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  1. Unfortunately, it’s not been possible to navigate the UK government’s road map out of lockdown with much confidence, and we’ve had to push back the Summer tree risk training workshops to Autumn. Here are the revised dates and venues. Here's a link to the Training page of the website. Tree Risk-Benefit Assessment & Tree Risk Management Training | VALID LNKD.IN An elegantly simple solution to a complex problem - all in the palm of your hand! ..... A Money-Back Guarantee VALID is such a momentous and far-reaching improvement in the field of tree risk that it comes with a money-back guarantee. If, after training, you go back to how you used to assess and manage tree risk, we'll refund you the fee. Yes, it's that much of a game-changer.
  2. You have my sympathy. The thread’s opening post is about a free, easy to understand strategy for Homeowners to manage their tree risk. There’s no App involved. I figured the best fit for this subject was in the General Chat group. After some interesting exchanges with Andrew, the thread was then trolled by my weird little obsessive stalker with a couple of shameless and bare-faced lies. I decided I shouldn't let that deliberate effort at smearing by deceit go unchallenged and it’s now gone off-topic. I’ll see whether the moderators can kill it and and do some tidying up, so the content resembles the title. Just to clarify. You can’t use the App to survey trees at a ‘Basic’ level. Neither is it necessary. You only use it if you need to take a closer look and increase the level assessment to a ‘Detailed’ level because you’ve spotted an obvious tree risk feature, and the risk might not be Acceptable or Tolerable. This is a trained Arborist thing, and not something for the Homeowner.
  3. I when I'm asked to quote for tree risk assessments, and clients baulk at the price, I tell them that they can get a free tree assessment and advice from some tree businesses. I then caution them that the advice will seldom come without some tree work being recommend 😁. To be fair, most tree work has little to do with risk management. A quick word of caution. I'd strongly advise not using the 'safe' word. I've written a short piece explaining why here. Is it safe? WWW.LINKEDIN.COM In this famous scene from The Marathon Man, Laurence Olivier finds himself in the uncommon position of being a...
  4. Wow! You’re either being deliberately obtuse or alarmingly ignorant about what those QTRA 'Advisory Risk Thresholds' mean. If the latter. Then, as someone who was one of the main QTRA trainers for 10 years, and drove its development to v5.0, I’d strongly advise, at the very least, you familiarise yourself with the QTRA User Manual. It might also be worthwhile considering some update training.
  5. Hi Jcarbor I appreciate the sentiment. Though, funnily enough, back then Julian was 'bitching' about QTRA on a Q&A thread I ran on here, when I was part of QTRA! He's now a self-appointed QTRA Brownshirt 'bitching' about VALID because I thought things could be done so much better and moved on to put VALID together in 2016, just as he joined QTRA. His unhinged Pepe le Pew pursuit of me across social media, no matter my approach to tree risk, makes me wonder whether it's because he's secretly got the hots for me and is wrestling with some deep repressed denial. Cheers
  6. When you were frothing at the mouth and trolling me from the peanut gallery about this on the UKTC last year, the way I replied then was to say, replace VALID with the QTRA (where your self-interests lie) in your question. You wilfully ignored it then, and continue to do so. Replace VALID CIC’s ‘strategies’ with QTRA Ltd’s ‘risk thresholds’, and your increasingly desperate and hypocritical efforts at bad-mouthing VALID's approach to tree risk, compared to the one you’ve invested in (QTRA) becomes again, all too transparent.
  7. Sorry, just picked up a bookmark error. 3 4 in the grab was incorrectly numbered 4 5. It's fixed now. Tree Risk Assessment & Tree Risk Management | News WWW.VALIDTREERISK.COM An elegantly simple solution to a complex problem - all in the palm of your hand!
  8. It's difficult to imagine a place where the trees are, or have been, more regularly assessed.
  9. Or is it Sudden Limb Drop? Or Sudden Branch Drop? I've updated this as a stand-alone document that can be used by any tree owner or manager outside of VALID's 'strategies'. It can be downloaded from the News Page here. Tree Risk Assessment & Tree Risk Management | News WWW.VALIDTREERISK.COM An elegantly simple solution to a complex problem - all in the palm of your hand! Here's the context. Arguably, the issue of managing Summer Branch Drop started to became a risk management thing in the UK after the Coroner's Inquest into the death of Erena Wilson. She tragically died in Kew Gardens and it was claimed the cause of her death was Summer Branch Drop. The Coroner’s verdict is that it was an accidental death. Woman killed by falling branch at Kew Gardens died accidentally, jury rules | UK news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Botanical garden's tree inspections called a 'shambles' in court but coroner says Erena Wilson's death was 'ghastly... We then had a very dry summer in 2018, and Jeremy Barrell released a ‘Briefing Note on UK Summer Branch Drop’. https://lnkd.in/g8NpsbN VALID was just getting going at the time, and we were contacted by many concerned Arborists and duty holders who saw the Briefing Note as a ticking time bomb. This SBD Tree Risk-Management Guide was put together to help duty holders take a common sense approach and diffuse it.
  10. I've been told that I shouldn't get involved in this kind of thing, but I think if it's let go without challenge some of the mud sticks.
