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  1. Nothing there that couldn’t be done by hand in the 45 minute windows, you’ll have a head start on the side away from the line anyway. Either a Crane or 360 Telehandler with Crane Winch taking the material out for you and process it on the road. Going with a Crane that could be deemed to reach the line has all changed now and will throw up all sorts, just aim to reach a sweet spot in the garden and you’ll not need a huge crane. You can even hire a skip and keep filing this with smaller stuff to lift over. Eddie.
  2. Don’t be put off, I’d say there’s a nice niche for someone as most of the legwork is already done if you choose a model that’s available in Europe spec. Do your homework and I think there could be some serious savings on kit that could last many years. Eddie.
  3. Did someone say versatility from their low impact setup? The poor thing even backing under the Liebherr for a load!? Eddie.
  4. Greg had it not me, simply incredible machine, done some serious amount of work with no real issues, but Bottom Rollers and Sprockets were eye watering cost. Loads of tweaks and mods over the time, and I could build an incredible one now as so much was learnt from that machine. Be some state now, they could bend an anvil!
  5. It’s deemed as being new to Europe even though it’s secondhand. Excavators, Tracked Dumpers etc flooded in at one time and companies did many varying standards of making them comply to CE Marking. A lot of it was simply getting an English operators manual and changing all the safety decals to English. However plenty about with a CE mark and all the warning stickers in Japanese! Eddie.
  6. Sadly and it’s getting worse every year, the clients don’t want you near when it’s dry and they’ve never organised themselves enough to get you on in the all important window early September. You can run artics to cart silage if we’ve a drought, but you’d not find many gearing up for it! In the genuine low impact game, the site tells you what you need and not what you have sat in the yard. There really is no one solution fits all and the issue isn’t with Contractors they’re busting their balls to buy kit, work around the constraints and weather yet still deliver. The problem is management of sites that’s lacking in education of alternative methods, or what actually can be achieved with the right kit/methods and timing. Give the right people the work and they can keep moving forward with you, educating and investing in better solutions. Cut them out for £500 less and have your site wrecked, then go looking for excuses is more the norm. Lastly, the minimal impact will almost inevitable cost more and that’s where most just say crack on it’ll grass up in spring! Eddie.
  7. I think the self certification route in my case allows me to have exactly what I want constructed in a safe and sensible way, able to stand up to scrutiny should an incident occur, plus put safeguards into the construction to ensure it doesn’t. I get an added layer of protection for my money is how I have to look at it. I think the main issue of importing chippers will be to ensure a good alternative supply of spares in case the UK dealers are unwilling to cooperate. Eddie.
  8. I do smile at some of the low impact threads on here now and again, and let’s just say the definition of low impact can be somewhat stretched at times from most people’s interpretation of it. Simple fact totally opposite to most things especially Construction, tidy doesn’t pay in Forestry, full trucks out of the gate does. That’s why low impact is mainly Conservation or wealthier Landowners who simply don’t want any impact or their place messed up. I’ve seen/used most types of kit to deliver what I’d consider genuine low impact solutions, and had more than a few nice touches going in after others who thought that band tracks on a big lump of forwarder would let them walk on water, or the small kit could tackle terrain far outside it’s comfort zone. Fact is it’s a niche market, everyone has a different interpretation and it then becomes like everything a race to the bottom to see what you can actually get away with to call low impact. Some could do the job and leave the grass undisturbed and others think they’ve done a tidy job because it only took an excavator three days to level the ruts and slop instead of two weeks. As for many of the solutions out there, you can simply do better hiring a tracked dumper with a set of bolsters or extended sides on for a few days. Load it with an Excavator, tip it sensibly and have the machine man stay on at night to stack it. I’ve even done it with a roof mount tractor stacking what a decent size tracked dumper was forwarding to him, and it kept him more than honest with an Excavator, loading/raking/tidying it’s way out the other end. A three tonne tracked dumper with bolsters running off a 1.5 tonne machine for a day or two would shift you a fair pile and leave you little to tidy up. It’s a whole subject in itself and we don’t get enough demo days done in realistic conditions of different methods/contractors to see what could possibly work best for who? Eddie.
