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  1. jon18uk

    2 chainsaws to fell a tree

    Can anyone shed any light on what exactly is going on here?
  2. jon18uk

    Big lime leaves

    I hope you felled it to teach it a lesson
  3. Only just got to look at it. It looks ok on the face of things as far as im concerned. And I can't wait to get my commemorative 50p coin! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46017125
  4. jon18uk

    Which are the bad 261 models/years?

    Not knowing the inner workings of a muppets mind i'm not suitably qualified to answer this question sir
  5. jon18uk

    Slow down in work

    I'm down on last year for sure. Still have enough to do at the moment but could really do with more to come in soon. Perhaps everyones too busy spending all their money in beer gardens
  6. jon18uk

    Which are the bad 261 models/years?

    Yep what he said!
  7. jon18uk


    yes please, B!
  8. jon18uk

    Interesting wheelbarrow

    Tried one? Be interested how long they would last in arb. The video makes them look pretty tough
  9. jon18uk

    How to grow my business, how did you grow yours?

    ermm 10? 😂
  10. jon18uk

    How to grow my business, how did you grow yours?

    10 employees, thats when you start making real money, anything else between 2 and 10 is just that...inbetween. When you get to 10 you should be able to afford a manager to deal with the headaches, step back, and rake in the profits
  11. jon18uk

    Yard Crane

    +1 for the loader and 3-1 bucket. At least you have a machine that can do a range of tasks then
  12. As title. Does this count for much in the UK? I know it seems to be a big thing in the USA. Looking for things to add to my personal repetoir. Would companies value this in a potential employee or freelancer?
  13. jon18uk

    I know I should know this

    Do we get many of those over here? Can't say I have seen one, not knowingly anyway
  14. jon18uk

    What boots when climbing?

    Anyone tried the Stein Werewolfs?


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