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  1. I also have one and will second what Craig has said, I really like it and it's been tested properly now, with all the terrible weather we've been having!!
  2. KK's or the DMM ally distels, I'm having problems fitting a spikesender to them though
  3. A splice on cougar couldn't be certified in Europe as it's not a CE certified rope?
  4. Treeworker.co.uk mate I have a pair, I really like them! The spikesender is a brilliant idea, it's a lot better positioned than a pantin under your stirrup. I have the spacer with and attachment point for a haas or hand ascender, but haven't had chance to make a clip on one yet. They are really well made and super light.
  5. FimbleSAVER less friction than a multisaver but more than a pulleySAVER, jus to throw a spanner in the works
  6. It's exactly the same as mine? What eye have you got on your rope? Pull the retrieval cone by the red cord through the pulley it will fit
  7. It's the newer model of the pulleySAVER silky, they don't have that clip on anymore as the were going up in to the pinto rig and scoring the pulley wheel. The new pulley save has a small pinto now!
  8. I don't understand,what's not right about it? It's exactly the same as mine same retrievable cone and it does go through the pinto and get caught on the thimble!

    <p>I would still love to come over to NZ one day, but I can't realistically see it happening as I have a wife and daughter. If I was 10yr younger I'd be there tomorrow <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />. Hope your well? Where in the uk were you?</p>



  10. Yale lime lite is awesome rope and exactly the same as blue tongue, just a different colour!
  11. Try some Samson vortex from Treeworker.co.uk give them a call. It's a 12.7mm rope I'm sure?
  12. Yeah vortex is nice rope from Treeworker.co.uk Also the ignite did seem a nice rope when I saw it at the apf!
  13. Haha. This mewp does look an awesome bit of kit
  14. a 7 day job done by 1 o'clock!! Awesome
  15. There was a limited run of the pink hitch climbers so If you've found it at buxtons buy it?!
  16. yeah mate i think he's working on buxtons stand?
  17. yeah jon seen him climb in a couple of isa comps
  18. Thanks mate good to see you again at the weekend to
  19. I would put money on Graham being the uk&i tcc champ sometime in the future, he's only 19? and already an awesome climber
  20. heres a link 2T 4400Lbs High Strength Oval Lashing Lifting Ring Tool Red
  21. vertical speed lining possibly got 1 but could always do with another


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