  9. I asked the question because I’m currently going through it with an attachment and it’s opened my eyes somewhat to something I’d previously just considered another load of shite lumped on us from Europe. Turns out it’s nothing like I thought, nothing is there to trip you up and in reality you’re simply compiling the evidence into a file, having instructions written and then getting your certificate and CE mark. I’ve been quoted 3.5k by an external company, but that could be less yet as another manufacturer would be able to do it in house. In this instance with a Chipper that’s probably already sold into Europe it would be far simpler. Instructions will already be written, any safety features needed to comply with any Euro legislation will be available off the shelf and in reality the whole process becomes a case of seeing what the original manufacturer did to comply with the CE mark themselves. Certainly not a huge job for one of the many companies out there specialising in this, and they’ll have no issues writing out a certificate on something that you’ve retrofitted all the bits to make exactly the same as the manufacturers Euro spec model. It may even be the case it’s exactly the same anyway. Same as everything in this Industry, you either try to comply or crack on and take the competitive edge. Almost certainly you’ll get away with it unless something goes wrong, and that’s when it’s long faces all round and you have to weigh up was it worth it? Eddie.
  10. Sorry how foolish of me not to assume someone would import a Chipper and not actually let anyone else use it or undertake any paid work with it. Oh yes and they’d take it the scrapyard or on a boat to Africa after they’ve finished with it. I’ll leave it at that, people paid a lot more than me will be asking the questions come an incident. Eddie.
  11. What will the CE Marking cost on top? Eddie.
  12. Absolutely horrendous, a top guy simply robbed of his life by the big C. He was just the same as so many of us, passionate about kit, loved doing the job and trying out new ideas/setups. He reached out for some advice and the Pc118mr turned up which are rare secondhand, and it was a great upgrade from his previous Takeuchi TB175. After many conversations, it made the trip to Scotland where John went through the machine, fitted the big pads etc, and then installed the Engcon setup. Things like the rake and steel log were replicated from my own Kubota setups and the TMK was chosen as a good fast unit under the Engcon. Buckets were slowly being added/swapped etc, until a call came I’ll not forget in a long time. The measure of the man, it was me who had to say, hold on mate you’ll have to give me a minute to put myself back together, as he just moved the conversation on as if nothing had been said. He literally had no time between the news and gone. R.I.P Mark. Eddie.
  13. The Komatsu Pc118mr is rare because they cost as much as the more popular 13 tonner. This will almost certainly have been one of the Hawk fleet that were utilised on a big chunk of the M6 smart motorway job. I know of only one that is an Owner Operator machine from new. It’ll have had plenty of seat fillers and lots of hours running nothing more than the heater. You’re basically paying 28k for it, the rest will go on another carrier machine if you want to trade up in future after putting some hours on it.
  14. My Nephew has his own Garage specialising in Land Rover and makes a tidy living off the back of the Discovery 3 and 4. The speed they can split the body off these things is incredible, but literally every time I go there’s another one or two in for an engine or turbos. I’ve had a lot more luck than most with Land Rover products, mainly bought new and looked after, but no way I’d touch a Discovery 3 or 4 despite being the vehicle I’ve always wanted. I’d genuinely say if you haven’t a straightforward cushion of around 8k available to hand at any time for a big repair, then leave them well alone. As with everything there will be good and bad out there, buy as late as possible with warranty is one way, or as I say just be prepared for the worst and hope for the best from the start. Eddie.
  15. Automatically! Just pick the grab up, as the hitch slides into position it forces the Hydraulic Connections together. Brilliant system, not without faults if people fail to look after them and bits are expensive, again you shouldn’t need many if you care for it. Eddie.
  16. Where do you draw the line? If the guys had it refurbished that included the pins/bushes and the king post line bored etc etc, a bit of paint to smarten it up was hardly a crime I’d say? Eddie.
