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  1. philip joines

    second hand and new vented sacks

    1.5 cube 0.75 cube 1 cube 25 of each £180.00 cheers Philip 07773354449
  2. philip joines

    second hand and new vented sacks

    any one looking for second hand vented sack save pounds all in good condition and nets of chopstick .. ring if interested 07773354449 based in gwent
  3. philip joines


    as far as iam aware a friend mine been using for 6 years with no problems on 2 mulfuels in is 8 bedroom house its from a opencast burns and lasts well . in fact a local garage is selling coal and could get no heat out of it I thought they was painted pebbles how much do you want to buy were you from thank philip
  4. philip joines


    only 700 nets of chop stick left selling fast
  5. philip joines


    do you want to buy any and how far are from me can give you a sample to try iam np235bl
  6. philip joines


    just purchased 100 tons of coal yes 4 artic loads .. this is good coal for multi fuel and wood burners helps me sell logs aswell gives good heat and lasts tried and tested the last 6 weekes we are in gwent np235bl any one interested give me a text or ring as iam not always on arb talk collected from np235bl 07773354449 also got 1500 nets of chopstick
  7. philip joines

    eco fans

    brand new £ 40 for 800 model 14 of those like to sell as a job lot
  8. philip joines

    Kindling price

    how many do you want we do them in 3 kg nets thanks phil 07773354449 collected from np235bl
  9. philip joines

    eco fans

    got 20 calframo eco fans if any one interested 800 810 812 models 07773354449 philip
  10. philip joines

    tow behind firewood processor

    thanks for your help palax I think its going to be philip
  11. philip joines

    tow behind firewood processor

    petrol Honda engine petrol Honda engine thanks philip
  12. philip joines

    tow behind firewood processor

    thanks for replies got a posch 350 done 500 tons blade still good if it was a chainsaw be forever sharpening and got lads working it must be a circular saw been told palax do one waiting for a brochure to come thanks anyway philip
  13. philip joines

    tow behind firewood processor

    looking to purchase a tow behind fire wood processor to hire out with circular saw which would be the best one thanks Philip
  14. philip joines

    second hand and new vented sacks

    np235bl gwent
  15. philip joines

    second hand and new vented sacks

    anyone looking for new or second hand vented sacks and potatoe crates thanks Philip 0777 3354449 give me a text


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