura


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