  17. Interesting question that one, but depending on how the centre swivel and valve block is setup on the Ec214 you should be able to get about 140 ltr/min through with a bit of JCC Magic. That would be more than enough for an 8 tonne class Mulcher and give you full 360 rotate with out any trailing hoses. The double block Engcon top won’t be cheap, and you’ll have to pipe the case drain back through the return, but I certainly had no issues with that on my FAE. Should run a Mulcher nice, these are 100hp, which is 13 tonne class power. A call to John Craig will give you your exact options as it depends on the units build spec. Eddie.
  18. Full package here that won’t take a genius to work out I had a fair bit of influence when being converted. The 118mr is something you don’t see that often used, and pack some serious hp, plus a good size cab in what’s virtually an 8 tonner size. Done virtually nothing since being gone through by John Craig, with the 700mm pads setting it off nicely. This is what I call a full fat Ec-Oil setup, with Twin Blocks giving maximum flow to attachments, and the Ec214 is equipped with the Hi Flow swivel. No messing about with changeover switches on this, it’s full Control System. Comes with Rake and Steel log as we nicknamed it that clip onto the blade when not in use, but are incredibly effective at clear up or woodchip levelling in combination with the grab by using the pockets to grip them. Buckets are a bit of an all sorts, but plenty to get going with. Komatsu PC118MR With engcon Northampton Crawler excavators, Year of manufacture: 2012 - Mascus UK WWW.MASCUS.CO.UK Komatsu PC118MR With engcon - the United Kingdom - Another tiltrotator machine in stock and the... Eddie.
  19. Followed Red Winches on Instagram and spotted some Recovery Rings they do to work in conjunction with Soft Shackles. Did a bit of digging and found this video which gives a good oversight of the concept. Certainly a different way of going about things with much lighter easy to handle components, and the ability to make up multiple blocks easily could really help in many situations. Eddie.
  20. It’s what works for the individual. I ran new, wasn’t scared to death about breakdowns, simply took a shot at going from older and handy with the spanner’s as you say to new. Best move I ever made, just putting the key in and diesel is the way forward if you’ve plenty of other stuff to get on with. It’s a little like machines, I don’t have workshop facilities, I can do a lot of stuff myself, but prefer newer kit in the hope of less hassle, and buying new Kubota’s was the best way of ensuring minimum hassle I ever found. Currently have the best I could find used 2 years ago AWD Transit, and I’ve spent a fortune on it in comparison to the previous new Defenders I ran. Simply because I can’t find a replacement, I’ve just thrown 2k at it to get it completely gone through as it’s no rot whatsoever and hope to get a while longer out of it whilst continuing the search for the newer shape in AWD. Finding a short low roof with low miles is almost impossible!! Eddie.
  21. A lot depends on your business model, if you only go 30 mile from home you will put up with a lot more than if you need to travel distance reliably. Best thing I ever did was switch to new Defenders, depreciation was negligible and did everything I wanted. I’m running an AWD Transit now, wish I’d had one 10 years ago in many ways, but you can’t find them in the newer shape anywhere from fleets yet, so I keep looking at 4x4 sprinters. If you haven’t a reliable vehicle in the morning, it makes everything harder. Eddie.
  22. Brilliant films, a fantastic showcase, credit to you and your team.? Eddie.
  23. I’d recommend the Tajfun one then, you can get them from Kilworth Machinery. Absolutely beautiful bit of kit, incredibly light, no tools required and is 13 tonne rated so perfect for you. Some images here, it comes as a kit with a sling. TAJFUN PS 130 Snatch Block WWW.FORDAQ.COM CATEGORY TYPE: Accessories for Harvesting Machines; CATEGORY: Snatch Block; BRAND: Tajfun... Eddie.
  24. What rating is your winch?
  25. The image is straight off the guys Twitter account, shouldn’t take much finding. Eddie.


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