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  1. nice one, my thoughts confirmed then haha. Ill maybe show this thread to her as i'm scared she'll get a quote from someone just trying to make a buck
  2. Ps. I Never think reductions on connies look any good when you really try and force a shape into em but theres nout all to cut too. Not sure what u lot think/what proper practice is?
  3. Alright chaps, Got someone asking me to top this and bring in the sides. I said it would look crap but have no real experience doing this to a tree this size. Its obviously too big for its surroundings (looks small in these pics) but I don't want to charge them a lot of money for a job I believe will be disappointing. Their dad planted the tree so there's sentimental value as well. What would you guys do? Its really woody inside!
  4. Just had a stihl 200 husqvarna 560xp and courant climbing bag with petzl sequoia harness and drenaline rope stolen from a shipping container near just south of Bristol. Gutted. Boss had even more taken. Call me on 07538886491 if you know anything
  5. Does anyone know any commercial green waste sights to dump brash in and around Bristol?
  6. I live in Bristol and have a friend who wants his tree cut. He says he has spoken to the council and they do not claim him tree which looks like its on the border of what would be his or their land. I dont want to start work on the tree until I know for sure though. Is there a website with a map of council trees I can check or is it best to make a phone call to the council. Also Is there a map of trees under tree protection order that I can check as well?
  7. Ive never really seen much video content of any full crown reductions. Anyone know any good ones?
  8. So I guess I need to bite the bullet and buy a long reach hedge trimmer to earn some extra dough. What are your favorites? Whats the best bang for buck out there? Always used Stihl but im not fussy
  9. So does anyone have any sneaky tips on tipping mulch without a tipper truck. Basically I have an open back high sided truck without a tipper and was thinking someone must have a better idea than shoveling it out! back braking to say the least!
  10. So i'm new to getting rid of waste in the UK. I was speaking to a gardener and he told me that un mulched branches are classed as a waste product and that you need a waste license to get rid of these at green waste sights. Is that correct? So as a tree surgeon without a chipper, will I be needing a waste license to get rid of everything other than timber? What setups do people use when operating without a chipper? Obviously the plan is to buy one as soon as possible but for now its just gunna be a hussle! Cheers
  11. Are there schemes in place that have the apprentice working for said amount of days per week and studying at college for a day? With the work experience counting towards the qualifications? Or is it just straight up standard employment?
  12. Has anyone ever employed someone as an apprentice? Is that possible in this line of work?
  13. What!!! I cant get 150 a day as a self employed climber!!!
  14. So whats the going hourly/day rate for a groundie nowadays? Got no idea what to pay someone. I guess we could say there's roughly 3 wage brackets here. Zero experience, Moderate experience and amazing make my life a breeze experience....its probably best to have an idea for each as i'm not sure who ill hire yet. I live in the Bristol area as that obviously plays a part in the wage as well. Maybe.
  15. Freelance climber looking for work in and around Bristol 6 years climbing experience Have my own kit, ground saw and climbing saw Day rate negotiable
  16. Its about time I start learning the Latin names of these trees really. Starting to get embarrassing..... Anyone got any tricks to help them stick?
  17. Cant figure out what this one is. Sure its obvious knowing me....
  18. What about professional indemnity? I dont see people talk so much about that here. Just as important?
  19. So what do most people choose? Im just about to get quotes from both Arborisk and Trust for public liability, employers liability and possibly tool cover. I've read on here a good ratio is PL 5m EL 10m and tool cover 25k. I have minimal tools so may skip all together but does the rest sound good? Also how many of you guys opt for personal injury cover? have you ever needed it and if so has it been really worth it, (do they pay out)?
  20. Im starting out in the UK and will need to freelance climb whilst slowly starting my business. What are the best ways some of you find freelance work in the UK? I will be in and around Bristol
  21. So im just starting out with an old VW LT 35 (below), and need a cheap option for some kind of higher sides. Im not going to be chipping into it as I have no chipper or money for a chipper or tow bar..... However I still need to cram it full so higher sides is a must. Ive seen people somehow stick ply boards either side but never been able to look up close to see how its done. Any advice appreciated!
  22. Hey can anyone point me to a post or website that documents the process of dealing with a protected tree. If I want to prune or fell a protected tree for a client whats the whole procedure? Also how do I find out if a tree is protected?
  23. Freelance climber looking for work in and around Bristol 6 years climbing experience Have my own kit, ground saw and climbing saw Day rate negotiable


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