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  1. It's a disturbing graph as it would seem to indicate the disease is not being contained until you realise that up to mid April it only showed people hospitalised with the disease, then they added medics and carers who tested positive and latterly tests for over 65s, carers and medics who thought they had symptoms so it it began to indicate the extent of the disease in the wider community. Of course it does show that the risk of getting it is still higher than most of us expected even though only a fraction of a % of the population are known to have or have had it. On current trend it doesn't look like it can get below mid march numbers before end June, if ever.
  2. I suspect this is a bit like the B&S engine that has no choke, the primer not only fills the carb but squirts excess fuel into the choke tube. I have a mountfield which is just the same, I leave it ticking over for a while before using it seriously. Old british bikes with Amal carburettors had a "tickling" device for cold weather starts which lowered the float to let fuel spill into the intake, over use was a sure fired way to wet the plug.
  3. It doesn't, world problems aren't going to be sorted on this platform so feel free to mske your opinion known or not. It has always fascinated me that we brits think we have a system with integrity and justice yet I see loads of examples of people manipulating it and breaking the rules in a manner that they are unlikely to be brought to book. I think it's because de minimis rules apply, such that as long as most sheeple do as the law provides...
  4. Well it would be 6 in that case because it's probably a civil matter but that's not the point, we know there is much corruption in our private and public services. Whatabout replying when you've slept it off?
  5. That's 7 year old news, I'm more concerned about who got to write this new app for £250 million and not tendering because it's an emergency measure. Mind I read for the first time that there seems to be some acknowledgement of "viral load" being a factor in the spread because it seems to work on distance from a person, measured by bluetooth signal strength AND time within that vicinity.
  6. openspaceman

    Stihl 025

    Because the chain tension flexes the clutch toward that spot when cutting hard. Any wear in either bearing would make it worse. Was the cover plate washer mounted on the crankshaft? Just out of curiosity does anyone know how this pump differs from the one on the pole saws as they look the same and both shown as .55mm (is this the stroke?) but different part numbers.
  7. Cheeky whippersnapper, I've tried and failed more times than you've had hot dinners.
  8. I wish Trouble is too many of us follow the Adam Smith model and act like yeast in fermenting beer, expanding more and more until they pickle themselves in their own effluent
  9. my current one still does
  10. Corrugated Fasteners 6x1 SC - fixings - corrugated fasteners - Corrugated Fasteners 6x1 Sc - Timber, Tool and Hardware Merchants established in 1933 WWW.SWANSEATIMBER.CO.UK Corrugated Fasteners 6 X1 Steel - Timber, Tool and Hardware Merchants Established in 1933. Specialising in Ironmongery... I used to see these a lot joining corners of boxes, they seem to have fallen out of fashion now, I hadn't thought of using then to prevent splitting. I had assumed the ones in the original post were hard plastic, like the timber tag shown, but never seen them either. Interesting idea but wouldn't thy just move the stress crack elsewhere? Mind we do weight wood while seasoning to control movement...
  11. @Khriss is having a comprehension brain fart
  12. I disagree, lang lay may be great for cranes but not much cop for winching because the outer wires are at an angle to the direction of pull. With normal right or left lay the outer wires point along the direction of travel as you pull and tend to get less contamination. I tended to use 6 x 19 constructing right lay as it is generally available, the outer wires are able to take a bit of abrasion, it also has a fibre core which I think absorbs a bit of energy in the event of breakage. As such it is a bit weaker than a 7 x 19 which has a wire core. One thing about this construction is that if it gets abused some types have tiny wires between the 19 stands to fill the gap and they develop nasty spikes so should be avoided. One wire I liked the feel of was the pre compacted 7 x 19 that came with Riko winches but never got to use it on my own machines. On this the outer strands are cold forged so the outer is no longer round but conforms to the outer diameter of the rope. The spinning on the drum is often operator error if the brake is correctly set, e.g. if the load is heavy and the operator releases the clutch before applying the drum brake the weight of the load dropping spins wire off the drum and the drum continues spinning even though the rope is no longer paying out. If the wire is pulled in again it bites through the loose layers. Also on most winches the adjustment for preventing overspin during payout is separate from the main band brake adjustment and is spring loaded.
  13. In that time our hospitals are learning better treatments and the survival rate may well go up. BTW I posted months back that were a smallpox virus to get loose we were all naive to it, that would have had a 30% death rate in the absence of modern medicaal treatment. In fact it has been eliminated in the wild. I'm not aware if variola species are RNA viruses. Of course Jenner famously demonstrated a vaccine for smallpox. Similarly HIV was fatal for the first 20 years of its appearance, there's still no cure or vaccine but there are treatement that control its spread and morbidity. The problem here has been that air travel, in particular, has enabled the spread before countries outside China were properly aware. It seems to me there was always a critical mass of humans necessary to propagate the virus once it evolved and in earlier times it may have died out naturally.
  14. The orange bits look like frass from the exit holes of a boring insect, which will be secondary to whatever is affecting the tree.
  15. You need to study Part J of the building regulations Approved Document J | Part J - Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems | Planning Portal WWW.PLANNINGPORTAL.CO.UK Details of Part J (Approved Document J) of the Building Regulations the stove fitter should be able to advise and @Alycidon seems to be able to quote them off the top of his head, I'm out of touch.
  16. You live in Liverpool? I stored my logs by the front gate for 30 years before I decided they really needed to be under cover to be dry enough to burn cleanly and never lost any yet I've had quite a few things nicked from the garden or cars over the years.
  17. This is what a deer leap does, it's a ramp at a corner which the deer can get over and hopefully not get back in. Traditionally it would be used to get feral deer into a hunting enclosure but it should work to allow them out.
  18. When you are considering investing in converting timber to logs you should be aiming to amortise your investment in equipment over the period you expect to operate it. As a one off there's not much chance of it being viable, as a long term diversification it may be. There's easily enough space in that barn to contain logs with plenty of airspace between open sided containers.
  19. I picked some walnuts up in the garden of a friend, 1/2 a mile away and 25 years ago. I took three seedling to my brother's house in Devon, telling him to plant them and as they grew remove the lesser two. He kept all three but after he died I picked three walnuts off one tree and planted them Spring 19. Two germinated but only this one flushed this spring and it is ahead of the mulberry and of course the catalpa.
  20. A picture might help identify it. The palm switches were often broken on our Greenmechs and I think the dealer charged £75 but they were available online for £24
  21. My black mulberry is just about in leaf but the catalpa up the road isn't and that is generally the last one I notice.
  22. I've told you before...
  23. No I was just curious, I have only bought small things off ebay and not had a problem yet. I have never managed to sell any of the few things I listed so similarly don't know what happens if the buyer is a scammer.


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