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  1. <p>Hi Richard i'm in the same boat as you too old with family looking at the 190 also i've not got 3 years climbing until july so won't be able to do anything until then, i was shocked at the tra fees! although im not much use to you information wise at the moment i'll try to find out about why they wont accept our cs tickets two heads looking is better than one right? good luck buddy and keep me posted. Cheers mike</p>

  2. Hi all Bit of an update for you all, having spoken to the wife in great detail we have decided not to go down the employers sponsor route,. For us with a family there is just too much risk. Instead we are going to look at getting a visa via the 190 route (Queensland as it's on their csol) Anyway we have immediately come up against an issue: the TRA who are the assessing body for the qualification do not recognise the cs30,-39. Instead you need either an NyQuil level 2 (which has been gained over a period of no less than one year via a college, or a aqf level 2 in arborculture. I have been informed that the aqf can be done in the uk, but was wandering if anyone else has gone through the process and what they did?
  3. Hi all, I am after a little help and assistance. Myself and my family are looking to move to Australia in the very near future, we have visited a few times and love it. We would prefer South Australia, but have no particular hold over any set area, as long as we don't live in the cities (we are rural people with a country and outdoor lifestyle) I am an experienced arborist with 6 years direct experience, I am currently an Operations Manager for a local company and normally run between 4 and 7 teams per day, alongside surveys and quotations. Prior to this I was a Police officer for 11 years. I am looking for some tips on; who to contact, who is recruiting, and experiences from others who have made the move. I am too old for a working holiday (35) and am looking for a long term solution as I will be moving with my family (wife and 3 young children) so ideally a 457 visa would suit, with a company who I can progress and have a long term working relationship with. Thanks Richard


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