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  1. by the way, your message box is full

  2. thanks for the heads up and txt, hadnt replied was upto my neck, see the reduction thread later!:lol:


    I still owe you a lunch, we going to be seeing you sometime in the foray season?:thumbup1:



  3. I usually undertake Hammersmith's tree surveying every year, but due to other OPM work commitments I can't fit it in this time around. The work will be re-surveying between a quarter and a third of the Borough's street tree stock and re-surveying an unknown quantity of their park sites using CONFIRM and a tablet PC. I imagine it should take three to four months full-ish time. The way the council is set up means that you can't be employed directly and you will have to go via one of their approved general work agencies. I use Eden Brown (Ross Henderson on 0207 422 7397), who are ok and their percentage is a heckofa lot less than certain specialised agencies! For all the details, please contact Gavin Simmons, Arb' Manager on 0208 753 3046 or gavin.simmons@lbhf.gov.uk. He needs someone ASAP!!!
  4. Work at home info please

    What are your handycraft skills like? Take a look at one of the online gift retailers, like notonthehighstreet, and take some inspiration from there. Or there's always adult chat lines
  5. Chuck the bikes out of the race van and rough it in that for a couple of weeks at a time Or drop in on those long lost relatives who just happen to live near to your proposed work site.
  6. Work at home info please

    That always looks like a bit of a scam to me; I always see ad's for proof reading quailifications at only x amount, but no guaranteed work at the end of it.
  7. I.D. please

    You're not punching it hard enough then, you big, tree abusing girl Ditto on that.
  8. Sadlers Wells ballet....

    They weren't showing THAT at the Royal Opera House when I was there last month!!!
  9. Talhotblond

    I watched it last night. To me, it perfectly sums up the dangers of an internet social life. It allows all parties, if they are so inclined, to play out their fantasy lives and avoid any responsibilty. You'd never catch me on a forum...
  10. Your ability to break wives is not a great selling point for any prospective newbies. What have you done to the poor lass?
  11. chainsaw kecks

    That's confused the hell out of me I always thought "keks" meant ones' undergarments, so firstly asking for chainsaw protective pants and then saying they had to have a 34'' inside leg... My mind is boggling
  12. So you want a new climber for your company

    I can't even RUN that fast
  13. Morning climb Hatfield forest tommorow.

    ... If only I didn't already have tickets for the ballet... According to the latest forecast, you're going to have a gorgeous day for it. Enjoy.


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