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  1. Brilliant will having a look, not sure that your postage rates are proportionate though
  2. Shocking lack of safety for the self's and others, never mind the other tres that got damaged either. Would be interested on whether Birmingham City council parks department know what there contactor do.
  3. Very ture and I guess for the cost it's cheap for peace of mind, just trying to keep costs down
  4. Hi I only do surveying/consultancy work. Spoke with arborisk and the recommend as minimum for all. Just wounder what it actually covers for or against as I don't carry out physical work
  5. Just a quick heads for any who's looking to buy Diagnosis and Prognosis of wood Decay in urban trees by Francis W.M. Schwarze it's on ebay stating at £70 with 1 hour to go..bargain as it's £130 new
  6. Like the all weather cover the BT guy has on his, will have to talk the boss into getting one for ours
  7. Hi Just wondering if there's any members of the chartered institute of horticulture on here? Thinking of joining to help broaden my area of work. Not sure how much benefit it would be though? Many thanks Tree
  8. I have the woody plant propagation book, had a quick look and it's based on field sown seed propagation. Also had a look in the grower nursery stock manual. Copied the section below.
  9. You used to be able to buy seed from Chilton seeds, a mail order seed company. Are you dipping the cuttings in rooting hormone powder? A heated propergator sounds good, I would assume a high humidity is needed but as already stated the media needs to open/free draining
  10. Think grit is used in Canada to, stone chipped window screens is the problem with grit though. Wood chip may not be suitable for wide spread use but I'm sure there areas where it could be used, may be pedestrian areas or car parks etc? But unless the price drops than it probably won't get used
  11. Ian Morgan or Apex both around cannock chase area
  12. Where abouts are you? Try the BALI website?
  13. Looking on the amey website (sad I know) they had a part goverment contract with carillon, now amey have the full contact. Also didn't know that amey isn't UK owner either. Keir another big one, doing well it appears to be
  14. Was the owner not lucky no one was injured or killed? I know we don't know the full extent of why the tree failed. The national tree safety groups publication common sense risk management of trees gives good guidance to home owners on thee duty of care of there trees, which a prudent home owner should be aware of. I know we don't know the full story and yes there's lots of tree owners tree owners who don't do anything with there trees at all.


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