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  1. Got asked to help these trees. Never tried grafting young tips; but I'd say if the kids did this with clubs, trying that would be distroyed the same day.
  2. We hired a few and I'd agree; they are not the best on lawns or drives. You need articuled or 4wheel steer.
  3. I bought a same Antares front weight tray, for €30. It weighs a fair bit I think around 30kg, but I can get another 30-40kg of chains etc into it. My dealer wanted €350 for 5x16kg. I'll probably make something out of a bent pallet fork, which requires less faffing
  4. Are fixed grabs not harder on the rotator? Ie you need a higher capacity rotator if fixed?
  5. Hi guys, just near the end of a quick break to Chicago. Is there anything I should be looking into buying and bringing home? Ie harnesses, saws etc? Both a harness and battery saw are on my wish list for last year. Cheers
  6. Those 18fts are near a ton empty without sides.
  7. Is it true the main bearing is €1000? Talking to a few owners I have heard they are not cheap to run? Pity as I was thinking it would be an ideal component to my little business
  8. id rather use a new bag and give it to client than give 10% extra in volume
  9. I made my own, well badly made! It holds approx 2 cubic metres of logs which both our compact tractors haul with. It's roughly 4ft wide and 10ft long. I'll throw up some photos tomorrow as I'll be using it then.
  10. I have "bulk bags" which have probably been used several times (by myself). I was giving away fresh ash last year at €50 per bag. I did think it took ages to fill! I got a new bag so filled it and then filled the "old" bag. Old bag was only 60% ie between halfway and 2/3rds. I have decided that I'll use the bags as temp storage; but I'm now just using my nugent tipper, selling on its internal dimensions and volume. Full she's 5.8 cube. Although the mesh sides do bulge slightly!
  11. I have a largish stem, approx 3ft x 8ft. Is it worth milling or is it only fit for firewood rings?
  12. I took on cutting the grass in the estate where I live, loading the little kubota 6200 isn't what I call funinto the tipper and then tie it down. So much fun I looked into getting a car transporter. . Just be careful. I'd agree with others regarding centre of gravity.
  13. I have a 35 hp kioti and book weight is 1200kg; you'll need at least 12 ft to contain it with a chipper, but you might need weights on front which will rob space. Not really a problem if it's occasional usage; but if your doing a day a week or more; I'd suggest going tracked, you'll have more hp; and convenience.


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