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  1. I tried the search engine duckduckgo for a bit as an alternative to Google. Didn't get as good results back. Also, when looking up the filums, it always comes back in with a result of IMDB in russian! Click on the link and it obviously reverts to English/UK. Maybe Putin wants to know what we're going to watch πŸ˜‚
  2. Damn! You saw my trap. πŸ˜‚ I'll conceal it better next time.
  3. Not to worry. You can start back at Level 1 tomoz.
  4. So, to continue the provocation, to see if it has legs, let's say all the crown's wealth reverts to the state, all ill-begotten jewels returned to the countries of origin, all privilege and patronage, opening and closing ceremonies stopped, what then? I'd say it would end up being a cross between George Orwell's Animal Farm and the current Welsh Assembly or maybe even Holyrood. Corruption and incompetence would see all the pomp and glory wiped out into grey dispair for the ruthless few. You say it could be different and better? How so? Paint a picture for us.
  5. Anyway, did they eat the pig after they finished with it? πŸ˜‚
  6. Having to explain the joke most often kills it. Brits have always dispised politicians haven't they? The last century's serious political leaders did serious harm, no? Stalin, Hitler? I don't mind a joker in No.10. I hope he stays on because we won't have fun after he goes with next set.
  7. The rats had holes to go through along and between the joists! It's an old house. The chippy way back when perhaps made allowances??? Rat traps are always down. They always come in wintertime. We've got used to them. Rural life!
  8. They moved my Mrs & kids into a mobile home to get it sorted. I'm away. Want to help but can't. 🀬 Anyway. Sparky pulled up the floorboards upstairs because of the asbestos problem and replaced the entire length from shared fuse box with neighbour to our consumer unit. More details when I get back. But my family is safe and the house is safe. Tomorrow they replace the floorboards upstairs and put back all the furniture that was piled up in the back room. Was good knowing there was someone on here who knew what was what. Thanks again.
  9. Is it because you stick your chopper into any old gash? πŸ˜‚
  10. Thanks Roys I'm working away from home and waiting for a pic to upload. This pic is off eBay. 1.5mm. Red and black like the one at home but it'll be 6 X 1mm I've been told. The shrink wrap is good news regarding the artex on the ceiling. Thanks again.
  11. Make sure it's future proofed. Eg DEFRA certified. Alymic-somthing-or-other on here knows latest codes. Of course if you're in the back of beyond then efficiency and compliance may not be your thing πŸ˜‚
  12. I'm beginning to wish I hadn't Should that be "I'm beginning to wish I haddock" πŸ˜…
  13. Perfect time of day for this!
  14. Rodents have eaten through the insulating sheath of the live wire of our main 6mm electric cable in our tied house. We can see it where it goes up into ceiling. Quick question for any sparkies here about best practice. Does the ceiling need tearing down and the entire length of cable need replacing? Or. Given there's another slack can the eaten bit simply be cut out and rejoined. I ask because the ceiling is artix which means asbestos and the Mrs wants to know where we stand when we get the estate manager to book it in for fixing. TiA. Oh. I'm not an expert. I will not bodge it myself. Before anyone gets on their high horse πŸ™‚


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