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  1. I'll book this one in the diary, I missed this weekends trip, had to spend some time with the Mrs Bit of a distance but will see if anyone travelling past merseyside can grab me - Jay
  2. +1 for Yale Blue tongue, was tempted to get one of the Yale poison ivy calamine/poison ivy tropical but hardly anyone over here supplies the tropical so went with Blue tongue, Had my ZZ for 5 months now, (Christmas present from the GF) no cracks/dents or any damage great piece of kit, just a shame it wasnt made for 14mm max that way 13mm would run smoooth and it would be thicker metal then thinking about using it with a pulley saver as I'm just using it over branches since I hate using cambium savers (yes I get them stuck.. alot) Jay
  3. Cracking vid matey Great music too Jay
  4. Great work guys, truly inspirational, they will be soo soo grateful for your help, really guys a big well done to you! Amazing video aswell, keep up the good work! Jay
  5. StirlingArb

    My gear

    Its not complete but its a start for small to medium jobs
  6. I will try to ask around boating places, but its would they be able to splice plaited rope? I can splice 3 strand easily to make anything but i dont have the tools for plaited rope - Jay
  7. Hi guys looking for a splicer in the northwest preferably merseyside My friend has a Yale Polydyne multi-sling 19mm x 5m, he nicked it with his saw about 1m from the loopless end. The inner core is not touched just the outer braiding, could anyone splice it and put a copy of the X rigging ring in? https://honeybros.com/Item/Antal_Low_Friction_Ring Cheers - Jay
  8. <p>probably easier if you could email it to us at <a href="mailto:" rel="">treetopsdevegetation@aol.com</a> Cheers</p>


    <p>Hi jay</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Just wondered if you had found other work? If not could you send me your mobile number please?</p>


  10. Cheers gentlemen, That has given me some relief, there's me sweating my ass off in C's I know insurance wise you just have to declare that you're using A's in your risk assessment and why (too hot etc) Thank you again good sirs I can now pass on my Hiflex to my girlfriend as a nice warm set of trousers - Jay
  11. Okay cheers mate, Its just to put my mind at ease really, I'll still be getting them husky tech extremes then Jay
  12. I've always worn type C Stihl Hiflex for climbing no matter what the weather as they're the only CS trousers I have, but now its that time to buy a new pair of trousers but I fancied a change and really like the Husky tech extreme, but they only do them in type A.. So my question is do many of you climb with Type A trousers? I'm 100% confident in my saw work and always keep my legs out of the way but its one of them, "the one time you dont, it will get you" situations with going to type A Cheers - Jay
  13. *Edit* - Sorry if this isn't new knews to some, I just got a little excited because it stands out that little bit more - Jay
  14. For anyone using a ZigZag you may use blue tongue or Yale Poison Ivy/Hivy/Calamine versions, I was about to buy the Calamine (pink) version as its that little bit easier to see than the Ivy and Hivy or blue tongue, but I never knew there was a Poison Ivy tropical version till now, and in 11.7mm!! http://www.sherrilltree.com/Tropical-Ivy-Climbing-Rope#.VRrbn_nF-3o - Jay
  15. StirlingArb


    Who says i said it was rock climbing experience, you'll actually find I was taught from a young age by my uncle whos a royal marine, how to use Drt with prusiks, by the age of 10 I bought my own gear with my own money, im definitely not one of those arb students that mummy and daddy bought a brand new tree motion harness and protos helmet.. everything i own i have personally saved for, and trained on till i know it/set it up/tie it/start it/ without fault - jay


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