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  1. Alright chaps, my friends has started using facebook recently and is getting a lot of work using his personal account to post before ad after pics and what not to promote his private jobs. He is joining loads of local groups in every area he works in and getting loads of veiws. I have a business profile and cant seem to join any local groups and when I post from the business profile theres no option to join or share to any. It just goes out to people who have liked my page. Does anyone know a way to join and share to local groups on the business profile like you can on a personal one?
  2. I'm looking at getting one of these. Looking at its MOT history it failed on emissions then passed. Anyone got any ideas what it could be before I question him?
  3. Also what would people recommend as a minimum milage?
  4. Hi, Looking to get a new transit tipper style van. Looking spend around 15k on it as I dont want it breaking down every month. Im pretty weary of spending that much money on something from ebay or fb marketplace. What are some of the best sites? Ive exhausted TruckLocator and Autotrader Cheers
  5. So im looking for cheap options on how to stop the woodchip spray off the my back box when chipping into my truck. I currently just have two high walls on the side and the back wall has holes in it. Even once the holes are covered though, chip still sprays off onto the roof and street, even when I raise the bed when chipping. Im thinking of some sort of canvas roof creation just on the end near the cab to stop the spray, or maybe just making something out of ply but im trying my best not to look like a dodgey tree assasin. Anyone got any better more elegant ideas?
  6. Hi Guys, So I've been trying recently to minimize admin and keep things organized so im looking for other peoples ideas on how to streamline the admin, management, scheduling and accounting side of things whilst sharing mine. My current system starts off using google sheets as my initial lead capture process as it loads up quick on both computer and phone, . As I talk to a potential lead on the phone or whilst reading their email I jot in their deets. Thats then organised by colour as the lead goes from quote to job to paid. you can also click on a phone number and u have the option to call and click on an address and have the option to load it up in maps. such a time saver. Its also free. I use Powered now as a scheduling/quote/invoice app to automatically generate quotes and invoices and also schedule in customers using its diary. its a very easy to use app. customer data is stored in the app and it works seamlessly. It can also generate graphs n what not to track profit, however I dont input all my expenses as that side it slightly cumbersome. Although its still 20 quid a month well spent considering the time it saves me. This leads me to the final piece of the puzzle that I haven't yet quite nailed down. I've found an app lets you take a pic of receipts that uploads and appropriately organizes them and you can also forward your email invoices to a separate personal email address, given to you when you sign up and it will take all that info and the organise it as well within the app, creating an expense portfolio with minimal input effort. Sounds like a good app at only about 7 a month but still researching other options. Be good to hear and share others systems. Ive only been doing this a year so still finding my feet. My main goal is to minimize data entry time as it bores the hell out of me!
  7. Anyone tried the stein one designed by reg coats? Know how it compares to this? This one looks great and I can easily see how it would pay for itself in no time!!
  8. Has anyone got a log trolley in the Bristol area I could rent for a couple days in the near future. Paying 400 seems crazy just for one job Any other ideas on cheap log trolley imitations welcome Cheers
  9. Has anyone got a log trolley in the Bristol area I could rent for a couple days in the bear future. Paying 400 seems crazy just for one job Any other ideas welcome Cheers
  10. I've got a Husqvarna t535ixp top handle saw but for the life of me cant locate the chain oiler adjustment setting. I've been having issues with it seeming to not throw out much oil. Its been like it from day one. It does slowly go down but very slowly. Anyone else had that problem?
  11. I bought 2 of these recently after seeing so many good reviews. I cant for the life of me figure out how to maintain a decent curved hook on the cutter with this tool. Normally with a regular file I apply downward pressure to create a curve and then backward pressure to actually remove debris off the cutter. Doesn't seem possible with this tool and after a few sharpens I'm left with next to no hook below the cutter. Not sure if I'm missing something here but I can definitely get a chain to cut a whole lot better with a regular file. With all these great reviews though I am wondering if its just me......
  12. nice one, my thoughts confirmed then haha. Ill maybe show this thread to her as i'm scared she'll get a quote from someone just trying to make a buck
  13. Ps. I Never think reductions on connies look any good when you really try and force a shape into em but theres nout all to cut too. Not sure what u lot think/what proper practice is?
  14. Alright chaps, Got someone asking me to top this and bring in the sides. I said it would look crap but have no real experience doing this to a tree this size. Its obviously too big for its surroundings (looks small in these pics) but I don't want to charge them a lot of money for a job I believe will be disappointing. Their dad planted the tree so there's sentimental value as well. What would you guys do? Its really woody inside!
  15. Just had a stihl 200 husqvarna 560xp and courant climbing bag with petzl sequoia harness and drenaline rope stolen from a shipping container near just south of Bristol. Gutted. Boss had even more taken. Call me on 07538886491 if you know anything


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