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  1. Alright everyone, check out the results in the link below climbing comp out here on the west coast. Ladies https://excel.office.live.com/x/ExcelView.aspx?FBsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fdownload%2Ffile_preview.php%3Fid%3D1435061686761047%26time%3D1403972970%26metadata&access_token=570632545%3AAVK8YaxZUTeVTxXlxGz8-eXEGyColhWn803l-SNhLHQFVA&title=2014+Womens.xlsx Mens https://excel.office.live.com/x/ExcelView.aspx?FBsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fdownload%2Ffile_preview.php%3Fid%3D913803195302116%26time%3D1403972776%26metadata&access_token=570632545%3AAVLmE86lqkO6OQUnms9qZHU3K3wkAceUq4P2w145n3vwfw&title=2014+Mens.xlsx
  2. Italian Tree Climbing Championships 2014

    There's some great trees it Turin the ETCC was held there a few years back, all I can say is big plane trees, great weather. Traffic is a bit mental though
  3. New pulley saver

    good point that one Marc, I too prefer the bearings over the bushes. flows much better and work more efficiently. the only reason i can think is that it is easier to retrieve when you have installed the EQUALIZA for sharing your loads over two anchor points ::Teufelberger:equaLIZA
  4. O.C.D Kit storage.

    Yep gotta say my Black diamond bag is still going strong, i must go out and get another 2 before they stop making them. And who the hell is this Q ??
  5. Piccadilly tree work

    It's not difficult just give it all a go mate, with you travelling on your own it's probably a piece of cake. If I was single I would not hesitate at going to the island then try mainland even the interior.
  6. Piccadilly tree work

    Driving is your best friend out here in my opinion, if theres work go and get it. As for gear it varies form what you want to buy, just look online and figure it out is the only way to know?
  7. Piccadilly tree work

    Reg is true about them always hiring, this is a defiantly and avenue to explore. The small firms rarely advertise for jobs and if they do! you'll have to move fast or it'll be gone. Cut throat? yes winter is quiet on the work side, but i have kept busy. ask yourself this. do you want a guarantee that you have work every day and a rest easy that you will have the same income that month to the next, then your better looking at a larger firm. If you want a fun relaxed atmosphere and no politics and an up and down payslip from month to month then go small. PM me if you need more info
  8. Piccadilly tree work

    what can i say he clearly loves you! ALLOT
  9. Piccadilly tree work

    probably forgot too put the plug in the wall yet the battery was in the charger, i hate getting older
  10. Piccadilly tree work

    it was and i guess i stuck at it and made it, just spoke to my broundy that day and he said in the ivy there was a few stones he found. so no surprise she was dull by the top.
  11. Piccadilly tree work

    Yeah she is gutless i going to buy a ported exhaust for my ms200 and use that instead with a 14" bar thats a better solution short term. Reg is mad:001_tt2: and yes i can share some of those moments he has on the poorly bidded jobs that flog the tits off you mentally.. normal day is 9hrs and your average varies, and there can be allot of driving some days
  12. Piccadilly tree work

    Steady on Marc RCO will get upset only he is the master of laying logs!
  13. Piccadilly tree work

    You always outside the box Peter arn't you
  14. Piccadilly tree work

    I know you were not being condescending.
  15. Piccadilly tree work

    Yeah I do diversify sometime mr Bullman!! Can't be labelled and a gear freak all the time.


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