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  1. My biggest concern would be climbers trying to find a secondary tie in point because they have too; and choosing something substandard. If an accident occurs and the better-primary roping point is conpramised, the climber has no choice but to climb down on the substandard roping point. This is especially dangerous when an aerial rescue has to be performed relying on the substandard anchorpoint. I am also concerned that less experienced climbers will put themselves in danger and find themselves trying to find a suitable secondary anchor point, when it would be safer to just have the one and tie in twice when cutting. I'm wondering if the effort should be put into educating everyone not to one handed chainsaw cut and to always rope in twice when cutting. I think more accidents will be prevented this way than adding in another rope that's mandatory. Chris. Marc Doyle Treework. NZ
  2. Qualified Arborist Roles in New Zealand - Team Leader and Climber Positions Are you a qualified Arborist looking for a challenging role and a fresh start with a growing Arboricultural Company? Do you want a job where you earn top dollar and love coming to work? Do you value capable reliable gear and great people to work with? Do you wish you had more scope to learn, have fun and work on interesting projects? Do you want to work with a team that helps you learn new skills and create new opportunities? At Marc Doyle Treework we nurture a culture of self improvement and well-being. We challenge each other, our organisation and the industry in order to grow and adapt to the changing environment. Our vision is to be the gold standard of arboriculture in New Zealand providing an unrivaled customer experience and service to our clients in the Waikato. We aim to achieve this through mindful practices and processes, to leave the environment safe and healthy, clients with peace of mind to enjoy their green spaces, all while providing our team the opportunity to grow, challenging themselves, our company and the industry. As the Waikato regions number one arboricultural company business is booming and we need passionate people to join our team. Here’s why working with us will be the best career move you make: We pay top rates $3000NZ bonus after three years Up to a $1,000NZ PPE allowance on day 1 If you’re relocating towns we’ll help with any moving costs up to $1,000NZ Helmet, wet weather gear and boots provided A paid day off on or around your birthday After work drinks, barbeques and lots of fun social events – you’ll need a sense of humour! If you've got the initiative and want to learn, we will put you on the courses you need to better yourself and your career A team who looks after you and wants you to succeed Here’s what we need from you: Arboricultural experience essential Be a Qualified Arborist level 4 or above Competent in aerial rescue Make H+S a priority Have a clean full NZ Drivers license (class 2 preferred) Be able to work un-supervised, run your own jobs and train apprentices Honest and trustworthy Experience with both residential commercial work would help Take pride in your work and go the extra mile to make sure the job is top notch Great people skills both with fellow workmates and customers If you think you’ve got what it takes then email your CV and brief cover letter telling us why you are the right person for the job to [email protected] Applicants for this position must have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa. We can help with this!!!! Marc Doyle Treework has a drug and alcohol free policy, successful candidate will need to pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test and a Police Convictions Background check.
  3. Hi Jo, please feel free to send me your details, we are looking for a climber in Hamilton NZ. E-mail [email protected] Regards
  4. Hi Dave, we are liking for a team leader for our third team. Currently employing 6 and looking to expand to 7-8. Love to hear from you Marcdoyletreework.co.nz E-mail- [email protected]
  5. <p>Hi I have come across a post of yours on here and, I am a UK citizen looking to head to work in NZ and was just wondering if yourself or any colleagues would be able to help me out as far as looking for work? Regards, James ([email protected]).</p>


    <p>I would still love to come over to NZ one day, but I can't realistically see it happening as I have a wife and daughter. If I was 10yr younger I'd be there tomorrow <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />. Hope your well? Where in the uk were you?</p>



  7. Its just all about training. He's keen, thats the main thing. He just needs showing. Its no good not saying anything and coming on Arbtalk to discuss it, he won't learn. Take him under your wing and help him improve. You just need to approach it carefully so he sees you are thinking of bettering him. You don't want him to think you are condescending or it will have a negative effect. Sounds like he wants to know, just hasn't been shown. Cheers
  8. We are again after climbers and grounds people at this point, so any suggestions would be great! cheers
  9. Hi there, How did you get on? Did you get over? I am owner of marcdoyletreework.co.nz in NZ. Was interested to see your previous conversation re Aus. You over there or still in UK? We are looking for climbers at the moment, if you have any suggestions or people in mind I would appreciate the contact. Many thanks
  10. Hi there. Similar message to the previous. I also have a position available for a climber in Hamilton. Very central to everything in the North Island if you would like the opportunity. 1.5 hours to Aux- 1.5 to Tauranga, 1.75 to Taupo Raglan just round theca corner. Get in touch if you would like to discuss further. check us out Marcdoylertreework.co.nz
  11. <p>Hi Ben, hows it all going? enjoying the trees in the UK? I was back there for a month over Christmas. You busy with work? I am looking for a climber again now so would appreciate the heads up if you are aware of anyone that may be making there way over to this region..? would be happy to help a climber or two get set up in NZ. Keep in touch, many thanks.</p>

  12. Climbing work NZ available now- We are a rapidly growing small-medium size Arboricultural firm in Hamilton NZ. Great opportunities available now for experienced and new arborists looking for an over seas experience, working with a professional highly motivated team. Short and long term positions available. For more info please call 0064 274912543- e-mail- [email protected] Check out our website Marc Doyle Treework: Tree services by qualified arborists based in Hamilton, Free Quotes. - Marc Doyle Treework
  13. Hi Arran. Just a quick message to say high and hope you are enjoying NZ. We are currently looking for a lead climber and a secondary climber/ groundsman in Hamilton NZ (North Island) what are your plans here? We are a small- medium arboricultural business with a lot of growth ahead of us, we have great opportunities for staff at the moment. Are you planning on sticking around NZ or off traveling? would love to chat more any time. contact us any time- e-mail- [email protected]
  14. Tried out the Pinto pulley on the hitch climber today on a large take down, It is good, Im sure it would be handy for the right tree but I found it difficult to get positioned right on it as the secondary line created cannot be adjusted. Its like it needs another prussic, a neat idea though.


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