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  1. Bump still looking to fill days up
  2. Business is starting to slow down now so looking for subby work to keep me going untill Xmas and into the new year. Happy to work up to the 23rd. All the usually tickets 30-39, first aid, chipper, cscs, ect plus got my hgv2 and hiab. Experience in domestic and commercial, highways ect not utility. 8 years experience + ex forces so not scared of a days graft Happy on the ground or helping out with some climbing, have my own PPE, climbing kit ect + insurance. Warwickshire based, will travel to parts of the west mids including Solihull and Coventry. Drop me a message and let's put our diaries together 👍🏻
  3. Mr_D


    Not sure if this is the best place to post, but looking for mewp hire in Warwickshire, need it tracked ideally 14 meter minimum....it's for a job next week which is a mix of tree work and some house maintenance. Any idea or anyone local to Warwickshire got one to hire out?
  4. It doesn't hurt just baffled me a bit Ty but like I said I'm very new to this so will get used to it I'm guessing. And yes it was the customer that told me, as for bullshit, it isn't I emailed her back and said I couldn't come near the price and could only go as low as £500, her response was she would of been happy to pay that as that's what she was expecting so was also shocked at £200
  5. Cheers lads, it's nice to know I'm not under selling myself, it's just frustrating the diary is empty at the min and could of done with the job, but to see I have been beaten like that....well I hope something goes wrong and they ask me to correct it
  6. Just been massively undercut on a job I quoted, I know it's life and you win some and loose some blah blah blah but I don't know how they have gone in so cheap. It was a garden clearance job, mainly shrubs and small trees...iv been doing this a wile and know there's two days on it, it's a drag through a conservatory and garage so access was rubbish. Now I could be really out on my pricing but for me I charge 320 a day for two blokes, so out 640 on the job hoping to get it done in under two days. I was also told at the start of the quote someone else would be quoting so bared that in mind and gave myself a max of 500 to price match which again i thought was fair. £200! That's what they are getting it done for?! Now I think you could get it done in a day if you throw 3 blokes at it but even then 3 blokes for a day £200! It's a bit of a rant this, and I have Newley set up on my own, but if that's what you up against how are you suppose to make a living
  7. As title can anyone advise the best place to use, best price and pics of there work? Cheers lads
  8. Have you got contact details you could share mate?
  9. Cheers lads I'll have a look at them
  10. Can anyone recommend someone who might be able to give me a price or someone who does the work in Warwickshire area, looking to convert my l200
  11. Warwickshire/Midlands based
  12. Forgot to say also have an l200 and soon To have a chipper which can be utilised


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