  11. With apologies to everyone else. For the public record I'm going to deal with just a few points in this, as briefly as I can. Given that your first post in this thread was insults and aggression,. Clearly, what you’re doing here is called ‘projection’. Your history on here, when I first encountered you in 2013, and on the UKTC when you migrated over there later, shows you're incredibly uncomfortable with anyone daring to disagree with you. It makes me wonder whether you’ve got a history of coercive control and gaslighting elsewhere. Your fact-lite, off-topic, insults have merely escalated from your first post. Including the weirdly affected ‘Mr Evans’. That rather sounds like you’ve found a barrister’s wig in your dressing up box, and might be an alarming window into your staggering sense of self-importance. Anyone can check my postings on here (and this thread) where I'm not dealing with your ravings and vested interests, and form their own opinion. Oh, dear me. You do like to wear your ignorance on your sleeve and then shout out loud about it, don't you. As I'm sure you can imagine, with your legal action nonsense later, this made me snort with laughter. Blimey, are you so deluded you genuinely think you represent everyone? I take it everyone includes these people? Tree Risk-Benefit Assessment & Tree Risk Management Training | VALID TINYURL.COM An elegantly simple solution to a complex problem - all in the palm of your hand! Really? Isn't this just you playing dress up with wiggy and being a blowhard again? I've not heard anything more about this since your unhinged rant threatening it on the UKTC some months ago. See above. Please don't try to pass it off as a thing outside of your head on here. The accusation is even funnier in light of your public 'QTRA knock off' claim above. BTW I'm not blocked from the UKTC, but again, why let facts get in the way of your weird campaign. The first part is self-evidently untrue, as I've demonstrated but you've ignored again. As for the second part, VALID is a registered not-for-profit Community Interest Company. As 'hilarious' as that might be to someone who runs a commercial company to make profit, and is the self-elected attack dog of the QTRA for profit tree risk assessment system. It's another one of those pesky fact things that seem to infuriate you. It's pretty self-evident that if a Homeowner downloads VALID's Homeowner's Tree RIsk-Benefit Management Strategy, or an Arborist does, and uses is, then in the extraordinarily unlikely case of claim being made, the Claimant will also be looking at whether a claim can be made against VALID CIC as well. Helpfully, the address of VALID's website is hyperlinked in the footer of each page. I guess it'd be the same with the NTSG if anyone followed their Chapter 5, 'How this guidance could be applied'. The risk of either happening is Acceptable. This, complete lack of self-awareness at the end, is just too funny.
  12. Why? Otherwise, you’re imposing a greater duty of care on a Homeowner than you are on a State Government. Generally, it’s the other way around. Just to clarify that’s part of the Plan, not the Policy. I’m not being a pedant, the distinction is important. Hey, no problem with registering concern and putting an alternative take on it. I’m very much aware that it challenges a lot of preconceived and accepted practices. But when you look at it closely, the practice of removing all vegetation to access the lower 2m of a tree to try to find hidden defects without obvious tree risk features to justify it, but not trying to find hidden defects elsewhere doesn’t stack up. Not least because it’s disproportionate to the overall level of extremely low risk. This point is laid out in the Policy, which is why it’s so important. To quote someone who is way smarter than me on the subject of risk. "…the prospects of reducing the risk from tree failure below the current level are remote and comparable to finding a microscopic needle in a gargantuan haystack." Public Safety and Risk Assessment (2011), Professor David Ball, Centre for Decision Analysis and Risk Management It’s not a cop-out. The duty holder is the decision-maker. They’re responsible for the management decisions. The NTSG and ISO 31000 is really clear on this. One of the problems that the duty holder is faced with is Arborists going beyond risk assessment decision-making into risk management decision-making. They’re not trained to do this. I’m not sure you’ve grasped the importance of those traffic light coded risks in the Policy that you’re mocking in favour of inspection training. They’re obvious tree risk features to you, and a good reason to want to have a closer look. They’re not obvious to a Homeowner though. If Homeowner is worried, for whatever reason, and they call you in and you gave these reasons to want to have a closer look, then I really have no problem with that. If, on the other hand, you were to routinely say that with any obvious tree risk features you wanted to see whether there were any hidden defects in the lower 2 m of a tree, but not the other parts, and said they had to remove the vegetation themselves or pay you to do it, then from a risk-benefit management point of view, I think we have a problem.
  13. I was wondering when you’d continue your disturbing pursuit of me as a self-appointed QTRA Brownshirt. Ironic that it’s on here, where your single white male obsession was first kindled in 2013 because I was part of QTRA back then, and you were boasting your superior home-knitted system to quantify tree risk. If you’d bothered to read the post and the strategy before frothing at the mouth, you’d see it’s for the Homeowner. There’s no scope to use the App. It’s not even mentioned. If a Homeowner sees an obvious tree risk feature they ring an Arborist. It doesn’t even say ring a Tree Risk Validator.
  14. I forgot to mention that I screwed up the pdf compilation when first I posted this. When combining the files I imported the wrong Plan, which had some grammatical errors and manglish in it. This is fixed now and it can be downloaded here. Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy, Policy & Plan | VALID TINYURL.COM An elegantly simple solution to a complex problem - all in the palm of your hand!


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