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  1. Double A have Glasgow office. They are timberwolf dealers.
  2. Whereabouts in scotland?
  3. Why rip into someone straight away when you disagree with them. Why not just make your points in a more reasonable manner? Have a wee jokey dig if you must. This kind of thing is bad for the whole site, the OP isn't a professional arb, others see this and either won't post in case they get ripped to shreds or think that this is OK too. I think we are better than this. Maybes I'm wrong and this then isn't the place for me, although I've been on here a while and learnt loads from it. Cedar trees shed limbs anyway (storms, snow, just cos they feel like it) the crack looks old to me. I tell my clients not to park under these trees or put stuff underneath like swings for kids. Jan.
  4. I, like most on here don't buy logs, I supply my own logs from my work. Apart from the ridiculous carbon footprint from transport, how do you know these logs are responsibly sourced. Bad on so many levels.
  5. Osb turns to mush in my experience, never bothered trying if for truck sides. For greedy boards use decent marine ply, painted. Mine are falling apart after 5yrs. But for about £70 a side it has lasted well. Total cost under £200. Going to get Ally sides next, about £150 a side plus welding a frame. I figure you can take them off and put them on a new van when the time comes. J.
  6. Got the husky polesaw, it's great. Gets used 2 to 3 times a week , the battery stuff is so good I bought a top handle too a few months later. I believe the husky is better than the stihl as the motor is positioned so you can see what your cutting. I saw that on a review vid somewhere. J.
  7. I've been with treesurgeoninsurance.co.uk for a few years. Costs about £2k for pl, el, plant and tools, on about £90k turnover. Never made a claim so no idea of how good they are paying out! J.
  8. jfc

    What gear???

    I don't know anyone who has got their climbing ticket without the training element too. Not saying it's impossible, but if I were your assessor and knew you'd had no training I would fail you at the drop of a hat. That might just be me though... BTW nothing wrong with cutting with top of bar (pulling chain), the upper part of the tip is the kickback area but again fine to use by a competent trained user. J.
  9. I now run a three man team, which works really well for the mainly tree work we do. Taking on guys to help has been mixed results, young guys in 20s have let me down more often than not, although most recent one was very good. Older guys in 30s with family have been most reliable for me. One thing that saved me a lot of admin time was paying for accounting software, I use quickbooks. Much quicker than spreadsheet and emailing typed invoices, also allows me to check I've been paid as it links to my business account. Hope that's some help. J.
  10. jfc

    What gear???

    If you live near(ish) a shop I would go try a few harnesses on and pick the best fitting. They are expensive but you should get 5 to 10yrs use from it so picking the right one is worth paying more for. There's a current post from someone who is having problems with a new harness, worth reading that post too. You may find you replace or refine a lot of early purchases as you do more and start earning better money. I tried one harness that I couldn't get on with but it was years ago and can't remember the make, it's a personal thing the fit so one man's nut crusher may be comfy as for someone else. Good luck, J.
  11. I did the basic at a similar stage of experience. Learnt a bit and could get professional indemnity insurance to do paid surveys. I then really started to learn my fungi etc and a few years later did my pti. Really glad I had 5yrs experience behind me before sitting the pti exam, it's quite tough and they get a fair number of fails. If you are keen buy some books, Principles of tree hazard assessment, by Lonsdale. Arb assoc Arborist Fungi guide or dave humphreys new book which I've not got round to buying yet. There's a few more too but those will get you well on the right path. All the best J.
  12. I use a cambium saver as described by Paddy, but with a triple lock krab instead of the large ring, which means you can advance it up the tree. If you are canny with the size of krab it is retrievable too. J.
  13. Imo if he'd smashed a window in a green house you'd expect the window fixed not a new greenhouse, same with repairing the AstroTurf. A professional repair should not be noticeable.
  14. Doesn't look suitable for cable bracing, too low and easy for people to mess with the cables imo. But happy for more knowledgeable folk to disagree with that. J.
  15. jfc

    new home with TPOs

    Hi eggs, Thanks for posting that as I have been told by a tree consultant that roots only go after faulty pipes. I will have a read of it later. Cheers Jan.


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