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  1. log on tommy

    Imported Kiln Dried Wood

    interesting, its not my game to bring in firewood but i'd heard the opposite. roundwood over in eastern Europe is coming up to our levels so imported logs won't be easy to make a margin on.
  2. log on tommy

    IBC Cages For Sale

    Just out of interest why are you selling them? are you changing your method? we use spud boxes but ibc crates would be better for airflow I think
  3. log on tommy

    Do IBCs of logs survive pallet rotators?

    Yes they will, but as others have said the side and top supports are critical, we use potato boxes of different shapes and if we are too lazy to alter the supports between sizes that's when they get broken. rotators aren't dear though I picked mine up for about £700 at a sale. pity you weren't closer because the spud merchants I collect stockfeed from are selling their old one.
  4. log on tommy

    Used dumpy bags- availability?

    There's a user on here called rye oil I think who sometimes advertises used bulk bags. do a search and see if you can find the thread. From memory he was down your way, but I consider anything south of Lincoln "down your way". Tom
  5. log on tommy

    Processor and splitter

    likewise, that japa is exactly the sort I've been looking at. if it's available any time soon I could be keen tom
  6. log on tommy

    Processor and splitter

    Are you buying or selling them? Just been pricing up processors today and the japa was £6495 for the pto model and 3 ph adds about £1600 to that.
  7. log on tommy

    Log supplier needed nr stamford

    The brother of a friend of ours needs a good log supplier. He lives in Ketton near Stamford. Recommendations please and i'll forward them on. Thank you muchly Tom
  8. Evening All, Just toying with a few ideas this chilly winters eve, and I might be in need of dry netted logs. Around 1000 nets to begin with. Could any interested parties please pm with me with as much info as possible regarding prices, net sizes ( no of logs per net), availability and delivery costs. Thank you muchly Tom
  9. log on tommy

    timber crabe hydraulics

    Do as jake suggested to start with. There is a ring of ball bearings on the female connector that sit in a groove on the male, if either of these is dirty or damaged then any increase in pressure can cause them to pop off. failing that all I would suggest is to ensure that your return is going straight back into the tank rather than back through the spool as that can also create a sort of back pressure. Let us know how you get on Tom
  10. log on tommy

    Ton bags???

    I've just used industrial bulk containers from over near Manchester. they were good to deal with and quick. They were about £2 delivered if you bought 100, plus vat of course. the rep was called steve price I think.
  11. log on tommy

    New member looking for equipment

    welcome along buzz, ideally buy a new saw if you can stretch to it. failing that it could be safer to buy a saw from an arbtalk member through arbtrader, you're less likely to be diddled.
  12. log on tommy

    Charging for delivering firewood and VAT

    don't itemise it just call it a delivered price and charge 5% on it that way you save the customer a bob or two and they'll appreciate it.
  13. log on tommy

    Firewood processors on ebay

    please correct me if i'm wrong, but if you dispose of a grant bought asset within 5 years then defra get their money back off you
  14. log on tommy

    One for stubby bath lost today 😁😁😁😁😁

    I agree about our defence, we put in nearly 4 times the tackles than the aussies just to keep em out. Robshaw was immense, relieving him of the burden of captaincy has allowed him to focus on what he does best tackles and turnovers. I think etoje ( don't know how to spell it) is turning into a world class player, a bit like a young Courtney laws, big and athletic.
  15. log on tommy

    How smooth does a floor need to be for a pallet truck?

    Thanks woodworks, Unless the pics are deceptive your concrete floor is smoother than mine, but those large diameter wheels at the back are the key. it might restrict to pulling over the bumps though. What make is it and roughly what did it cost?


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