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  1. Did you up grade??? He is doing very well thanks .... in the new build now so it’s made life a lot easier. Added another to the tribe. Life’s changed a lot much of it for the better I was waiting for the world to change I gave up and changed myself 🙏🏻
  2. Was thinking about you Mr Eggs and your little predicament hope it’s all sorted now?? Hows it hanging Eggs??
  3. Very well thank you Mr Village.... How’s your good self and the wife getting on in the world of Arb and ice cream in these hard times or the great reset????
  4. Good to see it’s still friendly banter in here not jus tearing chunks out of one another for the fun of it. Bless you 😂
  5. I’ve found a very different theme among the nurses. On one occasion a nurse was having a miscarriage and stopped till cover was found. It was felt with that night and back on shift the next day. To frightened to take sick. I can think of two more incidents like that.
  6. Don’t really know mate make us an offer there in spud box’s so will have to check mice haven’t moved in.
  7. Yes in it from the beginning doesn’t really need to sell. Has bigger beliefs in it than just making money. The guy that was running Silk Road (rummered to be involved in setting bitcoin up)was taking a small % of any of the trades on there had 20000 coins when arrested.
  8. I’ve also got about 800 vented 1m3 cubic bags some still in the bale in Herefordshire open to offers
  9. Hence why I said the gradual climb is coming it’s always going to be a turbulent market. It was allways going to fall after it was been promoted so much as the very people putting tens of thousands into promoting it were going to pull there coins. Wanke coins still dropping sharply though.
  10. If your thinking of buying get on with it the steady climb had begun. A sharp drop was expected a freind has 800 coins and he’s not worried so it’s only going one way
  11. Nipped in and got the Mail on Sunday yesterday got home lost my shit and tuned the Amp up to 3. I’m still a little rattled to be honest.
  12. What is going on with Bitcoin it’s down to £8200 looks like panic has set in. Nice to see others going well!!
  13. I’m sorry but id be getting a few lads to go in after work and have a quite word explain a few things. Bingo yards tidy paths done if it’s snows they clear it. Give her a card and a box of chocolates on Mothering Sunday. Local authorities might get it sorted in what 6 months.
  14. My Mrs use to have a pet fox when her was a nipper. Her farther been a fireman bought it home after it got knocked down on the road. She nursed it back to good health and they were best of friends after. Quite funny considering her dad also managed a chicken farm
  15. No what I originally said. Everything has a cause.
  16. Could you even fit the bricks together with you arthritis??
  17. There’s a lot in the Scientific community now saying that the universe could of only been created not produced by the Big Bang. So do the two not cross over?
  18. If your doing a bit round the farm and got loads of knotty stuff 18 ton is more than enough. If your buying in wood and just want to do what you can’t get through the processor then 13/14 tons good enough in 5 years there was only a handful of pieces I could not break down with my 13 my 18 never missed one piece.
  19. Please... I just told you the guy that came up with it questioned it. Do yourself a favour don’t be so condescending next time my thinking has nothing to do with the currant pollitical climate. I don’t let anything influence how I think now I ain’t very bright but there some claring problems with his theory. I didn’t study youtube to come to my conclusion.
  20. Can’t think of a worse machine for doing billets. If it does spin one and it catches it’s going to hurt.


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