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  1. Hi Just wondering if there's any members of the chartered institute of horticulture on here? Thinking of joining to help broaden my area of work. Not sure how much benefit it would be though? Many thanks Tree
  2. tree79

    Vegetative propagation of Monkey Puzzles

    I have the woody plant propagation book, had a quick look and it's based on field sown seed propagation. Also had a look in the grower nursery stock manual. Copied the section below.
  3. tree79

    Vegetative propagation of Monkey Puzzles

    You used to be able to buy seed from Chilton seeds, a mail order seed company. Are you dipping the cuttings in rooting hormone powder? A heated propergator sounds good, I would assume a high humidity is needed but as already stated the media needs to open/free draining
  4. tree79

    Wood pellets instead of road salt

    Think grit is used in Canada to, stone chipped window screens is the problem with grit though. Wood chip may not be suitable for wide spread use but I'm sure there areas where it could be used, may be pedestrian areas or car parks etc? But unless the price drops than it probably won't get used
  5. tree79

    Utility courses help

    Ian Morgan or Apex both around cannock chase area
  6. tree79

    rolo course needed urgently

    Where abouts are you? Try the BALI website?
  7. tree79

    Mattheck's Final UK Lectures - June 2018

    Yep there on there website. Booked up for day 2
  8. tree79

    Is Carillion The Start Of A Wild Fire?

    Looking on the amey website (sad I know) they had a part goverment contract with carillon, now amey have the full contact. Also didn't know that amey isn't UK owner either. Keir another big one, doing well it appears to be
  9. Was the owner not lucky no one was injured or killed? I know we don't know the full extent of why the tree failed. The national tree safety groups publication common sense risk management of trees gives good guidance to home owners on thee duty of care of there trees, which a prudent home owner should be aware of. I know we don't know the full story and yes there's lots of tree owners tree owners who don't do anything with there trees at all.
  10. Interesting how the home owner thinks he was lucky as its only damaged his lawn and hedge. Guessing he hasn't read any of the national tree safety group publications
  11. tree79

    Power line shutdown

    Wpd tried to charge me for a shutdown saying it's your trees and you should keep them clear, but I did point out they have a statutory obligation to maintain a set distance. The open phase was arcing in the wind. They came out and cleared the minimum to max it safe. Try reporting issues as safety issues and tree cutting request rather than a shutdown request.
  12. tree79

    Writing a tender.

    Never written one but seen many, obviously it can be a fixed price or frame work agreement. Your work specs need to be focused, not open to interpretation. I know there is standard used for some high value government tenders and I believe depending on the value. I have some previous tenders, if you drop me a pm i can email them over?
  13. tree79


    Just try bring upfront, tell them what you can do, just be honest and don't over exaggerate your ability as you can come unstuck. You never a potential employer may well appreciate your honesty and give you a chance
  14. tree79

    ms200t help

    Hi all Just looking for a little help. My ms200t struggles to hold full rev, it then dies at when at full rev. It then doesn't start unless on half choke. When I take the fuel Cap off there also a vacuum to. I've clean the air filter, tank vent but still no better. Any help would be great thank you.
  15. OK great, will have to try and get it booked do you places will be limited?
  16. tree79

    Petzl vertex attachments

    The visor works well I've found
  17. tree79


    Hi all Just looking for a little guidance and help. I have microscope and im keen to look closer at various fungi etc. Just not sure on how I take sample to do this. dose it have to a extremely thin slice to fit onto the glass slid? many thanks tree
  18. tree79

    Veteran tree tagging

    Will you be able to record/store the trees details on chip?
  19. tree79

    Veteran tree tagging

    He's a pic of what they look like.
  20. tree79

    ms200t help

    Thanks for you all help, will check the pulse pipe. I did clean the tank vent, but you might be right it's not a vacuum. Will let you know my progress Thanks for your help Tree
  21. tree79

    Statutory powers

    True but with the electricity the is a statoury clearance given for the voltage set in 43-8, I think. Just think the a little clarification is needed within the act, given the growing demand for mobile phones etc
  22. tree79

    Statutory powers

    True also only applies tpo and ca. Within the communication act 2003 it doesn't state about trees but refers back to the 1984 act. But no given distances or no power to access either, although I could of miss read it
  23. tree79

    Statutory powers

    Not aware of any for mobile phone masts.
  24. tree79

    Which subsidence course?

    Hi Not done the subsidence 1 day workshop at treelife, but from the courses I've done I would certainly recommend treelife, good atmosphere, there very approachable with a very high level of knowledge and experience. Never been on any AA so can't really comment
  25. tree79

    Amey are employing bouncers in Sheffield!

    From what I've seen of the contract if targets aren't met or obligations met then it results in a penalty, it can either be service points or a financial penalty which is deducted from the money paid to the contractor (amey). Yes I know with some government contacts it's not always easy to take back.


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