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  1. ms200t help

    Hi all Just looking for a little help. My ms200t struggles to hold full rev, it then dies at when at full rev. It then doesn't start unless on half choke. When I take the fuel Cap off there also a vacuum to. I've clean the air filter, tank vent but still no better. Any help would be great thank you.
  2. ms200t help

    Thanks for you all help, will check the pulse pipe. I did clean the tank vent, but you might be right it's not a vacuum. Will let you know my progress Thanks for your help Tree
  3. Statutory powers

    True but with the electricity the is a statoury clearance given for the voltage set in 43-8, I think. Just think the a little clarification is needed within the act, given the growing demand for mobile phones etc
  4. Statutory powers

    True also only applies tpo and ca. Within the communication act 2003 it doesn't state about trees but refers back to the 1984 act. But no given distances or no power to access either, although I could of miss read it
  5. Statutory powers

    Not aware of any for mobile phone masts.
  6. Which subsidence course?

    Hi Not done the subsidence 1 day workshop at treelife, but from the courses I've done I would certainly recommend treelife, good atmosphere, there very approachable with a very high level of knowledge and experience. Never been on any AA so can't really comment
  7. Amey are employing bouncers in Sheffield!

    From what I've seen of the contract if targets aren't met or obligations met then it results in a penalty, it can either be service points or a financial penalty which is deducted from the money paid to the contractor (amey). Yes I know with some government contacts it's not always easy to take back.
  8. Tree moorland treescapes, small family firm, really good people to work with
  9. Utility Arb Forum

    I to did notice it had been removed, which was a little disappointing.
  10. anti pollution face masks

    Hi A lot of my work involves surveying trees on busy roads, on these cooler damper days the car fumes give me a sore throat. Does any else have similar problems? I've looking at the anti pollution masks like cyclists where, is any else using them and can they recommend one to. Any help would be great Thanks Tree
  11. Planting failure - Opinions please.

    Yeah not supised it didn't come in to leaf. The root system is poor and it's been root prune to hard. Not sure what the bs states with out looking. Have you a copy?
  12. Planting failure - Opinions please.

    Agreed many fibrous roots, it does look it's been field and lifted then root balled. Did it come into leave?
  13. Trees and footways: a tree officer’s view

    Hi Just been reading these posts and I have tried looking else but not found it yet, is there any statutory minium width for a footpath(part of the highway) and if so does it only apply to new construction or existing? Many thanks Tree
  14. Your I would think the driving force is the LA. I'm sure if bristol LA set out clear contractual terms PFI could work and beneficial long term.
  15. Sheffield isn't the only PFI of course, seems to work else where.
  16. Maybe PFI is the way forward, the maintenance and liabilities would lie with them.
  17. Airspade or other suitable tool?

    Hi I have seen utility companies using vacuum excavators around trees, they seem to do a lot of damage -the vacuum was to powerful, sucking out all the small fibrous roots, damaging roots due to the way the large suction pipe was pushed in the hole, in fact only large roots, 40mm up where left. -also due to the size of machine, it damaged low branches and the weight compacted the verge around tree. I stopped them working due to the damage. I be only seen the ones used by utility companies so not sure If you can smaller machines.
  18. Encroaching roots query

    Thanks Gary I will remove you details from the letter stating 'you told me it was OK' Thanks again, really useful thread
  19. Encroaching roots query

    Brilliant advice thank you I have recently been looking at perrin &another V Northampton borough council, possibly have to treed carefully if felling a tpo tree for this reason. I know in that particular case the tree is located a reasonable distance for the property.
  20. Encroaching roots query

    Thanks Gary I did this would be the case. Do you give any write notice just prove you've informed them?
  21. Encroaching roots query

    What if you can't remove the roots without leaving the in a stable condition?
  22. Encroaching roots query

    Sorry to hack jack this thread a little, I understand that the neighbouring roots are trespassing and they can removed, but by removing them the tree my be left unsafe, what cause of legal action could you take before you take any physical action? And if the roots where causing damage how can you claim for damages? Many thanks Tree
  23. VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Assessment

    Thinking of booking the Stafford one, looks like bring a good day.
  24. resistograph help

    Hi I haven't much experience with a resistograph but tried today. Having trouble understanding the results, tried different speeds/feeds. Not sure if it was to slow, seen be large area of blue not green on the graphs?


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